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It’s World Poetry Day!

Today, March 21 is the UN World Poetry Day! The PYP will be celebrating with a “Poem in Your Pocket” so MYP/DP students are encouraged to stop a little person in the hallway or playground and have them read you a poem (or better still- have a poem in your pocket ready to share with them as well!).

The library will have classic poetry books available on the back tables for those who would like to indulge in some of the classics- Wordsworth or Thomas, Plath or Dickinson, Longfellow or Poe, Rumi or Whitman, Teasdale or Blake. Expand your horizons!

Hope to see you in the library-

The Library Team


Korean Student Library Helpers Needed

The library is looking for MYP Korean students who are interested in updating the Korean books in the library catalog. You can volunteer at lunch or afterschool any day you choose.

This initiative will qualify for C&S- Service.

Please see Mrs. Rinker in the library if you are interested.


Speed Read & Cake Eat!

Dear Kid-Lit Enthusiasts!

Do you have a passion for high-quality children’s picture books?

Do you have a passion for cake?

I will be hosting a super quick, 15-minute- speed-read-and-cake-eat during morning break (10:20-10:35) on Thursday March 23 in the Strategy Room.

The purpose is to choose our school’s nominations for the 2018 Panda Awards in China (each school can submit a few titles to be considered for the awards next year). Contact Michelle for more info-

Hope to see you there!



Overdue Library Books

Thanks for bringing them back!

Gr. 6: Melissa, Yuki, Sherry, Kiki, Jennifer, Cici

Gr. 7: Jacob, Gianluca, Callum, Tirso, Yujin, Junhyeok, Chloe, Jinhyung, Juan, Dahun, Kai

Gr. 8: Zach, Evan, Claire, Eric Z., Yoonji, Eva, Noah, Eric W., Alice

Gr. 9: Michelle, Daehyun, Winston, Ines, Paul

Gr. 10: Serena, Hyunseo, Max, Megan, Nancy, Junhyung, Simon, Sophia, Lucas, Dahyun, Luke, Senaash

G11: YouRi

G12: Anthony, Ross, Lauren, Morris, Suhun, Jiayi, Oscar, Maxi, Michelle

*Note: you can login to the library to see what books you have checked out. Username is your firstnamelastname. If you don’t have a password, click on “Forgot password” and use the barcode number on your school ID card (without the “P”).


International Women’s Day Today

Join us in the library today at the start of lunch for the International Women’s Day event. There will be an open mic for anyone interested in sharing a story or poem, some videos to discuss and some food to share.

All MYP/DP students and teachers are welcome. See you at 12:50-

Int’l Women’s Day- Open Mic

MYP/DP Students and Teachers

Share your voice at the Women’s Day Open Mic– Wednesday at lunch in the Library. Share an inspiring quote or tell a story of an awesome woman in your life. Read a poem that you wrote or present some slam poetry (write your own or Google some inspiring examples out there).

Everyone is welcome (this is a gender-inclusive event!) Hope to see you March 8!

Open Mic on International Women’s Day

Wednesday March 8 is International Women’s Day and this year we will have an open mic in the library at lunch. We are looking for MYP/DP students or teachers who would like to share a reading or perform a spoken word/slam poetry piece on the theme of women’s issues. For more information contact Anselma, Tilly, Angela L, Ms. Iris or Mrs. Rinker. Hope to see you there!

Quiet Library- G12 Mock Exams

Just a reminder that the library will be reserved for quiet study during the Grade 12 Mock Exams (Feb. 28 until March 8). Only students wishing to read or work silently will be allowed in the library.

All other students please use the upstairs of the cafeteria during break and lunch.

Thanks for your support of our Seniors-

The Library Staff

International Women’s Day Meeting Today

There will be a planning meeting for this year’s IWD event today (Wednesday) at lunch (12:55) in The Strategy Room.

All MYP/DP students and teachers are welcome to join- your input is greatly appreciated.

If you can’t make the meeting but are interested in being a part of the event, please contact Michelle Rinker.


Int’l Women’s Day Meeting


Add your voice to the voice of millions!

There will be an IWD planning meeting TODAY (Friday) during 1st lunch (1:00pm) in the Strategy Room (near the kindergarten).

Hope to see you there-



Int’l Women’s Day Meeting Today

Add your voice to the voice of millions!

Come be a part of this year’s International Women’s Day event!

Planning meeting today at 1st lunch:

12:55pm in the Strategy Room (near the Kindergarten). All MYP/DP students and teachers are invited.

Hope to see you there!

Library Redesign- Feedback Wanted

The Library Redesign Team is looking for further feedback on the types of quiet, gaming and socializing spaces offered in the library. Stop by the library and check out the blue boards at the back by the windows. Scan the QR code to complete the survey.

Thanks in advance for your feedback-

The Library Redesign Team

Overdrive eBooks- App set-up

Hi Students and Teachers-

The library will be hosting a short session on Wednesday at the start of lunch (12:50) for anyone who is interested in getting their mobile device (or laptop) set up with the Overdrive eBooks. Perfect for holiday reading-

Hope to see you there-

The Library Staff

Books for the Break


Be sure to stop by the library to pick up a book for the break! Or come to the library at the start of lunch on Wednesday for a primer on how to get your mobile device set up with Overdrive eBooks-

Hope to see you in the library.


Quiet Lunch in the Library

Today is the final day for our effort to provide a quiet study space at lunch. Please only come if you plan to work or read quietly (all others should go to the upstairs of the  cafeteria).

Thanks for your cooperation-

The Library Staff

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