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Grade 11 Extended Essay launch lunch Today

Grade 11…

The time has come to launch you into the process of Extended Essay. You have heard about it, read about it, thought about it, talked about it and now you have to make some decisions about it.

The launch lunch will be Today Monday 26th October in the MYP LGR at 12.50.

This is a compulsory event for ALL GRADE 11 STUDENTS.

As it is lunchtime (launchtime?) there will be pizza…. Thanks Dr Saavedra!

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 3.52.30 PM

Many thanks

The Accreditation Visitors had their last day in school yesterday. They wanted to extend thanks to everyone for such a warm welcome and for interesting and enriching conversations.

Many thanks to everyone who contributed to making this visit such a success.

Accreditation Preparatory Visit

Our visitors from CIS, NEASC and NCCT will be in school all day from today until Thursday. They are; Helena Sobulis CIS, Bak Fun Wong NEASC and Sophie Che and Summer Li from NCCT.

I am attaching the final schedule below. If there has been a change to your time or room you should have been notified. However I have made other changes such as to the person you will be meeting with. Therefore please use the schedule attached.

If you need cover please notify Stine.

Final_ Schedule_Preparatory Visit October 19


These containers were removed from the fridge in the Staff Lounge, emptied and washed. They are now waiting to be collected by their owners. If one or more of them belong to you please collect from the Staff Lounge.

Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 9.31.53 PM

Inter house Volleyball Results

Well done to everyone who took part in the Inter house Volleyball yesterday. It was a great event with some entertaining sport and close competition.

Congratulations to the winners: Xuanwu!

Results were as follows:

1st Xuanwu – won 4 lost 0

2nd Wutaishan – won 2 lost 2

3rd Taiping – won 0 lost 4

Many thanks to the referees Ms Weatherly and Mr Fischl.

The overall totals for the house competition now stand at:

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 9.33.17 PM


Accreditation Preparatory Visit Schedule

I am attaching the schedule for the Accreditation Preparatory Visit. If you are named on this schedule you should already be aware of your meeting times. I am aiming for minimal disruption to school life but please be accommodating if there is a need for a small change to our working week as a result of this visit.

If there are clashes or issues that I have overlooked in this schedule please get in touch.

I would love to say that this is the final version but there will almost certainly be modifications in which case I will contact you if you are affected.

Many thanks for your support with this.

DRAFT Schedule_Preparatory Visit October 19

Inter House Volleyball Today

Come and support the Grade 9-12 students in their inter house volleyball competition at lunchtime today. 

Teams – remember to wear your house shirts.

Competition starts at 12.50 in the blue gym.


Extended Essay Workshop

Grade 12; the deadline for the final Extended Essay is in December. Will you meet it? To help you with this goal I will be running Extended Essay workshops in the Library every Thursday until December 7th. All Grade 12 students are welcome. This is an opportunity for you to work in a quiet place with help on hand to answer questions or to keep you focused. See you later..

Wutaishan needs you

Warriors! The school year 2015/16 is looking very good for another red victory. We need some House Captains to lead us to success in the House Championship this year.

Ms Boothby and I are looking for a boy and a girl captain for Grades 6-8 and a boy and a girl captain from Grades 9-12. If you are interested and want to find out more about what this means, please come and see us or send us an email as soon as possible.

Go Warriors!

WuTaiShan logo w warriors arc 2

Weather Instruments

The Humanities Department has mislaid a set of weather instruments that we use to teach weather and climate in Grade 8. If anyone knows of their whereabouts we would be very happy.

Thanks for looking.


If you would like to join the Provisional Steering Committee to prepare for the Preliminary Visit in October please get in touch. Ideally I would like two more teachers. If you would like more information about the commitment involved or the accreditation process I would be happy to chat with you any time.

Grade 11 History Class

Dear Grade 11 Teachers, On Friday May 29th I will be hosting a small group of students from Livingstone American School in Shanghai. They will be working with my Grade 11 History class from Blocks 2 – 4 that day. Sorry for any inconvenience. See list of students attached.

Grade 11 History Students

Grade 8 Displaced People Experience

Dear Teachers of Grade 8, just a quick reminder that there will be no Grade 8 classes on Tuesday 31st March as all of Grade 8 will be participating in a displaced people experience as part of a Design and Humanities IDU. All class teachers are welcome to come over and see what is happening throughout the day. We will be on the far side of the running track.

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