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Baseball History is Happening Today.

‘Twill be the World Series Finals,
This morning starting at 8.
A little history lesson for you?
Tell me, do you believe in fate?

The Cleveland Indians and Chicago Cubs,
Are both into the finals at last.
Cheers of happiness or weeps of sorrow,
Could come with just one big home run blast.

The Cubs have their leaders Maddon and Rizzo,
Bryant, Russell, they are all great.
Even though they haven’t won the elusive World Series
Since way back in year 1908.

The Indians last championship win,
Was back in ’48 you see.
Now they have Kluber, Coco and Kipnis,
Gomez and Napoli.

There are teachers here on both sides of this battle,
Some will shout with joy while others may shed tears.
So take it lightly on your teachers today,
For this moment many have been waiting for years.

Well, I’ve kept this unbiased until the end,
Who am I rooting for? Maybe you already know.
I hope you’ll get to hear some singing tomorrow in the hallways,
A little rendition of “Go, Cubs, Go!”

Get those razors ready!

It is time to prepare for Movember again!

What is Movember?

The Movember Foundation tackles health issues by raising money to help fund more than 1,200 projects that save and improve the lives of men around the world. You can find out more information here:

How can you support the Movember Foundation?
1. Grow a mustache this month! Shave tonight (October 31st) and grow out that ‘stache for the next 30 days (All of November). Then spread the word about why you are growing such a handsome facial accessory!
2. Join the Move Challenge-pledge to exercise every single day during the month of November, and get movin’! Check out some ways to exercise here:
3. Join the team and donate to Team Nanjing!

Help men live happier, healthier, and longer lives!

Homework Club!

Today (Wednesday) after school.
From 3:15-4:15 anyone grade 6-12 is welcome.
Get support if you need it.
Get all of your work finished.
Have fun.
Enjoy this joke:
Why did the boy eat his homework?
Because his teacher said it was a piece of cake.

It is almost that time of the year again

For What?
It is almost that time of the year when men become much, much more handsome by growing (or attempting to grow) bro-mos, cookie dusters, bristel batons, crumb catchers, facial fur, flavor savers, lip foliage, snot catchers, or whiskers (aka a Mustache).

At NIS and around the world

Starting November 1st (or should I say Movember 1st?) and continuing until December 1st

Who can participate?
All students, teachers, and parents can help support the great cause by either growing a mustache, donating or joining the Move movement where you exercise every day during the month of November. (

To help men live happier, healthier, longer lives

Visit and sign up to join the movement or donate to the cause.

A riddle for you:

What rhymes with sgame sday and is super duper incredibly AWESOME?
Game Day!

Come to the Game Room during the first half of lunch to play some AWESOME games! All teachers and grade 6-12 students are invited.

Homework Club!!

Homework Club is today from 3:15 to 4:15 in LSS (C142). Come work on your homework, study for assessments, work on projects, and go over information you have learned in class.Mr. Newman will be there to help with science as well!

We can help with PPPs, EEs, IAs and any other acronymed project you can think of!


Homework Club!

3:15-4:15 in LSS (C142)
Teachers are ready to help you study, work on assignments, relearn material taught in class, and clarify anything that you are confused about, or you can find a quiet place to work on anything you need to work on.

Everyone grades 6-12 is welcome!


That is all.
Just kidding!
Game Day will be held in the Game Room from 1:00-1:30 today (Friday) and every Friday after. Bring games or play the ones we have. It will be AWESOME.

A lil’ poem for all of the Gamers out there

Twas’ the day before Game Day,
and all through the school,
students were thinking,
“Do you know what would be cool?

To beat Mr Bratton, Ms. Bezzerides,
Mr. Lietz and my friends!
Tomorrow is the day,
I hope the fun never ends!’

From 1:00 to 1:30
In the new Game Room you see
“It’s gonna be AWESOME,” said Mr. Fischl,
“I bet you can’t beat me!”

Homework Club Today at 3:15

Come to the LSS Area (C142) at 3:15 if you need any help with:

Understanding material taught in class
Preparing for assessments
Written assignments
And basically anything else!

We are here to support you. There are always 2-3 teachers of multiple subject areas ready to help!

The Day of Games

This Friday during the first half of lunch in the Game Room be ready, Game Day is back.

Do you want to challenge your teachers to a game? Of course you do!
Who wouldn’t want to beat Mr. Bratton in Jenga as he screams when the tower falls?
Who wouldn’t want to call out, “Uno!” while Mr. Fischl still has 8 cards?
Who wouldn’t be happy watching Mr. Lietz fail to pick up the last remaining pen while playing spoons?Who wouldn’t want to counsel Ms. Bezzerides before she rage-quits Monopoly because she is going back to jail?

It’s going to be…

Wait for it…

Rhymes with shmawesome…


Game Day=Awesome Sauce

Game Day is back this Friday!

What is “Game Day” you ask?

Game Day is an AWESOME party held in the Game Room during the first half of lunch on Fridays. Any teacher and or student can bring and play a variety of games including Jenga, Spoons, Uno etc…

No sign up is required.

How AWESOME is Game Day?

So AWESOME that the word AWESOME doesn’t even begin to describe it.

Ask Mr. Fischl, Ms. Bezzerides, or Mr. Lietz for more information!

Million dollar question: What is about to be announced?

Homework Club is back!

Not only is it back, it’s expanding!

This year, every Monday and Wednesday there will be Homework Club in Learning Support (C142) from 3:15-4:15 for ALL grade 6-12 students.

That’s right! ANY student can come ANY time, no sign up required!

There will always be multiple teachers there to assist you on anything you need help with.

Confused? Homework Club.
Need help? Homework Club.
Want to work in a quiet space? Homework Club.
Want some candy and junk food? Eat some when you get home with parent permission 🙂

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