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Inter house touch rugby

The G9-12 inter house touch rugby is on tomorrow (Wednesday) at lunch time on the field, make sure you have your house shirt and cleats.  Contact house leaders or captains if you are interested in playing.

Shanghai International Touch Tournament

A huge congratulations to Cameron Young, Luke Messom, Callum Dwyer, Ati Underwood, Ato Underwood, Sofia Saavedra, Johanna Rogalla, Lili-anna Morin, Sofia Bellini, Gloria Bellini, Angela Yan and Isobel Ciccocoppo.  On Saturday they played several games of touch rugby against adults from national teams such as Singapore, France and Hong Kong.  They did an amazing job and competed with all teams, nearly beating the Chinese national team.


Well done to Mr Kay, Mr Chesterman, Miss OBrien, Mrs McBride, Mr Battye and Mrs Battye who competed really well in the Masters division.

September Fest

Hello MYP/DP students and Teachers! Remember last year’s Night of Rock? Amazing musicians played incredible music to raise money for Charity! Are you ready for another Autumn Rock Concert? Let our school bands begin the holiday with a musical evening for you to forget about school-work! 

September Fest

When: September 30th, 6pm~7.30pm

Where: Black Box

Who: Morgan Julia Trainer, Tricycle, Grade 9 Rock Band

It’s FREE, please collect ticket at centre front desk, as we need to regulate the number of people attending this concert.


MYP Tech Challenge


1st – Xuanwu, 2nd – Wuatiashan, 3rd – Taiping


1st – Xuanwu, 2nd -Taiping, 3rd – Wuatiashan


1st -Wuatiashan, 2nd -Xuanwu, 3rd – Taiping


1st -Wuatiashan, 2nd -Taiping, 3rd – Xuanwu


1st – Xuanwu, 2nd -Taiping, 3rd – Wuatiashan


1st – Xuanwu

2nd – Wutaishan

3rd – Taiping


G6 – 10 Technology Challenge

Block 5 today will be the first Technology Challenge for the year.  Please assemble in grade level lines by 1.50pm (the bell for the finish of lunch) so we may start promptly at 1.55pm.

Technology Challenge Staffing

Please check the table below for staffing for tomorrow technology challenge.

Tomorrow block 5 (day 1) will be the first MYP tech challenge for the year. Below is a list of teachers and responsibilities for the afternoon.   

Advisors – please inform all G6-10 students that they need to line up outside the reception entrance in Grade lines by 1.50pm (end of lunch bell).

Green highlight – If your name is highlighted in green in the table below please be ready to meet the students at 1.50pm outside reception and organise them in grade level lines.  Once ready bring them to the design centre to the designated location on the table below.

Yellow highlight – If your name is highlighted in yellow in the table below can you please meet in the design centre at 1.45pm and I will answer any questions about the task you are running.  As activity leader can you please ensure that student break up into 5 separate groups per house as they will miss out on points if they have less.

Other staff – please be ready to assist activity leader I the design centre at 1.50pm.


Thanks for your support

House assemblies

House assemblies will take place Friday from 8.10am after advisory. Please bring a pen or pencil to vote for your house captains.

Taiping – the green gym

Xuanwu – the blue gym

Wutaishan – the PAC


Help your house

Wutaishan and Xuanwu are looking for leaders in the PYP. Please contact Michael Chesterman for Wutaishan or Rob Battye for Xuanwu if you are willing to help support you house this year.

Wutaishan are also looking for an assistant to support Michael Chesterman in the MYP. Please contact Michael or me if you are in Wutaishan and willing to help out this year.

Thank you in advance for your support with the house system

Robin Marsh

House captains

Are you a natural leader? Do you want to be? Can you motivate your peers? Do you want to lead your house to victory this year in the house shield competition? If you have answered yes to any of these questions then contact you house leader today for a chance to hold up the house shield at the end of the year.

Wutaishan – Mr Chesterman

Xuanwu – Mr Battye or Mr Hornell

Taiping – Mr Newman or Mr Marsh

ACAMIS touch rugby

If you are in G9-12 and are interested in taking part in ACAMIS touch rugby this year don’t forget to sign up on Veracross.  Training will take place on Monday and Wednesday afternoons from 4.10pm to 5.40pm.

CISSA touch rugby

It is back.  Summer is in full force which means it is Touch Rugby season.  If you are in grades 5-8 and are interested in playing the only all inclusive game of touch rugby then don’t forget to sign up on veracross.  If you don’t know how to play touch rugby or even what touch rugby is and would like a fun, social game then sign up as we have several student coaching staff who are all level 1 certified and there to help you learn.  Trainings will be on Wednesday and Friday after school from 3.10pm to 4.10pm.

G9-12 Inter house badminton

All competitors in the Grade 9-12 inter house badminton need to go to the gym at the start of lunch today.  Supporters are welcome to come and cheer on their house.

Inter house badminton

Don’t forget tomorrow the inter house badminton competitions will start.  G9-12 will be held on Wednesday 3rd Feb at lunch time in the gym and G6-8 will be held on Thursday 4th Feb at lunch time in the Gym.  Please contact your house captains or leaders if you would like to participate.

Inter house badminton

This week the inter house badminton competitions will be held.  G9-12 will be held on Wednesday 3rd Feb at lunch time in the gym and G6-8 will be held on Thursday 4th Feb at lunch time in the Gym.  Please contact your house captains or leaders if you would like to participate.

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