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Grade 12 Graduation (May 20th) Helpers wanted – G10 and 11

G10 and 11 students, would you like to experience what the Grade 12 Graduation involves? Perhaps you would you like to help G12 on their way to another stage of life? Perhaps you would you like a wonderful meal? Or would you simply like to do some Service (G10) or Service and Creativity (G11)? If so, please sign up on Veracross to help, plan, organise, oversee and run the 2017 G12 Graduation on Saturday May 20th.


Discover China Week trips – close of selections

At 1.00 pm Monday the selection choices for the October 2017 Discover China week will close. At this stage the trips are:

Grades 6/7 

Yellow Mt – Full

Taishan – Vacancies

Hangzhou – Full

Grades 8/9

Beijing – Vacancies

Shaolin Temple / Luoyang – Vacancies

Moganshan – Full

Grades 10/11

Xiamen – Full

Guiyang – Vacancies

Yangshuo – Vacancies

At 1.00pm we will assign students who have not made a selection to the trips with vacancies. If this year’s Grades 7 to 10 would like to make a choice I suggest you get in early and choose the trip that you prefer. Early next year it may be possible for a small number of students to change trips depending on the number students that leave NIS and the number of new students. If it is possible for any students to change trips I will inform you in August.


Local School English Tutoring Group – Places for G8-11 Students

The Local School English Tutoring group has been going to local schools and providing opportunities for Chinese kids to improve their spoken English for over 10 years. As well as this, the Chinese students, NIS students and NIS community have benefited from this by enabling everyone involved to enhance their understanding of different cultures. You may like to call this a little bit of bubble bursting, and we have been able to do this through the efforts of a small number of NIS staff and many NIS students. There is now the opportunity for more G8-11 students to take part. If you would like to join this activity please email me. It happens on Thursdays after school with the group currently going to Xianlin Primary school.

Discover China Trips October 2017 (Next School Year) – G5-10 Students

Grade 5 to 10 Students

On Tuesday I will email information to you and your parents about the next school year’s Discover China trips. You will have one week to think about which trip you wish to go on then you will need to select on Veracross the trip of your choice. There is a maximum number of places for each trip so the sooner you choose the more likely you will get your first choice. All students (except those who are certain they are leaving NIS at this end of this school year) should select a trip. The selection schedule is:

Tuesday April 11th – Information about Discover China Week Trip options for next year will be emailed to all grade 5 – 10 students and parents.

Tuesday April 18th: 12.30 pm C&S / CAS Signup link (on Veracross) opens for trip selection. Students should only choose one trip.

Monday April 24th: 1.00 pm : Veracross will close for Trip Selections.

Note to Grade 11 Students:

As this year’s Grade 11 students will only have one trip destination (for your G12 Trip) no choice is necessary for you, and as this trip will be held in late May we will give you information about it in semester 1 next school year.

Discover China Week Trips Next School Year (2017/2018)

Some exciting changes are coming to the Discover China Week Trips next school year (2017/18). These changes are in line with the NIS “Student Voice and Choice” and “Burst the Bubble” strategies.

There are three major changes:
1. All Grade 6-11 students will have a choice of three trips.
2. Grade levels are combined: Grades 6 and 7, Grades 8 and 9, and Grades 10 and 11.
3. The Grade 12 trip will be held in late May 2018.

Grade 6-11 Discover China Week (October 23rd-27th 2017)

Grade 6 and 7:
Choice 1: Taishan
Choice 2: Huangshan – New trip
Choice 3: Hangzhou

Grade 8 and 9:
Choice 1: Beijing
Choice 2: Moganshan – New Trip
Choice 3: Shaolin Temple and Luoyang – New Trip

Grade 10 and 11 
Choice 1: Guizhou
Choice 2: Yangshuo
Choice 3: Xiamen

Note: Next year’s G11 students cannot go on the same trip as you went on this year in G10.

After the April Break on Tuesday April 11th (Week 29) more information will be given to you and parents about the trips and then on Monday April 17th (Week 30) you will need to choose (on Veracross) which trip you wish to go on – choices will close on Monday April 24th. There will be minimum and maximum number of students set for each trip. All current G5-10 students should choose a trip unless you are certain you will not be at NIS next school year.

Grade 12 : Discover China Week (May 2018)
The dates of the Grade 12 trip have been changed to after Grade 12 examinations in late May 2018. When Grades 6-11 are on the October Discover China Week trips Grade 12 students will remain in school and work on Extended Essay, TOK and other academic areas. The destination of the G12 trip is yet to be decided. More details will be given to Grade 12 students and parents about this early next school year.

Local School English Tutors – Vacancies for Grade 9 students

The Local School English Tutoring group has been going to Xianlin Primary School this year and as the G12 students are now concentrating on preparing for their exams there are 3 places for G9 students who are keen to go to the primary school and speak English about a range of every day topics to the Chinese kids. The ASA is Thursday after school. Are you willing to Burst the Bubble? Contact me if you are?

Trashbusters – Cycle 3 ASA

There are still vacancies in Cycle 3 Trashbusters so if any G8-10 students would like to join starting this Thursday please email me. Trashbusters could be used to satisfy Collaboration, Global Issues, Ethics, or perhaps one of the other C&S Service Learning outcomes.


International Day Helpers Sat March 18

G6-11 International Day Helpers Wanted. Please sign up on Veracross.

Stage Helpers: 2 students 1:30 to 3:00

Meet and Greet: 4 students 1:30 to 3:30

Booth Helpers: 2 students 1:30 to 3:30

Set up Helpers: 2 students 10:00 – 12.00

Take Down Helpers: 2 students 3:00 – 4.00

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