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Last Weekly Bulletin this Friday

Dear All,
This Friday 8th June, will be our last Weekly Bulletin.

There will not be one on the last Friday of term.

Please make sure that your articles are submitted today, or by midday on Thursday at the very latest.



Anna Mathias Art Sale

Dear All,
Anna Mathias is moving from Nanjing and selling much of her own art work.
She is a talented artist and will have an Open House in Evian on 4/5 & 6th June from 11am- 8pm

Anna has helped out with many of our theatrical productions over the years and her children both graduated from NIS.

Do go along and have a look.


Art Exhibition in the Cafe in the Centre this week

Do go along and see the wonderful art exhibition by many of our talented students in the Cafe this week.

Mr Minchan Yoon, the Founder of the Naturalism Art Studio here in Nanjing  is their teacher and he has held exhibitions here in the Centre before.

Some of the items are for sale and a proportion of the proceeds will go to Pfrang.

The Art work is on display until Friday 18th May

Do not miss it!

Preview tickets for Hopeful Hearts, Garage Sale Thursday 4.30-6pm

As mentioned at Staff Briefing – there are Preview Tickets available for local staff for the RFG based Garage Sale for Hopeful Hearts

Tickets from Sue for RMB10 each – for HH

4.30 to 6pm on Thursday 17th May.

See me for a ticket in Admissions

If you have stuff to put into the sale please take directly to the RFG location on Thursday morning. For more detailed info contact Katrin Koss 180 6611 8260.


Important information on Clearance and Leaving Procedures

Dear All,

As we enter the home straight here are some reminders about the Clearance Forms and Leaving Procedures for our departing students in case you are asked questions or are new to the process.

  • Each leaving student in every grade must have a Clearance Form. Parents complete the whole form for PS, and for MS/US the front page is for parents and the other two sheets for the students to complete. Dr Juan organises the G12 students himself.
  • This is the link to the FAQ’s . The Transfer Info sheet is in three languages

  • Forms can be obtained either from Main Reception, Admissions or downloaded off the website.
  • TEACHERS are required to sign off for their subject in Grades 6-12, and HR in PS. IMPORTANT: BEFORE SIGNING, please ensure that there are no outstanding items due to be returned to you ie books, instruments or sports equipment. The book deposit of RMB 830 is only repaid if the Clearance Form is duly completed. We rely on your signatures as proof that there is nothing owing to NIS.
  • Leaving staff children must also complete Clearance Forms and follow the same procedures.
  • On the student’s last day – in exchange for their completed form we will hand over the studentship letter in PS and transcripts for MS/US. This is done by the Ladies on Main Reception with support from Admissions.
  • Julia Zhang, Financial Controller on the 2nd floor of the Centre opposite the lift is always the last person to sign off on the form. She checks that there is no money owing to school by the student and the family.
  • MACBOOKS: Please remind students that all MacBooks must handed into IT for them to clear off all school settings and software, and so  EVERYTHING must be backed up by students as laptops will be wiped clean and they will not be able to retrieve anything. I would encourage all leaving students in Grades 5-11 to go and ask IT if they have any questions about this – especially in terms of the best time to get this done during that final busy week.
  • Semester 2 reports will be out on Thursday 14th June and not before.
    All leaving families must download and print them off, as once they have left NIS they will no longer have access to Veracross.
  • If any student has a special request or needs help, send them either to Admissions or arrange an appointment with Arden.
  • If Korean students have additional document requests, please redirect them to Samantha or Arden.
  • Year Books will be handed out on the last day to all students. If you have missing students or others who have left early please arrange for them to be signed by their classmates as this is much appreciated. Over the holidays we will arrange for them to be forwarded to the address on the Clearance Form. Kindly take them to Reception or Admissions Office with their name and grade on the outside, as they can get mislaid over the summer break.
  • Please continue to pass on any intel about leaving students. This can be a very unsettling time for some families who still do not know their future plans.

Any questions please come and see us in Admissions Office, call Sue on 13809022693 or email us at

Thanks for your help and cooperation

Grace, Jane, Lucy and Sue
The A Team


Thanks from Monica

Dearest NIS Colleagues and Community Members, tons of thanks to you to all for your support, surprises and generosity for all that  you gave me over my ten years at NIS. I am deeply moved! You gave me the best memories in NIS, which will last long and deep in my heart!

We had lots of great times together.

No matter where we go, let’s keep in touch. We never say goodbye, we say hello again.

With my love and gratitude



FIINNAIR flying out of Nanjing to Helsinki – promotional fare offer

YOU can go on the website and select the English option.

If any one uses this airline, let’s hear your feedback? 

We will departure from NKG via HEL to European destination on 14 May, 2018. In the Summer, we will have 3 flights per week in NKG, the schedule will be following:

AY106 Mon, Wed, Sat NKG-HEL 9:35-14:20
AY105 Feb, Fri, Sun HEL-NKG 17:55-07:55+1

Till 04 Apr, 2018, one promotion fare was launched for NKG routine, LON, MAN,EDI,DUB’s economic fare will be CNY520+TAX ( W class), PAR will be CNY540+TAX (W class), any other destination fare, you could visit or Finnair authorized agency.

If there is any question or assistance from Finnair NKG office, pls kindly contact me, thank you!

Have a good weekend!

Best regards,

Chen Mu 陈牧
Sales Manager NKG
Tel: +86 25 66102690
Mobile:+86 13851922422
Address: Room 890, Jinling Asia Pacific Tower Center, 2 Hanzhong Road, Gulou District, Nanjing, 210005, P.R.China

Hopeful Hearts Bake Sale in school on Thursday

The Hopeful Hearts Charity will be selling snacks at break and lunch time in the foyer at school this Thursday 8th February.

This event will link with Valentines Day on 14th February (when we are on holiday), and help us to remember the children that are supported with life changing heart surgery.

All items will be RMB10

Do not forget to bring in your pocket money to support this event.

Happy veg back in school tomorrow Wed 10th Jan

Happy veg by Mr Gu here on 10th Jan and Wednesdays thereafter

As many of your know – Mr Gu comes into school every Wednesday with his delicious veg.

He will be here on the first Wednesday 10th Jan.

Do go along and talk to him about his project in the south of Nanjing. He is a very interesting man and your students may be interested too in finding out more about his farming methods.

If you cannot get to see him on Wednesdays between 2.30 and 3.30pm  you can make some other arrangements with him directly. See below for more information.

“Time Farm is a permaculture organic farm. Until 2017 we have been practising permaculture for 5 years. Permaculture is the conscious design and maintenance of agriculturally productive ecosystems which have the diversity, stability and resilience of nature ecosystems. Permaculture design is a system of assembling conceptual, material, and strategic components in a pattern which functions to benefit life in all its forms. The philosophy behind permaculture is working with, rather than against , nature. There is NO chemical fertilizer, GMO, pesticide, or herbicide used inside the farm. We collect rain water for irrigation. Water from nearby pond is purified by a constructed wetland before watering plants. More detail can be found at our website

I will bring some fresh vegetables(potato, carrot, green bean, green lettuce and bokchoy,etc,.) for onsite sale at NIS on Wednesdays from 2:30pm to 3:30pm. Welcome to join us.

You can also order through wechat. Our wechat ID is Timefarm. Every Wednesday afternoon on school days I will delivery your orders to NIS for your pickup”

Neila to do Yoga Class on Monday 8th Jan at 4.30pm

Neila, Andy and the boys will be in Xianlin for a few days from 7th Jan en route back to Saudi.
We will arrange a get together at Potato Pub for people to drop by and say Hi.

Watch this space for more info….

In the meantime Neila will be leading a yoga class on Monday afternoon for anyone who would like to attend on the 3rd floor of the Centre at 4.30pm – for an hour.

Do come along – everyone is welcome!


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