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FCD Schedule Wednesday

8:15-9:15 Parent Coffee in the MS/US LGR

9:50-10:20 Grade 11 Boys Go to Black Box

9:50-10:20 Grade 11 Girls Go to Drama Classroom

10:40-11:10 10A Clarke’s Classroom

11:15-11:45 10B Snyder’s Classroom

11:50-12:20 6A Underwood’s Classroom

12:20-1:20 Drop In Welcome in Ms. Bezzeride’s Office

1:55-2:25 7A Bratton’s Class




Pfrang Day

Come and join in the fun on Saturday 23rd September and help others at the same time! All proceeds go to improving underprivileged children’s lives through education. Primary School students must be accompanied by an adult.

4-6:30pm: 50RMB per person

4pm-late including BBQ: 100RMB under 12s; 200RMB 12 and over

Pfrang Day 2017 schedule

Activities include:

  • Waterslide
  • Bubble ball
  • Snag Golf
  • Human foosball
  • Bouncy castle
  • Badminton, volleyball, softball, touch rugby for families
  • Football and basketball shoot-outs (PRIZES!)
  • Student Council fun and games
  • Live music
  • BBQ

In the case of rain, the event will go ahead.



GAME DAY is on today from 1:00-1:25 in the LSS area for all grade 6-12 students. Come play some UNO, Jenga, Operation, card games or a variety of other games. Learn a new game or teach a new game!


GR 9 – 12 soccer players wanted

Do you play Soccer? Are you in Gr 9 – 12? Why don’t you use your interest in Soccer to fulfil some of your C&S or CAS outcomes by helping out with the coaching of CISSA Soccer? There are still some spots available. Contact Mr Clarke.


Homework Club!

Homework Club is on Monday and Wednesday this week and (pretty much) every week from 3:15-4:15 in the LSS area C142! All grade 6-12 students and teachers are welcome to come on down to study, work on homework, plan out their week, work on projects, and/or get organized!

Let Mr. Fischl, Ms. Bezzerides, or Ms. Thawley know if you have any questions about why Homework Club is awesome!


Seeking Volunteers for Pfrang Day

Our annual Pfrang Day charity event is coming up on Saturday the 23rd of September and we are seeking volunteers to help out on the day. If you are planning to attend and could spare an our or two of your time to help us out we would be very grateful.

If you are interested please get in touch with Mr. Lee via email ( or drop into the PE office for a chat.

Thank you and hope to see you on the day!

Mr. Lee

PE Teacher / Pfrang President

Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne

Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne will have admission representatives visiting NIS on today at 1:00 pm in the MYP/LGR.

Grades 9-12, come learn about studying international hospitality from a leading hospitality management school.

C&S/CAS Opportunities Gr 9 – 12

There are still lots of vacancies in the Athletics program for Student Assistant coaches. If you are in Gr 9 – 12 and enjoy a sport, why not use your knowledge to help our younger students and achieve some C&S or CAS outcomes at the same time? Speak to Mr Clarke if you are interested.

The Student Council needs you




  • 刺绣 – 捏陶人                      
  • 空竹/扯铃
  • 大毛笔书法 – 风筝                          
  • 武术
  • 中国扇绘画 – 编织中国结              
  • 踢毽子
  • 京剧化妆 – 中国魔术                
  • 打陀螺
  • 中国美术 – 纸影戏                      
  • 中国乐表演
  • 剪纸艺术 – 糖画                         
  • 广场舞





Dear Parents,

I am Willy Wang, a president of the NIS Student Council.
On April 28, we will have a huge event : China Day. We wish to invite our talented Chinese neighbors (students, teachers, retired people, etc.) to our school.

We really need your help to find the people who are willing to share the Chinese culture with us. If you know anyone who does the following examples, could you please email us?

  • Chinese Embroidery
  • Dough Figurines                  
  • Juggling Diablo
  • Calligraphy
  • Dragon Kites                        
  • Chinese Kung-Fu
  • Chinese Fan Decoration
  • Knot-knitting                      
  • Kicking Shuttlecock
  • Beijing Opera Make-up
  • Magic Tricks                        
  • Spinning Top
  • Chinese Art – Puppet Show                      
  • Chinese Music
  • Paper Cutting
  • Sugar Painting                    
  • Square Dancing

Please send it to my mail:

Thank you so much for your help.

Willy Wang

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