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ManageBac will close on January 10th.

Please finish writing up the descriptions, goals, reflections, and evidence.

Grades 6-10 can only choose ONE outcome per experience.

ManageBac will close on January 10th.



Staff Room – Paint fumes and paint drops!

Thank you all for help tidying up our shared Staff Room. Over the holiday, the Staff Room will have a little makeover. So please take your treasured possessions and tuck them into your offices or rooms. I would hate for your snacks to imbued with paint fumes or for your mugs to be covered in paint drops….New colours for a brand New Year!


January 10th – IMPORTANT DATE

It’s happening on January 10th!

ManageBac will be closed/locked/inaccessible/impenetrable!

Please fill out your SA, Volunteering or CAS experiences before January 10th- that means description, SMART goal, ONE learning outcome (unless you are in DP), reflections and evidence are uploaded.

If you need a little support and or a big nudge, please pop in to see Ms Anna ASAP.



Students…Break Tomorrow

Hello Superstar Students,

Tomorrow’s Break will last from 10:05am-10:30am. An FYI that the football pitch, bamboo forest, and gaming room will be closed. Thanks for your help with this. Also, a reminder that school finishes at 11:00am tomorrow as well.


The schedule is here as a reminder. Have a great day!


Tomorrow’s Schedule Update

Hello All,

A slight adjustment has been made to tomorrow’s schedule out of respect for the annual anniversary of the Nanjing Massacre. The plan is to delay the break until approximately 10:05am, after the symbolic air raid siren at 10:01am concludes. Please keep students in class until the siren finishes sounding. At that point students are welcome to go to break and teachers are invited to the staff lounge for some last-school-day-of-2019 treats. Our leadership team will cover break-time teaching.

Also of note is that the only NIS “bells” that will sound tomorrow should be the 7:55am “get to class!” bell and the 11:00am dismissal. Beyond that it will be up to all of us to help students move between Homerooms/Advisories, assemblies, and Break based upon the schedule.

Many thanks for your efforts!


Flipster app for digital magazines

There is now a Flipster app to look at our digital magazines! Click on Flipster App Instructions . Did you also know you can do a keyword search in different magazines? Think of the research possibilities, especially with those science magazines!

As always, stop in the library with any questions!

Beginning in January, these titles will be available:

How It Works
Sports Illustrated Kids
Boys’ Life
Girls’ Life
Lonely Planet Traveller
Popular Science
Runner’s World
Scientific American
Scientific American Mind


Grade 10 SA – Global Goal #3 Good Health and Wellbeing

As per a previous email, the following students will be on a field trip (Wednesday) from 1.15 – 4.30pm:

  • Geonyoung
  • Pierson
  • Gianluca
  • Fan
  • Lennard
  • Minseo
  • Jinhyung
  • Ting-Wei (Ruby)
  • Kai
  • Zoey
  • Chaeyun
  • Gimin
  • Yixing (Eason)

They will be interacting with children at a migrant school teaching them about Oral Hygiene.



UPDATE – Knitting for a Cause

A group of students and teachers working with Felicity have made


hats. These hats will now be put into the Giving Tree Bags.

The group will continue to knit hats for next year’s Giving Tree Campaign.

Come along, learn to knit and socialise!


G9 Design

There are some posters on display outside the library/cafeteria. Each poster is based on one of the Global Goals. G9 Designers would appreciate your feedback on their designs. Please scan the attached QR codes under each poster to leave feedback this week. Parents, Students, Teachers – all feedback welcome!


G9 Design


January sports sign ups are open!!

CISSA Badminton starts as soon as we come back in January in Week 19, Wed and Fri 3.15 – 4.15pm. Grade 5 – 8

CISSA Volleyball starts the 2nd week back – Week 20.  Mon & Wed 3.15 – 4.15pm. Grade 5 – 6

ACAMIS Badminton starts the 2nd week back – Week 20.  Mon & Wed 4.20 – 6pm. Grade 9 – 12

Come and have a go, all levels of experience welcome!!


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