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CMB Notice

CMB will CLOSE on April 29, 30 and OPEN on May 1 during International Labor Day holiday.


Calling all Vegetarians🥗 and Omnivores🍖

[A message from Luke You in Grade 11]

If you are either a vegetarian or an omnivore, please help me with my extended essay project! I’m aiming to find out if a person’s diet affects their training performance when performing a simple exercise, comparing meat-eaters with non-meat-eaters.
What I’ll ask you to do:
A simple daily workout that doesn’t require more then 3 min per day, and will be completed within 3 weeks.
Please contact me if you’re interested or for more information. Open to both students and teachers.
Luke(Huai-Ren) You

Decluttering 2018

Decluttering is fast becoming an annual event…

This year it will take place on June 5th-7th in the PAC and run in a very similar way to last year.

As you approach the end of the year any items that you do not want any longer but that could be used by other teachers should be set aside and brought to the PAC for redistributing to other members of staff.

Grade 2 students will be instrumental in the Decluttering process and will be in touch with you nearer to the time with suggestions and offers of help.

Our goal is not only to declutter our classrooms but to reduce waste, recycle, rethink and refuse by reducing the amount of new items that we purchase.


Grade 10 funfair

Hello Teachers,

Just a quick note to inform you all that Grade 10 will be running a funfair again this June.

Date: Friday June 1st.

Time: From 8.40am – 1pm.

All classes are welcome to come along during the day.

We will distribute a timetable for PYP teachers to avoid overcrowding.

Any issues or questions, please let me know.


“Schedule and Supervised”: A One Act Play…

Act One, Scene 1

Setting: Cafeteria or PAC Foyer or Gym or Playing Field or Parking Lot… or anywhere else on campus at a time outside the regular school day.

Mr. Bratton: “You may only be on-campus outside of the school day for SCHEDULED and SUPERVISED activities.”

Student randomly on-campus outside of the school day: “But (insert excuse here).”

Mr. Bratton: “You may only be on-campus outside of the school day for SCHEDULED and SUPERVISED activities.”

The End.



MS/US Athletics Day Take-a-Break Reminder

A reminder that Bob (G10), Fan (G9), Jenny (G8), Sean (G8), Eddy (G8), Henry (G7), Sydney (G7),  Victor (G7), Charlie (G7), and Simon (G6) will have access to a calm “take-a-break space” in LSS during Athletics Day. These 10 students should be allowed to visit LSS at any time on the day. Rick, Kris, Sarah T., Gretchen, Juan, and I will also be on hand to facilitate. Thanks for your assistance.


Lost glasses

If anyone has seen a pair of pinkish-red glasses lying around, please let me know. Thanks.


MAP schedule – REMINDER of extended blocks

Good morning,

A reminder that Grades 10s ONLY will have extended Blocks 1 & 3 TODAY.

All other students will have normal schedules on Monday.  Students – please move quietly and avoid the LGR between Blocks 1&2 and Blocks 3&4.  Thank you!

REMINDER: ALL students will have extended Block 1 on TUESDAY and THURSDAY this week.

Grade 4 will have their final MAP assessment at 8:10 on April 25.

This week’s MAP schedule for Grades 6-10 is below for your quick reference.


Girls’ Open Gym


There is no open gym on account of badminton tournament. Next week it’s back on! Sorry!
Coach Barder

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Grade 6-11 Sports Day Job Allocations (UPDATED)

Job Allocations and Descriptions

Teachers who are listed in bold are the lead person for that event. Please check your name is there only once (except relay exchange zone judges who will also have another role)

On This day Lunches will be ‘flipped’ with Grade 6-11 students having access to lunch first(12:50-13:20).

Duty teachers have been contacted by Marina with the change in times for duty!


Staff Member

High Jump (AM only)

1) Chris Galaty, Andrew Kay, +2 students

2) Michael Chesterman, Andrew Messom, +2 students

Long Jump (AM only)

Anthony Lee, Daewoo Lee +2 students

Triple Jump (AM only)

Francis Morin, Robin Hutchinson,+2 students

Shot Put (AM only)

1) Paul Underwood, Jean Yang,

2) Andy Romero, Sunny Wang

Javelin Throw (AM only)

1) Nick Baker, Angel Chen,+2 students

2) Laura Hernandez, Becky Law +2 students

Time-Keepers Team A

Blocks 1-2

Jackie O’Brien, Mal Coad, Rebecca Creme, Katie Ham, Arden Tyoschin, Amy Keus, Cheryl Moen, Angela Romero (until 10:15)

+3 students

Time-Keepers Team B

Blocks 3-4

Jackie O’Brien, Mal Coad, Minza Usman-Snyder, Arsenio Orteza, Angela Fox, Christel Droulez, Triona Ryan, Grace Kim  +3 students

Time-Keepers Team C

Block 5

Jackie O’Brien, Mal Coad, Rebecca Creme, Katie Ham, Minza Usman-Snyder, Arsenio Orteza, Angela Fox, Christel Droulez, Triona Ryan

Cheerleaders/Support/Student supervisor

Kasson Bratton, Juan Savedra, Gretchen Galaty


Danny Clarke

Start Marshalls

Ruth Clarke (1-2) Sam Brown (3-4) Ben Dutton (5)

Results Checker

Sarah Merrylees

Finish Marshall

Jackie O’Brien, Mal Coad


Vicki Hong + Grace Jiang

Relay exchange zone judges (PM only)

Nick Baker (1), Chris Galaty (2), Anthony Lee (3)

House Leaders

Michael Chesterman, Rob Battye, Robin Marsh,


Eleven Hu/Cynthia Liu


Nikolai Joyce


Rick Fischl

Student supervisor

Gretchen Galaty/Kris Bezzerides/Sarah Thawley

Student Volunteer & Field Events Coordinator

Andrei Tyoschin, Ben Dutton

Logistics/operating system

Andrei Tyoschin, Grace Jiang

Referee/Event Manager

Ben Dutton

Student Helpers

TBC – Grade 11/Injured students

There is a lunch-break for everyone at 1pm – 2pm. There is no morning break, the events run straight through to lunch and again after lunch. (100m finalists should return earlier and be prepared to run at 14:00)

Please email Ben if you have any ‘clashes’ or any issues with the allocations. If you are an event leader and slightly unsure what to do come and have a chat with Andrei or Ben

Thanks in advance for your support, enthusiasm and collaboration.


PS and the Leavers’ March

Primary Teachers: A Middle School student will come by your classroom around 9:15 to give you a 5-minute warning that the Leaver’s March is going to begin.

Please have your students come out into the hallway and line the hallways. (Organize where you will stand ahead of time so that there is an even distribution in the hallways.) Leave room for the G12 students to walk through.

G12 students will walk from the PAC, past the LS room, past the G5s, G4s, down the EY hallway, turn into the G1 and 2 hallway and then out to the Spider Web. 

The PS students will clap as the G12 Leavers pass by.


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