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G11 Helpers for Athletics Day

Grade 11 students are welcome to help for Athletics Day on Wednesday but you must tell Mr Hutchison today which of the CAS outcomes you plan to achieve when you help on the day and also put the Athletics Day activity in your CAS journal.



October 2018 Discover China Week Trips – Next School Year

Signups for the next school year October 2018 Discover China Week trips has closed and at this stage the trips signups are as follows:

Grade 6/7

Taishan – Places available

Hangzhou – Full

Huangshan – Places available

Grade 8/9

Shaolin temple – Full

Moganshan – Places available

Beijing – Full

Grade 10/11

Guizhou – Places available

Xiamen – Places available

Yangshuo – Full

Towards the end of the year when we have a better idea of the number of students leaving and new students enrolling we will relook at the trip numbers and assign students who have not chosen a trip.


Helpers for Tuesday PYP ASA – Games in Gym

On Tuesday there will be a PYP ASA in the gym playing various games and we would like a few MYP/DP helpers to assist the teacher running this activity. If you would like to help please email me. Helping with this will be a Service Activity.


Discover China Week Trip Choices (G5-10) – Will open at 0800am Monday

The October 2018 Discover China Week Trip choices will open at 0800 am Monday.
Would G5-10 Students please note the following:
a. Information about each trip has been emailed to you and your parents.
b. This year’s Grade 6, 8 and 10 students cannot choose the same trip as you went on this year.
c. There is a maximum number of places in each trip – when the maximum number is reached then the trip is full. The number is set at approx. 35% of the combined enrolment of the the two grades for each trip.
d. If after choosing a trip you want to change you can only change if there are free places available in another trip.
e. You should choose only one trip.
f. You should choose a trip unless you are 100% sure that you will not be at NIS next school year.
Please contact me if you have any questions.

Discover China Trips October 2018 (Grades 5-10)

Discover China week trip selection for Grades 5-10 will take place next week via Veracross. All Grade 5-10 students and parents were sent an email outlining the Trip choices for their grades and other trip selection information. Selections will open at 0800 Monday. If you have any questions please contact me.

Ultimate Frisbee

The Game About Throwing a Frisbee

What makes Ultimate Frisbee so ultimate is not that other sports are not ultimate, or are less ultimate, it’s because it is the only sport with the name that has the word ultimate within it, ultimately making Ultimate Frisbee indeed, ultimate.

When: Starting on the 26th of March, Mondays and Wednesdays after school, each will session will probably be from 40 minutes to an hour

Where: Football Field           Who: Grades 6 to 12                         What: Read the title again                          Why: Why not

Another thing about this activity is that none of these dates or grade levels are set, so if you are for example in grade 5 and want to join, email either Fari, or me, Muyen if you would like rot join. Or email Mr Hutchison.

Unrelated Fact: Notice the word “Frisbee” by itself is actually capitalized as this is a trademarked name by the Wham-O toy company, yet Ultimate Frisbee is still used as the name of the sport only using Ultimate Disc in official discussion. Also, it was the owner’s family name.

Book Club – MS / US Students

Do you like reading? 喜欢看书吗?Would you like to join a book club to talk about the books you have read? If so, I have good news for you,a Student book club will start soon. It will meet on Fridays 3.15-4.15 in the Library. This will be your chance to tell others about those great books you have been reading, and of course, hear from others about their great books. Please email me if you are interested in joining.

Ting Ting Deaf School Activity March 24

On March 24 Ting Ting Deaf school students will come to NIS. This mutually beneficial relationship is a relatively easy way to engage with the community, and the kids are a delight. I have taken this activity from the prototype stage to maturity but I feel that someone with new ideas and enthusiasm could make it even better. Perhaps you feel the urge to Burst the Bubble! Perhaps you are looking for a bit of fun on the outside! If so, please contact me. I have attached a newsletter article from previous times so that you can get an idea about the activity. TingTing-2o60u4 


ACAMIS Cultural Convention March 9 and 10

We still have a few places available in the Technology Challenge workshop in the ACAMIS Cultural Convention@NIS. Grades 6-11 welcome. Do you have an interest in Technology? Would you like to compete against students from other schools in a variety of technology activities? If so, please contact me.

Trashbusters G8-10

The weather is warmer and when the weather gets warm Trashbusters go busting trash-  Thursdays after school. We still have 6 places for G8-10 students so please email me if you wish to join.

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