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Gaming Room Closed Break time Friday

Dear Gamers….Here are some suggestions for things to do at Break time (Friday) tomorrow:

Enjoy  the fresh air with your friends! Have a break time snack in the Cafeteria! Read a book in the Library! Play a game outside! But do not go to the Gaming Room tomorrow…it will be closed.

Gaming resumes in 2019.

Mandarin Exchange Meeting – G6-9 Mandarin Phase 3 students

We will have a meeting tomorrow in the LGR (Friday December 7th 8.10 am) for all students attending the Mandarin Exchange with the next door school. This means all students in Phase 3 from Grades 6-9 during Extended Advisory.

Reminder of the trip:

On December 10th and 11th our Mandarin phase 3 students in Grades 6 – 9 will visit the Middle School  next door to NIS from 11am – 3pm. For the first hour they will accompany a Chinese student to class, then they will have lunch in the school cafeteria before going to class with their partner at 1.30pm. They will return to NIS at 3pm. On December 12th and 13th the Chinese students will visit NIS and follow the same routine.

Please be aware of the disruption to your classes…… first because some of your students may be absent and second because you may have additional, Chinese Students, in your class.

Mandarin Phase 3 Students


Exam Week Activities

Students in Grades 7-10….. some of you have not signed up for any activities during exam week…. you need to login to Veracross and get signing up:

Grade 7

Nele, Alvina, Simon (Bangce), Jia, Edwin

Grade 8

Shinyeong, Beto, Tianyue, Toni

Grade 9

Geonyoung, Thomas (He), Max, Lara, JaeHong, Joshua, Ahjna

Grade 10

Yanqing, Seongmin, Jumin, Riccardo

Exam Week Activities

Dear MSUS Students,

During Exam Week, if you do not have an exam during Block 1, you MUST sign up for an Activity. There are a range to choose from in Veracross.

Sign up as soon as possible to get your first choice!

Home Learning during Exam Week

Dear MSUS Teachers,

In line with our regular practice please do not assign any home learning for Grade 7-11 students this weekend or next week that is not direct preparation for the exams.

There should be no deadlines next week for any projects or similar that are not connected to the assessments during the exam time.

Thanks for supporting our students!

Home Learning Overload?

Dear MSUS Teachers,

As we approach the exams, and a very busy time of year, please be mindful of our students’ workloads and stress levels. Tonight is the production with lots of middle and upper school students involved. They may need some flexibility with deadlines. Next week is the pre-exam week where we traditionally refrain from assigning anything that is not directly linked with the upcoming exams.

Thanks for your support for our students.

XBlock Meeting today

Hi XBlockers,

Paul and I are looking forward to a productive learning focused meeting today in D220 at 3pm. Link to PPT was in the weekly email.

See you later.


Upstairs in Cafeteria Closed

The Student Council has decided that the upstairs of the cafeteria will be closed today and tomorrow (Thursday and Friday). They would like all students to know that the reason is because this space is not respected by some students.

Student Council will make an announcement in Assembly on Friday to explain more about this.

Assembly and trip meeting Friday (tomorrow)

Hi MSUS Students,

Tomorrow we will meet in the PAC as usual at 8am for our assembly. The assembly will be very brief and then we will go and meet with our Discover China group for final Discover China preparations. Exciting!

See you tomorrow at 8… don’t be late!

Assembly on Friday

Quick notice that our assembly on Friday will be very short. We will meet in the PAC as usual and then head out for final Discover China trip meetings. See you at 8am on Friday in the PAC.

Office Hours Monday 3.15-4.15pm

MSUS Students…..did you know?? Every week your teachers have ‘Office Hours’?? This means that every week they have time set aside to be in class, ready to meet you and answer your questions.

Need help with homework? Questions about the day’s class? Want to meet your EE or PP Supervisor? Find out when your teacher has their Office Hours.




MSUS Assembly Friday

It’s Assembly time again. On Friday Assembly will begin at 8am…. yes….8am

Will you be there at 8am? Will you be tardy? Will you have your bag with you or will it be in your Advisory classroom or locker? Think carefully about your answers




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