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Plan for Thursday’s 3 way conferences

Dear All, Here is the plan for 3-way conferences tomorrow (Thursday):

  • All students will be dismissed at 12.50pm
  • lunch for PreK, K1 and K2 as usual
  • there is no student lunch provided tomorrow for Grades 1 – 12
  • lunch will be available for staff in the Cafe for purchase as usual (Pork ribs roasted, fish and chips, Mushroom lasagna)

Main Building Front Desk Working shift

Dear All

From this Thursday, 27th April, as Shanshan will have maternity leave the main building front desk will be manned from 7:45-11:45 in the morning and 3:00- 3:30 in the afternoon(Tuesday 2:30-3:00 )

If you need any help please be there in the scheduled time or go to the Centre Reception.

Thank you for your understanding,

Have a nice day,

Front Office Team


Discover China Week trips – close of selections

At 1.00 pm Monday the selection choices for the October 2017 Discover China week will close. At this stage the trips are:

Grades 6/7 

Yellow Mt – Full

Taishan – Vacancies

Hangzhou – Full

Grades 8/9

Beijing – Vacancies

Shaolin Temple / Luoyang – Vacancies

Moganshan – Full

Grades 10/11

Xiamen – Full

Guiyang – Vacancies

Yangshuo – Vacancies

At 1.00pm we will assign students who have not made a selection to the trips with vacancies. If this year’s Grades 7 to 10 would like to make a choice I suggest you get in early and choose the trip that you prefer. Early next year it may be possible for a small number of students to change trips depending on the number students that leave NIS and the number of new students. If it is possible for any students to change trips I will inform you in August.



Q: Did you hear about the restaurant on the moon?

Game Day is on today in the back of the library for any interested grade 6-12 students or teachers! Check it out!

A: It had great food but no atmosphere.


Vacancy: Community Activity Coordinator

Effective: 1st August 2017

Application deadline: 28th April 2017

Interview: during the week of 2nd May 2017

General Responsibilities

  • Organisation of Community Activities
    • Interview/vet potential teachers / instructors
    • Research and provide appropriate Community Activities
    • Provide guidelines for CA instructors with appropriate school information
    • Organise room bookings and schedules for CA
    • Set up online registrations on Veracross
    • Confirm and schedule registrations
    • Manage activities’ accounts and time sheets for instructors wages
  • Community Service
    • Organise room bookings for PPP or other community related projects

If you wish to apply, please submit your resume, and brief letter of application indicating why you consider yourself able and qualified – both in terms of qualification and experience to Holly Wang, Human Resources Manager at



Q: Why is Peter Pan always flying?

Homework Club will be held today from 3:15-4:15 for all grade 6-12 students and teachers. Come work on homework, study for exams, work on projects, or just get organized!

A: Because he never lands.

HAHA! This joke never gets old.


3 new activities start this week!!

Soccer for Grade 1 – Grade 4 0n Wednesdays after school with DISA Soccer Academy

Soccer for Grade 5 – Grade 8 on Fridays after school with Soccer Pro Barcelona

Golf for Grades 2 – 11 with Zhongshan Golf. Beginners on Thursdays after school at NIS, intermediate on Saturdays at Zhongshan Golf Academy.

Sign ups are through the Activity Providers – see posters attached above for details.


Beware of Microsoft Attachments from strangers (and friends)


A few days ago Microsoft disclosed a flaw in their Microsoft Office suite of programs (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) that allowed hackers to embed a malware program known as a “trojan horse” providing them access to sensitive security information. Please read more about this here. In the meantime, steps you can take to protect yourself are to run the Microsoft Office update to get the “patch” for this flaw, and to only click on Microsoft (Word, Excel, etc.) attachments from people you know and are expecting. If you are unsure, check with the sender. Microsoft had promised an update 11 April 2017 but as of yet it has not reached China…so please keep checking. Thank you.

The IT Department


Music Important Dates!

The Music Evening is coming up on May 9th. It’s our biggest night of the year! We will be doing a huge push to prepare for it, and just want to remind you about some important calendared dates:

May 5th – 6th – Music Sleepover

Workshops – yummy treats – games!  Have fun, and then the next day, go to the PTA Spring Fun Day!

May 8th – Music Tech Rehearsal

Please make sure you speak with any activity leaders who might be affected by this. Sometimes we try to put performers first so that they can get out quickly to their other commitments.

May 9th – Music Evening

Come and be amazed!  Music students wishing to perform individual / ensemble pieces, please see Miss Keus, Mrs. Dean or Paul Meyer.




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