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Local School English Tutors – Vacancies for Grade 9 students

The Local School English Tutoring group has been going to Xianlin Primary School this year and as the G12 students are now concentrating on preparing for their exams there are 3 places for G9 students who are keen to go to the primary school and speak English about a range of every day topics to the Chinese kids. The ASA is Thursday after school. Are you willing to Burst the Bubble? Contact me if you are?


Trashbusters – Cycle 3 ASA

There are still vacancies in Cycle 3 Trashbusters so if any G8-10 students would like to join starting this Thursday please email me. Trashbusters could be used to satisfy Collaboration, Global Issues, Ethics, or perhaps one of the other C&S Service Learning outcomes.



International Day Helpers Sat March 18

G6-11 International Day Helpers Wanted. Please sign up on Veracross.

Stage Helpers: 2 students 1:30 to 3:00

Meet and Greet: 4 students 1:30 to 3:30

Booth Helpers: 2 students 1:30 to 3:30

Set up Helpers: 2 students 10:00 – 12.00

Take Down Helpers: 2 students 3:00 – 4.00


Service Opportunities in ASA Cycle 3 – G6-11

We are now planning the ASA Cycle 3 and would like some MYP / DP students to help with some of these ASA. ASAs that we will need helpers for are:

Monday: Skates, Blades and Boards (PYP)

Tuesday: Dough Sculptures (PYP)

Tuesday: Mask Painting (PYP)

Thursday: Science (PYP)

We may need helpers for other activities so if you are interested please let me know. Cycle 3 starts March 20th.


Helpers for Korean Stall: PTA International Day March 18th (12.00-16.00)

The Korean parents stall would like 8 MYP/DP helpers to help with International Day from 12.00-16.00. You will be required to do the following.

Help with :
1. Booth decoration
2. Helping with the games during the event
3. Translation: Explaining some cultural things to visitors
4. Cleanning up by the end of the event

The would suit students who have Korean Language skills and an understanding of Korean Culture. Please sign up on Veracross.

Service Opportunity for G6-11 Students

Do any of the following apply to you? If so, then this may be a Service Opportunity that you could do.

Do you have some knowledge of Chinese and would like to improve it?

Is Chinese your first language and you would like the opportunity help others understand China more?

Do you want to understand China more and help others understand it more?

Attached are two examples I have done and put in the school bulletin. Other examples are on the Activities Noticeboard. If you would like to do something like / similar to this as a Service activity please let me know.Street Art Dogs Wk 19-25mdeut    Street Art Bulletin Nov 2016-1qci5un

NEAMC Trip March 2-5

The six students on the attached list of six grades 7 and 8 students will be absent from school on Thursday March 2 and Friday March 3 as they are attending the North East Asia Mathematics Competition in Tokyo. NEAMCLIST-y3jamp

ACAMIS Spring Conference Helpers (G8-11)

We are looking for 5-6 G8-11 student volunteers for each day of the ACAMIS conference (Mar 10-11). You will be required to help out with guiding participants to the rooms, answering questions, etc. Please sign up on one of the time slots on Veracross.

Earth Hour Helpers (G6-11)- Organising and Running – March 25

We are seeking G6-11 students who would like to be involved in planning and running the Earth Hour event on March 25th. Please note this is planning (before the event) and running (on March 25) the event. This would suit students who are interested in achieving one or more of the following Service and CAS Outcomes: Planning and Initiating, Engaging with Global issues, Consideration of Ethics, Collaboration and perhaps others. Signup on Veracross now if you are  interested in coming to a meeting on Monday Feb 20th to find out more information.

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