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NIC Goodie bags in your pigeon holes now

Your NIC Goodie bags are in your pigeon holes now. If you do not want any of the contents – please recycle by putting unwanted maps, flyers etc either into my pigeon hole or in my office – so we can re-use for other members.

Your membership cards are in the bags too – do not lose them !

If you have any questions – let me know ?




Expat overseas hire teachers and their families will receive their NIC Membership cards and goodie bags containing the famous “Taxi Cards ” in their pigeon holes this Friday 2nd September.

Please sign the back of your cards and remember to bring to the Membership Welcome Back BBQ on Saturday 10th September 12-4pm here at NIS.

You will get free entry to the Skyways BBQ  and a free drink voucher at the registration tables in the Centre Foyer  if you present your membership card. There will be children’s activities, fun, food, drink, a DJ and a great opportunity to catch up properly with everyone after the holidays.

If you have visitors with you the cost will be RMB400 for adults and RMB 250 for children under 12. No need to book – just turn up.

For those of you who would like to join – there is an Early Bird discounted joining fee of RMB1000 per family/800 for couples and 600 for singles. This offer is valid only until the day of the BBQ.  It gets you free entry to the BBQ on 10th September and discounted entry for our other activities throughout the year – particularly the Christmas Ball on 3rd December at the Shangri La- (always a good bash) and the Christmas Benefit Concert here in school on 19th November… and many others.

For more information and to join NIC see Sue N in Admissions




Dear All,


Information for new staff and reminder for others.

All material for our Weekly Bulletin is now submitted via the Daily Bulletin using the box in the top right hand corner called : Weekly Bulletin

We are now using Veracross to distribute to our school community. It is published around lunch time on Fridays on the website and via Veracross.

The deadline for submission is 12 noon on Wednesday. If you have a problem with this please let Sue know as soon as possible. Important information is translated into Korean. If you are not sure if this applies to your article please ask Sue or Ruth.

There are two options : Weekly Bulletin and Banner/Poster. Instructions on each are contained in the drop down box.
The poster part relates to the long rectangular plastic banners on stands that used to be in school and are now on the hi-tec screens in the Centre Foyer.

In order for us to edit or update please submit your entries in Word.

If you have any problems submitting files, address any technical issues to :

For those involved with one of the school charities this will also apply to the banners produced for display in school.

Thanks for your support as we continue to review and improve the quality of the information we provide to our Community.
Sue N

Admissions Office in Centre near the PTA Room

Crystal Asset Financial Services provider to visit school this Thursday 10 ’till 4pm.

As Arden made clear at the Staff Briefing on Monday, NIS does not endorse this company.

Anyone is invited to go along and meet up with Ralph  Woodcock during Thursday.

“Crystal Asset Financial and Insurance Services is a full service provider of insurance plans and investments tailored to meet the needs of your family and yourself. Their plans range from basic Medical insurance, Life Insurance, Tax efficient savings plan, Retirement Planning, Children’s Education Plans, Critical Illness and Disability policies that secure you in times of crisis. They also cover plans for large corporates  and have a full client servicing team set up in Shanghai for your convenience.”

Ralph will be in school from 10-4pm in the Staff Lounge.


Reminder about Clearance Forms and Leaving Procedures etc…

Dear All,

As we enter the home straight here are a couple of reminders about the Clearance Forms and Leaving Procedures for our departing students in case you are asked questions or are new to the process.

  • Each leaving student in every grade must complete a Clearance Form. The Parent needs to complete the whole form for PYP, and for MYP/DP the front page is for parents and the other two sheets for the students to complete. (Non native speaking parents may need some assistance)
  • Forms can be obtained either from Main Reception, Admissions or downloaded off the website.
  • On the student’s last day – in exchange for their completed form we will hand over the studentship letter in PYP and transcripts in MYP/DP. This is done by the Ladies on Main Reception with support from Admissions.
  • It is important that all MacBooks are handed into IT for them to clear off all school settings and software. Before this is done EVERYTHING must be backed up as it will be wiped clean and they will not be able to retrieve anything. I would encourage all leaving students in Grade 5 and MYP to go and ask IT if they have any questions about this – especially in terms of the best time to get this done.
  • The S2 reports will be out on Thursday 16th and not before.
  • All leaving families must download and print them off, as once they have left NIS they will no longer  have access to Veracross.
  • Year Books will be handed out on the last day to all students. If you have missing students or ones who have left early please arrange for them to be signed by their friends as this is much appreciated. Over the holidays we will arrange for them to be forwarded to the address on the Clearance Form. Please bring them to Samantha or Admissions Office.
  • If any student has a special request or needs help please send them either to Admissions or to see Samantha Zhou who will arrange an appointment with Arden.
  • The Admissions Office remains open throughout the summer.
  • To avoid problems, please remind any students that if they are leaving and want a full refund of the school fees the must let us know in Admissions before Monday 13th June.

NB The last Weekly Bulletin will be on Friday 10th. As Thursday is a holiday please get your articles onto the news site by the end of tomorrow at the latest.

Any questions please come and see us in Admissions Office, call Sue on 13809022693 or email at


Sue, Monica, Jane, Grace and Ahna

The A Team

New Family : ONG starting Thursday 19th May

We have a new family from Singapore starting with us on Thursday.

They have two little girls : Charlene will be in Pre K and Carolyn in K1A

Mum and Dad have moved here from Bangkok : Anglo Singapore International School but they are Singaporean.

It is hard coming into school this late in the year but I am sure everyone will make them welcome.

Dad is working for BSH and replaces the Nechaeva Family – Alina and Pasha.

They will be living in Crystal Lakes compound.



PS If you have any questions about incoming students for August 2016 please come along to Admissions and have a look at their files or chat to one of us who has probably already met the family and children over recent months.


Cosima Conen needs help from Chinese staff members for her Extended Essay

One of our students Cosima Conen in Grade 11 needs as many of our Chinese staff members and their friends and families to fill out this questionnaire as possible. The more data she has the better.

It will only take a few minutes and is important information for her Extended Essay.

Please take a short time out of your busy days to complete it for her. See below for instructions and the deadline is Thursday 5th May.

Grateful thanks from Cosima


Survey link:

New students : Week 23 – summary to date

Dear All,

This week has been a particularly busy one with new students every day. Here is a summary of who has arrived and which grade they are in – so you can welcome them here to NIS and let us know in Admissions if you need any additional support as they transition into school.

Monday 22nd Feb : Tim Heubner : German a returning student who left in 2011 and whose sister Lisa graduated from NIS. Tim is in G10C.

Two Korean students Shin family Seo Kyung G6C and brother Dong Geun G4A.

Tuesday 23rd Feb : Spanish family from Zaragoza with twins Ariadna and Salva in K1A& B and elder sister Valeria in G1C.

Wednesday 24th Feb : Su family – boys Ricky in K1A & Ryan in G2A.

Thursday 25th Feb : Korean family Son with Hyung Beom in G10B and sister Yejin in G7B

FRIDAY – watch this space …. !


Sue and the ” A” Team


Weekly Bulletin – important change to the way content is submitted

Dear All,


From this Week 23 – Monday 22nd February, all material for our Weekly Bulletin will be submitted via the Daily Bulletin using the box in the top right hand corner : News or Poster

The deadline for submission will remain the same : 12 noon on Wednesday.
The main difference you will notice is that there are two options : News or Poster. Instructions on each are contained in the drop down box.
The poster part relates to the long rectangular plastic banners on stands that are produced by Ann Dong in Purchasing. We want to eliminate these from our school as they cannot be recycled, they are cumbersome, costly and tend to “breed” at certain times of the school year. It is not the sports review posters etc that form part of the bulletin – those will stay the same for the time being, although we are also looking at how to make our Weekly Bulletin more user friendly and interface more effectively with our website.
These posters will now appear on one of the new hi tec touch screens currently in the Centre Foyer. The deadline will also be noon on Wednesday and they will appear on the website and the screen on the same cycle as the Weekly Bulletin ie Friday afternoon.
There is sometimes a problem with the size of these posters particularly if they contain photos. Please seek assistance from ICT on how to compress, as we will no longer be using the server as a back up.

If you are involved with one of the school charities this will also apply to the banners produced for display in school.
We will be reviewing this new process and welcome your comments and suggestions.

If you need further clarification please ask Brian or Sue in Admissions.

Thanks for your support as we continue to review the quality of the information we provide to our Community and improve our green credentials.
Sue N



Last Weekly Bulletin of 2015

There will be no weekly bulletin next week – so this is your last chance in 2015 !

My hint of a new dedicated email for the bulletin submissions was a little premature – we will now be rolling that out in Week 19 from 11th Jan.

A sneak preview is that it may contain the words “weekly…. & …. bulletin” ,  but that will be confirmed in 2016 …..

Enough excitement …

Please send in your stuff as soon as possible .



Concert by Morgan Trainer on 10th December 6-7pm for Hopeful Hearts – everyone welcome !

Morgan T Poster

Do you like music?
What would you do if someone told you that attending a music concert could help a child’s recovery from heart disease?
This is your chance to make a difference! Next Thursday on December 10th from 6-7pm, I, Morgan Trainer, am holding a music concert to raise money for Hopeful Hearts, I will be selling tickets in the foyer after school starting this week up until Tuesday next week so please come and buy a ticket!
The tickets cost ¥30 each and there are only 80 tickets so hurry!!!


Blood Donation Drive at NIS on Tuesday 15th December

Blood Drive at NIS

Donating blood in my opinion is one of the most altruistic gestures you can make. It is completely voluntary, you do not know who will it benefit and statistically is guaranteed to save lives. I have donated blood in all the countries I have lived.
I wish to think with that small gesture I have given back to them for all the wonderful times I have spent in foreign lands.

As part of our new strategic goal of “Bursting the Bubble” with the help of our wonderful Admissions Team, we are organising a Blood Drive at NIS.

The idea is to have a blood donation station on Campus for a day in the hope that all healthy adults can take 30 minutes or so out of their busy schedule to donate blood…and save lives. Chinese authorities have been extremely helpful and will provide the medical personnel for the blood drive.
Not everybody can, particularly if you have been exposed or ill, for example with Hepatitis. Only adults (over 18 years old) can donate blood.

There are some formalities to adhere to, including filling in a detailed questionnaire to check if you qualify to donate blood. If you are interested you can download the form via this link or pick up a hard copy at the Reception in the Centre. Kindly register your interest by sending a message to by Wednesday 9th December.

I hope you can join us on Tuesday, December 15th. Together we can save many lives. More information and a detailed schedule coming soon.

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