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Last chance for First Aid training

I have one spot available for the First Aid Training course on April 29th. If you are interested please let me know.

It is all day, 9 – 4pm and leads to an internationally recognised certificate.



Please add your events to the Calendar in reception today, if you have not already done so. Thanks.


Absent? A few clarifications

Dear Colleagues, we have been experiencing some confusion with the ‘Absence categories’ for staff. This can lead to misunderstandings with regards to staff attendance records. Please note the following clarifications. More guidance is on the Absence Request Form:

School Business (SB); if you are absent on behalf of NIS

Professional Leave (PFL): if you are absent on behalf of another organisation (eg Workshop leader, accreditation visit, presenting at a conference)

Professional Leave (PFL): if you are absent for personal professional reasons (eg Interviews, job fairs)

Professional Development (PD): Attending a course, workshop or conference (eg IB Workshop, ACAMIS workshops, EARCOS)

Personal Leave (PL): Must be approved by Arden (eg Embassy visits, meeting family at the airport)



Calendar 2017/18

The calendar for next school year is now open for staff to input their dates. It is located in Reception in the Library Foyer. Please note that the calendar will be scrutinised before the dates get fixed. In order to ensure a smooth process, use the whiteboard markers and do not erase or ‘score out’ events written by someone else.  Deadline for entering dates is Monday April 24th.


MAP Tests

Dear Grade 3 – 10 Students,

Starting on Monday April 17th you will have a second round of MAP testing in Maths and Reading. Be sure to check with your Maths and English teachers when your tests will be held. Your teachers are excited to see how much your have grown as a learner since you did the tests in September. This is our goal.. to Measure your Academic Progress this year using the two sets of data. Questions? Please ask them..



MAP Proctors’ Training – TODAY

If you are a Proctor for a MAP test next week we are offering a refresher session to remind everyone about the logins and how to administer the tests. The session will be run by Joe and Cindy in the MYP LGR TODAY (April 12th) at 3.15pm. See you then with your computers. Contact myself, Joe or Cindy for more information.


First Aid Training April 29th

Dear Colleagues,

I still have a couple of spaces for the First Aid training planned for April 29th. If you are interested please let me know. This is a Saturday in school with the training lasting from 9 – 4pm. Please note that this is the last session planned for this year. Thanks.


Staff lunch during Student Led Conferences

Just to clarify: Lunch will be available for purchase in the usual way from Chartwells in the Cafe on Wednesday March 29th during the Student Led Conferences.

These are the hot dishes that will be available:

Grilled Beef shank with black pepper sauce or Fish Pie or Chickpeas, onion and cheddar quiche (Vegetarian option).

Welcome staff, teachers to Center cafe!

Lost and not yet found

A basketball with ‘Welling’ written on was lost in the DP lounge this week. Please return to owner or me if you spot it around school. Thanks.

Middle and Upper School Corridor Screen

Dear Middle and Upper School Teachers, the new flat screen upstairs is primarily to showcase student learning from our Grade 6-12 students. If you have something suitable to run on this screen please let me know. This is a screen for all MYP/DP teachers to use. Thanks Ruth

EE Support in Library today

Dear Grade 11, As we get deep into the Extended Essay process you may want some help or support or just a quiet place to work. Today after school I will be in the Library to support you 3.15 – 4.15pm. See you there!

ISA make up tests TODAY

Dear Grade 7 and 8 students,

If you were in SCISAC Volleyball last week you did not take the Writing B ISA test. You will take this test during Today during Extended Advisory instead.

Please go to D218 after you have registered with you Advisor (latest 8.10am) with your fully charged computers.

ISA make up tests TODAY

Dear Colleagues,

Today (Friday) during the Extended Advisory time some grade 7 and 8 students will be taking thier Writing B ISA tests as they were away at Volleyball when the test was taken last Thursday. Please see the list attached. They will need to go to room D218. Thanks.

Space Hopping

Dear Grade 11 and 12 Students,

This week I am prototyping Space Hopping with Grade 11 and 12 students. This is an idea to provide supported independent study in the Library during time you would usually be studying in the lounge and, for Grade 12 students between mock exams.  This means that you can work independently in the Library with a member of staff available to support you. The aim is to help you be more productive and focused during school study time. Interested? The prototype will be happening at these times this week:

Monday 10.40am  Tuesday 11.45am  Thursday 8.10am

You can only attend if you would usually be in the lounge or taking an online course at this time. I will meet anyone interested in the lounge at the start of the block.

Grades 7 & 8 ISA today

Students in Grades 7 & 8 you will have your final ISA tests today.

Block 1: Grade 8

8A: Mr Messom D240

8B: Mr Orteza D343

Block 2: Grade 7

7A: Ms Snyder D215

7B: Ms O’Brien D210

7C: Mr Snyder D212

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