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Local School Swim Meet@NIS Sat Nov 18th Helpers Wanted

Last chance to signup to help this Burst the Bubble Swim Meet. 你还没有做好你的社会服务吗? 马上登机做这个社会服务活动吧! Go to the Service and CAS Signup link on Veracross.  Below are possible Service Learning Outcomes:

a. become more aware of own strengths and areas for growth
b. undertake challenges that develop new skills

c. work collaboratively with others

d. develop international-mindedness through global engagement, multilingualism and intercultural understanding (if you engage with the local students and families)

e. Persevere in Action (You can choose this Outcome if you have helped at one other Swim Meet this year)


CAS – Outcomes G10-12 Students

The comments in today’s bulletin about Outcomes for G6-9 Service Activities also apply to G10-12 Creativity, Activity and Service. It is important that you identify the Outcome you will gain/ did gain from each of your activities.

Think CAS, Think Outcomes!

NIS 加油,CAS 加油


A few things about Service Activities for G6-9

Doing Service is a great thing. The fact that so many NIS students want to do Service is also a great thing. Here are a few notes that will make a great thing even greater.

– we now use the term ‘Service Learning’ or simply ‘Service’. No more saying Community and Service, that is so old fashion!

– even more old fashion is saying ‘Points’, we don’t use the term points any more we now think about ‘Outcomes’.

– There are seven Service Learning Outcomes. Your Advisory teacher has mentioned them, hasn’t she/he? Ask to see them again!

– Before you do a Service Activity think of which Outcome you will be able to achieve by doing it. This also applies when you sign up to help run a School activity e.g. Pfrang Day, Sports Event, Spring Fun Day etc.

Giving a Service by helping is important but being clear about which Outcome you will achieve is equally or even more important.

Think Service, Think Outcomes!

NIS 加油, Service 加油!

Discover China Week Trips – Student Surveys

Discover China Week Trip surveys have been sent to all G6-11 students. Please assist us in improving next year’s trips by completing this survey. They will stay open for one week. If you did not receive a DC Week trip survey email please let me know.

NIC Benefit Concert Helpers (G8-11)

Student Helpers are wanted for the NIC Benefit Concert on Nov 18th from 4.30pm – 8.30pm. You will have to help with setup and packup but should have time to watch the concert for free.  Please register on the Veracross Service signup link.

After School Activities

Cycle 1 ASAs finished last Friday. Cycle 2 will begin on Monday October 30th. If you have any questions about Cycle 2 ASAs please contact Elaine Liu in the Activities Office.

Soccer Tournament Helpers Wanted Nov 2nd,3rd and 4th

If you would like help with this Soccer Tournament on Nov 2-4 please sign up on Veracross. Please note that on Thursday and Friday you will need to miss class. Each student can only sign up for one session on Thursday or Friday. You can sign up for as many as you like on Saturday.

Passport Collection for Discover China Week – Monday Oct 16th

We will collect passports / ID documents for Discover China Week trips on Monday Oct 16th. Please give your passport to the teacher listed for your trip. Please do not give your passport to any other person. If you are going to Westlake MUN, ACAMIS Volleyball, CISSA Cross Country or other event on the weekend before DC Week do not hand your passport in. Bring it for Trip Week on Monday Oct 23rd.

G6/7 Trips
Hangzhou – Mr Synder – D212
Yellow Mt – Mr Underwood – D220
Mt Tai – Mr Brown – Blackbox

G8/9 Trips
Beijing – Mr Messom – D240
Shaolin Temple – Mr Hutchison and Ms Elaine Liu – Activities Office
Moganshan – Mr Bratton – His Office

G10/11 Trips
Guizhou – Dr. Saavedra – His Office
Xiamen – Dr. Saavedra – His Office
Yangshuo – Mr Hutchison and Ms Elaine Liu – Activities Office

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