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MSUS Assembly Friday

It’s Assembly time again. On Friday Assembly will begin at 8am…. yes….8am

Will you be there at 8am? Will you be tardy? Will you have your bag with you or will it be in your Advisory classroom or locker? Think carefully about your answers





MS Students in the Cafeteria after 3pm

Middle School Students! Here is a very clear message about using the Cafeteria after 3pm.

The cafeteria is only open to students after 3pm if….. 

  1. You are with a parent

  2. You are waiting for your Sports Activity to start at 4.15pm

Still not sure if you can go in the Cafeteria after school? Come and see me


Personal Project Day

Grade 10! Today is the day you have all been looking forward to…. Personal Project Day!  Please go to the Music Room straight after Advisory with your bags and computers ready for an intense Personal Project Launch.


IDU Job-A-Like at NIS

Dear MYP Colleagues,

I am hosting a Job-a-like for schools in the region on Tuesday September 18th from 10am to 3pm.

The theme of the Job-a-like is ‘IDUs for experienced MYP teachers’. I am extending an invitation to anyone who teaches MYP to attend this workshop, although places are limited so if you are interested please get in touch.

The workshop will include a quick briefing on what an IDU is according to the IB and then time for planning, refining and sharing IDU ideas and plans will be given.

Looking forward to hearing from you..



Grade 10 Personal Project is on the way!

Grade 10 Students! Personal Project is about to begin and we are all set for a fantastic year full of exciting projects, presentations and personal goals. I will see you all for a full day on Wednesday but in preparation for that, please login to Managebac and take a look at the Personal Project section and the information contained in there for you.

Go to the school website – students – Managebac and then login. If you have difficulty logging in contact


Middle Schoolers in the Corridors!

Are you in Grades 6 – 10?

If the answer is yes then…. are you allowed in the Middle School corridor during break and lunch?

The answer is no! Students in Grade 6-10 cannot be in the upstairs corridors at lunchtime. Wait for the bell to go to your lockers or your classrooms. You have been warned 🙂 


Discover China Grades 5 – 12

Dear Students,

The final Discover China Trip lists have now been created and uploaded to Veracross. Check your portal to see which trip you will be going on.

We are now purchasing travel tickets, planning accommodation and deciding on the activities.

Lots more information will be available next week.

Mrs Clarke


Decluttering and repurposing

Decluttering got off to an incredible start yesterday thanks to the intrepid Grade 2 team. They came, they collected and they sorted. Well done Grade 2!

So… please come and repurpose the ‘stuff’. There is a lot! A lot is new. There are filing cabinets, folders, notebooks, stationery, yearbooks (even 2004 – 5!) and much much more. See you there with your shopping bags!

G8 Field Trip

Dear Teachers of Grade 8.

Triona and I are planning to take all of G8 to Niu Shou Shan for a Humanities Field Trip on Wednesday June 6th. We will be gone during Blocks 3, 4 and 5. Please let either Triona or I know if there are any difficulties with this plan.

Kind Regards, Ruth



Decluttering 2018

Decluttering is fast becoming an annual event…

This year it will take place on June 5th-7th in the PAC and run in a very similar way to last year.

As you approach the end of the year any items that you do not want any longer but that could be used by other teachers should be set aside and brought to the PAC for redistributing to other members of staff.

Grade 2 students will be instrumental in the Decluttering process and will be in touch with you nearer to the time with suggestions and offers of help.

Our goal is not only to declutter our classrooms but to reduce waste, recycle, rethink and refuse by reducing the amount of new items that we purchase.

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