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M.A.W Steven Hair Salon – 40 vouchers – first come first served

Steven who was at the NIC BBQ on Saturday has given 40 vouchers worth RMB 150 each for his Expat Hair Salon in Xinjiekou – Metro exit 22.

24 hours notice needed and vouchers must be used before the end of this year.

First come first served.

See Sue in Admissions or send me a message and I will put one in your pigeon hole.


NIC Goodie bags and membership cards are in your pigeon holes

Dear Overseas Staff,

Your Nanjing International Club purple goodie bags are in your pigeon holes.

If your membership cards are not in there too – they will be by the end of Friday.

Please sign your cards and bring them with you for the Membership BBQ on Saturday 9th September here in school from 12-4pm.

Everyone is welcome. If they are NIC Members or join on the day the BBQ is free.

(Visitors will pay RMB 250 or 150 for children under 12 on the day)

If you have any questions or would like to get involved with  NIC please see me in Admissions.


Sue N



Weekly Bulletin Submissions

Dear All,


Information for new staff and reminder for others.

All material for our Weekly Bulletin is now submitted via the Daily Bulletin using the box in the top right hand corner called : Weekly Bulletin

The bulletin is published around lunch time on Fridays on the website and via Veracross.

The deadline for submission is 12 noon on Wednesday. If you have a problem with this please let Sue know as soon as possible. Important information is translated into Korean and Chinese. If you are not sure if this applies to your article ask Sue or Arden.

There are two options : Weekly Bulletin and Banner/Poster. Instructions on each are contained in the drop down box.
The poster part relates to the long rectangular items that  are loaded on the hi-tec screen in the Centre Foyer near the Reception Counter. All other items are displayed on the screen next to the PTA Shop.

In order for us to edit or update please submit your entries in Word.

If you have any problems submitting files, address any technical issues to :

Thanks for your support
Sue N

Admissions Office in Centre near the PTA Room

Clearance Forms and leaving procedures – info from Admissions

Dear All,

As we enter the home straight here are a couple of reminders about the Clearance Forms and Leaving Procedures for our departing students in case you are asked questions or are new to the process.

· Each leaving student in every grade must complete a Clearance Form. The parent needs to complete the whole form for PYP, and for MYP/DP the front page is for parents and the other two sheets for the students to complete. (Non native speaking parents may need some assistance In PYP)
· Forms can be obtained either from Main Reception, Admissions or downloaded off the website.
· Leaving staff children must also complete Clearance Forms and follow the same procedures.
· On the student’s last day – in exchange for their completed form we will hand over the studentship letter in PYP and transcripts in MYP/DP. This is done by the Ladies on Main Reception with support from Admissions.
· Julia Zhang, Financial Controller on the 2nd floor of the Centre opposite the lift is always the last person to sign off on the form. She checks that there is no money owing to school by the student and the family.
· It is important that all MacBooks are handed into IT for them to clear off all school settings and software. Before this is done EVERYTHING must be backed up as it will be wiped clean and they will not be able to retrieve anything. I would encourage all leaving students in Grade 5 and MYP to go and ask IT if they have any questions about this – especially in terms of the best time to get this done.
· The S2 reports will be out on Thursday 15th and not before.
· All leaving families must download and print them off, as once they have left NIS they will no longer have access to Veracross.
· Year Books will be handed out on the last day to all students. If you have missing students or others who have left early please arrange for them to be signed by their classmates as this is much appreciated. Over the holidays we will arrange for them to be forwarded to the address on the Clearance Form. Kindly take them to Samantha or Admissions Office with their name and grade on the outside, as they can get mislaid over the summer break.
· If any student has a special request or needs help, send them either to Admissions or to see Samantha Zhou who will arrange an appointment with Ruth.
· Our Korean leavers often have complicated procedures for the papers needed for their return home. If they need help – please pass them onto Samantha and Ruth.
· The Admissions Office remains open throughout the summer.
· To avoid problems, please remind any students/parents that if they are leaving and want a full refund of the re-enrolment fees they must let us know in Admissions or Finance before Friday 9th June.
· Please continue to pass on any intel about leaving students. This is a very unsettling time for some families who still do not know their future plans.

NB Last Weekly Bulletin will be on Friday 9th so get your entries in by Wednesday 7th June at noon. There is no bulletin on last Friday

Any questions please come and see us in Admissions Office, call Sue on 13809022693 or email us at

Thanks for your help and cooperation – it has been appreciated throughout the year.

Grace, Jane, Monica and Sue
The A Team

Fabulous classical concert in Poly Theatre – still few tickets

Tuesday May 30th at 7.30pm

Amy Childers still has a few tickets for this fabulous concert at the remarkable architect designed Poly Theatre

Even if you are not a classical music enthusiast -it is worth going just to experience being insider this remarkable Zaha Hadid building.

We are fortunate, following the untimely death of this world renowned architect to have one of her frontier busting buildings here in our city.

See Amy for details – do not miss this chance for some serious “KULTUR” and some stunning music by the renowned Radio France, Philarmonia Orchestra.


Reducing rubbish – easy new idea from Admissions

Now that we have all reduced the number of rubbish bins and plastic bags in our classes and offices, what do you now do with those small bits and pieces like tissues, orange peel or pencil shavings that accumulate throughout the day?

Grace Kim has made some small paper boxes using recycled paper. If you would like a template or to bring a couple of your students over  to our offices to see how easy they are to make – you are welcome to drop by.

Let’s all play our part in improving sustainability in our school and saving our beautiful planet.

(More importantly we need to reduce the amount of rubbish we make – so we do not need bins of any shape or size….)

Charity Art Auction closes tomorrow Thursday at 4pm- place your bids now!

No one coming into school can fail to have missed the amazing, varied collection of art work on exhibit in the Centre Foyer.

There is still time to place your very own bids online by clicking on the QR code on display throughout school. If you need any help Joe Barder or Andrew Kay will be happy to assist.

There is a simple registration process. Do not be put off once you have logged in by the bids being in EUROS – this is assure you of the best possible value for your purchases.

As the Euro sinks into oblivion – the value of your collection soars!

….and you only have to pay in RMB at the cashier’s office on 2nd floor and claim your piece:)

We expect a frenzy of activity over the coming hours until the final clatter of the virtual hammer, and the proud owners pay up (all proceeds to our school charities) and claim their own personal prize : unique art work crafted by members of our NIS Community.

Go on and place your bids now while there is still time….

Be a part of history – NIS first online art auction and you can say you were there!



PTA is happy to announce that the NIS shirts and shorts have arrived. We sincerely apologize for the delay and thank you for your patience.

Your items are available for pick-up at the PTA Shop:
Thursday, May 11 – 2:30-3:30
Friday, May 12 – 2:30-3:30
Monday, May 15 – 2:30-3:30

Any questions contact Chanley Webber (

Mother’s Day cards on sale Wednesday

Mother’s Day Cards on sale for Amy Yang and Ray of Light

🌸Amy Yang Fund and Ray of Light are selling Mothers Day Cards🌸

Handmade by G5 students.

At break, lunch & after school outside the library TODAY WEDNESDAY

All proceeds go to Amy Yang and R of L

See Lou Fells and Amy Childers for more details

Mother’s Day Cards on sale for Amy Yang Fund

🌸Amy Yang Fund is selling Mothers Day Cards🌸Handmade by G5 students.

On sale Tuesday at PTA shop and on Wednesday break, lunch & after school outside the library.

This is a reminder to bring in some pocket money

All proceeds go to Amy Yang Fund 😃Day

See Lou Fells for more details


Dragonboat Race Sunday May 28th – is this something you had always wanted to do – look no further

5/28 Dragonboat Race – Interested in Joining the AmCham team?

If you would like to be part of this classic rowing race here in Nanjing on Mochou Lake – please let Arden know as soon as possible. The deadline is Friday 7th April.

AmCham in Nanjing is putting together a team to race in the Foreign Invested Enterprise Dragonboat Race on Sunday, May 28 from 8AM – 3PM at MoChou Lake (may end earlier depending on race results) and is looking for 16 individuals to participate.

The team will be comprised of AmCham staff + AmCham member company representatives. We would suggest that if you would like to register with us, that you bring a fellow colleague as well (so minimum 2 registrations per company, and maximum 4 per company).

There are no registration costs for this event, and AmCham will provide special t-shirts for the event identifying your company’s representatives as part of the American business community.

If your company would like to register separately for this event, AmCham can pass you the specific invitation details (there may be registration costs incurred).

Contact Arden and then email: or call 18501538478 if interested.

Vegetable sales from James Gu on Wednesday afternoons 2.30- 3.30pm

A reminder that James will be in school on Wednesday afternoons in the Centre Foyer selling his organic “happy” veg.

James runs a local permaculture farm south of the city and is keen to develop his relationship with NIS.
Paul Johnson knows more about his programme so do ask him if you are interested in finding out more.

Support James and buy his delicious locally produced assorted, seasonal veg.


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