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MSUS Awards Assembly screening today

Calling all MSUS students, teachers and parents!

Today we will screen our Semester 2 Awards Assembly at 2.15pm.

All students and Advisors should make their way to Advisory classrooms at 2pm ready to be seated for the 2.15pm start. The assembly lasts for 1hour.

This formal part of the end of the semester is a time honoured tradition at NIS and one of the ways we come together as a community to celebrate student achievements.

S2 Awards Assembly



ELL Toolkits

Dear MYP Teachers,

Please return your ELL toolkit to either Ruth or the Library before Tuesday next week. This will enable us to update the name charts for next school year. They are all in blue plastic folders and have a barcode.

Thanks very much!

Can you operate a sewing machine?

Calling all sewing machinists…..

We have 4 new sewing machines in school all set up and ready to go. We just need experts to help us to support the students showing them how to use them and how to take care of them. Can you help?

Please let Ruth or Anna know if you are willing to offer your time and skills! Many thanks.

Sign up for the Science Fair!

This year we have an amazing group of Scientific Superstars in Grade 9 who are dying to share their Science projects with you. If you would like to bring your class to the Science Fair in the PAC on Tuesday June 9th from the end of break until lunchtime, drop Ruth an email with the time you want to visit so that she can schedule you in. Social Distancing to keep us safe!

Awards At NIS

Dear Students and Teachers in G6 -11,

It is almost Awards time. This year we are planning a virtual Awards ceremony on Wednesday June 17th at 2pm in Advisories. Here is a reminder of the criteria for the awards at NIS in Semester 2.

Awards at NIS 201920

Questions? See Ms Ham or Mrs Clarke

Semester Exams G8 -10

Dear Students in Grades 8,9 and 10.

It is getting close to Exam Time again! In order to prepare you should:

  • Download and save the exam schedule below
  • Ask your teachers about how to prepare for the exam
  • Check the exam information on Veracross
  • Plan your time before the exams to ensure you have time for review or preparation
  • If you are an off campus student you should have a 1:1 Teams Meeting with each of your teachers

Good Luck!

G8-10 Student Semester 2 Exam Schedule


Paper Recycling is back at NIS!

Hello, we are CANIS recyclers from UN Development Goal 12: Responsible Consumption and Production (Ms Isa and Mr Bahilo).

We are here to help the environment. We want to collect paper from every classroom so next time you throw paper out just keep in mind that if the paper is only used on one side you can put it In the boxes in the hallways.

When in doubt don’t throw it out.

CANIS Recyclers (Khai Brown, Gui Miranda, Junha Jin, Jansen Mao, Shi-yu Wu, Juhyeong Woo)


Activist at





Tech Free Zones

Middle and Upper School Students; the Tech Free Zones are back!

Beginning today (Monday May 18th) you will need to pay attention to the places which are Tech Free Zones;




Library Foyer

What is a Tech Free Zone? It is a place where you are not permitted to be using your phone, your computer or your ear pods / headsets.

Why do we have Tech Free Zones? To support social interactions, places to talk and laugh with your friends, a break from screens, for improved mental health and wellbeing, to create balance.

Lunchtime – it just keeps getting better!

MSUS Students: We know that you are flexible and versatile and for that reason we are able to change the lunchtime plan frequently 🙂

Starting on Monday these indoor spaces will be open to you:

Lunch 1

All MSUS students can use the Blue and Green Gym

G10 will be able to access the LGR

G11 will be able to access the US lounge / Cafe

G9 will be able to access the PAC foyer

Lunch 2

All MSUS students can use the Blue and Green Gym

G10 will be able to access the Cafe and the LGR

G11 will be able to access the US lounge 

G7 and 8 will be able to access the PAC foyer

G7 to LGR block 1

Grade 7 students! Today we will have a short meeting in the LGR in block 1 to talk about your schedules for G8. Please put your bag in your block 1 class and make your way to the LGR ready to talk course choices.

See you there!

Mrs Clarke

Lunchtime timings reminder

Advisors, please will you remind students of the new lunchtime timings? Thanks!









Students may not be in the upstairs hallways or classrooms during lunchtime.

Bags may not be taken into the Cafeteria.

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