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Please do not leave your personal belongings at Reception area and the Guard’s room.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Overdrive/Sora is now working again!

Whoo-hoo! You can checkout and read ebooks from Overdrive/Sora once again, thanks to our wonderful IT department. Your username AND password are your ID number found on your ID card. Parents, if you are unable to login using your ID number, please send me an email at letting me know so I can create an account for you. Stop by the library with any questions!

Outside or Inside for Break?

If you’re wondering whether you need to be inside or outside for break, and curious about the AQI readings that NIS uses to determine this, please make sure to check the NIS Website’s Community section or the Activities‘ page. This is where we pull the AQI data for our LCD screens and to determine if the AQI levels are at a safe level for our Staff and Students to be playing outside.

Community Page

Activities Page


>150 = indoors for Early Years

>200 = indoors for Everyone

Stay healthy! Be helpful, be kind, be safe!

ACAMIS Chinese New Year Greeting Card Challenge

The Academic and Cultural Enrichment (ACE) component of ACAMIS hosts an annual Chinese New Year Greeting Card Challenge. All member schools are invited to participate. A winner will be selected from each grade level and the artworks displayed on the ACAMIS website. Digital greeting cards with the winning images will also be sent out to all member schools. Here is how to participate:

1. Open to all grades and classes (not just art!) from K-12.
2. Participating schools will select a single submission for up to three grade levels (Primary, Middle, and Secondary).
3. Submissions should be medium resolution for digital viewing (around 120 ppi).
4. Submissions should be in either jpeg or pdf format.
5. No student or school names should appear in the greeting card.
6. Please include the words: “ACAMIS” and a positive, new year greeting in the design.
7. Submissions should be made using our Padlet
8. Deadline for submission is Thursday, January 17th.

Gaming Room Closed Break time Friday

Dear Gamers….Here are some suggestions for things to do at Break time (Friday) tomorrow:

Enjoy  the fresh air with your friends! Have a break time snack in the Cafeteria! Read a book in the Library! Play a game outside! But do not go to the Gaming Room tomorrow…it will be closed.

Gaming resumes in 2019.

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