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Decluttering and repurposing

Decluttering got off to an incredible start yesterday thanks to the intrepid Grade 2 team. They came, they collected and they sorted. Well done Grade 2!

So… please come and repurpose the ‘stuff’. There is a lot! A lot is new. There are filing cabinets, folders, notebooks, stationery, yearbooks (even 2004 – 5!) and much much more. See you there with your shopping bags!

G8 Field Trip

Dear Teachers of Grade 8.

Triona and I are planning to take all of G8 to Niu Shou Shan for a Humanities Field Trip on Wednesday June 6th. We will be gone during Blocks 3, 4 and 5. Please let either Triona or I know if there are any difficulties with this plan.

Kind Regards, Ruth



Decluttering 2018

Decluttering is fast becoming an annual event…

This year it will take place on June 5th-7th in the PAC and run in a very similar way to last year.

As you approach the end of the year any items that you do not want any longer but that could be used by other teachers should be set aside and brought to the PAC for redistributing to other members of staff.

Grade 2 students will be instrumental in the Decluttering process and will be in touch with you nearer to the time with suggestions and offers of help.

Our goal is not only to declutter our classrooms but to reduce waste, recycle, rethink and refuse by reducing the amount of new items that we purchase.

Grade 8 Field Trip

Dear Teachers of Grade 8,

A quick reminder that all Grade 8 students will be out of school from Blocks 3 – 5 on Thursday March 1st. They are taking a Humanities Trip to the Nanjing Massacre Museum. Feel free to ask them about their experience on their return. Thanks for your support. Ruth and Triona.

Child Protection Procedures

Dear All,

Following the Child Protection Workshop last week I have had a number of requests for more information. I am attaching what I hope is a comprehensive response to this. The digital image guidelines are in the Staff A-Z. Everything linked here is in the staff folder. Many thanks, Ruth.

Child Protection Folder

Staff A-Z


Digital Citizenship: Computer Games

Yesterday we announced the Digital Citizenship Philosophy….

Today we want to remind you that in order to protect you and ensure that you are connecting in a way that promotes positive inclusive attitudes, you cannot play computer games in the Library or the Cafeteria. You need to go to the Gaming Room, C154, if you want to play computer games at break or lunch 1.

Why not have a discussion about this in your Advisory or Homeroom today?



Grade 8 Humanities Trip March 1st

Dear Teachers of Grade 8,

The Grade 8 Humanities Teachers are planning to take all of Grade 8 to the Nanjing Massacre Museum on Thursday March 1st, Day 8. We will leave after break and return by 3pm. Please let me know by Wednesday if you have any concerns with the timing of this trip. Many thanks, Ruth.

Child Protection Officer

This year we have a new position in school, that of Child Protection Officer. I currently hold this position. Recently I attended a CIS Child Protection Workshop along with our three Counsellors. Following this we are building on the great work that was done last year to strengthen the systems we have at NIS in order to safeguard all of the children and students in our care.

If you have any concerns regarding child protection, the first person to report this to should be the Child Protection Officer or the Deputy Director – Learning.



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