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Gamers Needed!

Hello colleagues!

My G8 Game designers need you and your students to play-test the games they have made.

In the interests of not overcrowding, we can have a combination of kids in my space and in yours.

We need approximately 45 students to test our 18 games.

When: Friday 12th June

Time: Block 4 (Approximately 12:00 noon or a bit after)

Who: Any students in Grades 4-9


We have 2 game designers who need kids with Minecraft on their computer (up to 6 kids). If you could specify that you have a Minecraft player, that would be really helpful!

Please let me know by email if you are interested in playing games during block 4 on Friday.

Thanks so much!


The Lion’s Steam

Dear Lions!

We would like some feedback on our website for The Lion’s Steam.

Please take a few minutes to check out our site and then leave us some feedback (the link to the website is included in the survey as well as listed below).

Go to this Sway

Please click on this survey link and tell us what you think.

Survey Link



You are beautiful! If you needed the reminder, there are 4 #yabstickers located around the NIS campus. If you find one (or more!) leave them where they are and take a selfie with them. Email your selfie to 

Prizes* to the first people to send selfies of all 4 stickers.

In the interest of public health and safety, the stickers are located in public areas of the school that are accessible to everyone. (Not upstairs in MS/US).

Click for more information about You Are Beautiful. And yes, YOU are beautiful!

Have a joyful day!

Grade 6 Design Class

*Prizes distributed until they run out

G9 Design

There are some posters on display outside the library/cafeteria. Each poster is based on one of the Global Goals. G9 Designers would appreciate your feedback on their designs. Please scan the attached QR codes under each poster to leave feedback this week. Parents, Students, Teachers – all feedback welcome!


G9 Design

Learning 2 PreCon

Dear Colleagues,


We have an opportunity for a small number of our teachers and teaching assistants to attend select Learning2 Pre-Conference sessions that run all day on Thursday 16th October.

The available Pre-Con sessions are:


Team Teaching: Shared Spaces, Shared Students, Shared Practices (Whole School)

Linda Eide and Ed Hagen


Shifting Student Paradigms Through Immersion Programs

Mike Gregory  (Head of Caufield School in Nanjing)

*This is an interactive full day experience in which Mike shares how Caufield uses Nanjing as the classroom


It’s Not Rocket Science! Exploring Computer Science Experiences in the Early Years and Elementary School

Cheryl Terry


If you and/or your TA are interested in attending one of these sessions, please email Kasson with the following information by the end of business Tuesday, August 20th:


Name: Your name here

Grade: Grade level

Pre-Con Session: Name of Session

A line or two about why you’d like to attend


Applications will be reviewed by the PD committee and you will be notified as soon as possible of your acceptance.


There are also a few additional places for teachers to attend the amazing Learning2 Conference as a full participant on Fri/Sat. Please let Sonya know if you would like one of these spots!





NIS L2Asia Conference Coordinator

Clothing Donations

Hello! My name is Yaewon and I am in Grade 9.  For my Design project, I need some red and black fabric. If you have old clothes that I could repurpose that are red and/or black, please bring them to school and drop off in the donation box in the foyer or to the Design Centre. Any type of fabric, any shade of red or black.

The donation box will be in the foyer until Friday. 

If you have further questions please email me: 


















See you in the staffroom @ 10:20 to share ideas about feedback and how it looks in your context.


Feedback – To Clarify

The post about Feedback (Friday, Daily Bulletin) was meant to have concluded with this invitation to discuss:

If you would like to share your thoughts on how to make feedback useful, how to keep it manageable, and how to ensure it works for learners, join us in a stand-up coffee break chat, Thursday morning break (10:20-10:40 in the Break Room).  All welcome.


Why Feedback Rarely Does What It’s Meant To

If we continue to spend our time identifying failure as we see it and giving people feedback about how to avoid it, we’ll languish in the business of adequacy.

We humans do not do well when someone whose intentions are unclear tells us where we stand, how good we “really” are, and what we must do to fix ourselves. We excel only when people who know us and care about us tell us what they experience and what they feel, and in particular when they see something within us that really works

This article: The Feedback Fallacy offers an in-depth analysis of feedback: what works, what doesn’t, and what we can do to reframe the conversations we have regarding feedback.

How might this apply to the way we give, receive, and seek feedback on our teaching practice?

How might we apply some of the ideas and principles mentioned to the way we give feedback to students?

Tech Challenge

Many thanks to all students and teachers for participating in the Semester 2 Tech Challenge. Bridges were built, rockets launched, buildings shook, parachutes floated, and structures were flattened in the name of design.

Congratulations to Xuanwu who took out the top honors on the day.

Learning2 Conference

If you are interested in being a Learning2 Leader for either an Extended Session or Pre conference Workshop, please take a look at the Applications for Presenters information on the L2Asia website. If you have any questions, I am happy to share my experience as an L2 Leader.

What is L2?

Learning2 is a conference for educators by educators. Learning2 is run by a global team of international educators, who work closely with the hosting schools to develop a professional learning experience that highlights the latest innovative learning practices in the region.

The Extended Session:

● This is a 2.5 hour dive into an innovative practice or concept. Typically the session runs for 3 hours with a short break built in.

● The session is generally broad-based in that it may be of interest to a wide range of participants.

● The Extended Session is offered on the Friday in the morning and then again on the Saturday for a different set of participants.

● Each session size is generally up to 25 participants although at times some topics are very popular and we may discuss the potential for opening up to 40 participants with additional facilitation support.


PreConference Facilitators

● The purpose of the PreConference is to offer extended session in a specific or niche topic.

●It is a 4 – 5 hour dive into an innovative practice or concept and is usually an in-depth interactive hands-on experience where participants learn and practice new skills such as coaching or technology-based pedagogical practices.

● Each session size is generally up to 25 participants although, at times, some topics are very popular and we may discuss the potential for opening up to 40 participants with additional facilitation support.

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