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G9 Service Learning Today

Dear Grade 9,

Half of you will go to D220 for Service Learning today with Ms Anna.

All of 9A and these students from 9C









The other half will go to D219 for Service Learning today with Mr Barder.

All of 9B and these students from 9C:


CMB Notice

CMB will CLOSE on April 4, 6 and OPEN on April 5, 2020 during Tomb Sweeping Day.


Lunch is available at Cafeteria

Morning dears,
Chartwells team already resumed to serve lunch for staff every school day, hot dishes can be purchased in the Cafeteria. Please refer to school website for published lunch menu. “support the locals ”


Reminder and Request

Good Morning All,

Reminder: Normal schedule today, Tuesday Schedule is no more. The bells should be changed, but please monitor the time just in case.

Request: Could teachers on campus please pop over to the Cafeteria during the first 1/2 of lunch for the staff temperature check from now on? This will enable Ruth and Kasson to get right on BTT during Lunch 2.

Many thanks,



Goodbye, Tuesday Schedule!

Hello Students,

Because we missed you so much, we’ve decided to add a little time each Tuesday for the rest of the year. Starting tomorrow all, Tuesdays will run on the normal schedule. This means the school day will finish at 3:00pm. There is NO CHANGE to the Friday schedule.

Welcome back and have a great day!




Assembly Music Performance

If you are interested in being in the next assembly music performance, please contact Miss Keus ASAP (as soon as possible).

If you have an instrument at home, you can play it!

If you don’t have an instrument at home, you can clap your hands or hit some pots.

You could sing… you could do a TikTok dance while others are performing.

This needs to be quick, though, so we’ll pick the music this weekend, we’ll send in our videos Monday and Tuesday, and I’ll edit it and get it to Mr. Lance by Wednesday.

This should be super cool! The first bunch of people to respond get to help choose the song!

For expats: IIT report for March 2020 salary is ready

Dear overseas staff,

The IIT report for March 2020 salary is ready. But considering the epidemic, only those who are on the Green List with access to campus are allowed to go to school to pick it up.

Up to today, there were 48 overseas staff on the Green List, so I will put these 48 persons’ IIT report at the security guards’ office today (I have sent e-mails to these staff).

Since every one or two days, some expats may complete their quarantine, HR department plans to arrange a staff to school once a week to put the  their IIT report at the security guards’ office. We will send you e-mails when it is done.

Take care and best wishes,


Remote Work Tips

Remote working is something that can be quite daunting and difficult to handle when first starting out, and even though we may be in the 6th week of doing it, there are some things that can always be tweaked to help us better manage our time – both in front of and away from the screen. Here are some short articles with tips that I found particularly useful (emphasis on self-care – shout-out to Sonya):

Remember to make time for yourselves! Stay healthy and stay strong!

All the best,

The NIS IT Department

IT-Help —> Just-in-time support

Credit: all of this Online Learning taking place, we sometimes get overwhelmed with all the different things we need to remember – how do I upload to OneDrive? What is O365? Wait, I have an email that isn’t made up of multiple, random, alphanumeric characters ending in

Please remember if you are having trouble accessing or dealing with any of these sorts of issues, you can contact us at our IT-Help email address. Go ahead, click on the link! It’s easy! Or if that is not your style, feel free to contact us through either of the following means as well:

NIS Website – MY NIS section

    • Yes, it can be hard to miss if you don’t scroll down, but I bet if you take a moment to look at the picture below, you’ll be able to see where to click (note: we’ve made the picture a link to the email address too just to “help” you out)

Veracross – IT-Help Button

    • Does it really need an explanation?

We are here to help you and together we shall get through this. We look forward to hearing from you and helping solve your IT issues.

All the best and stay strong!

The NIS IT Department

External Connections to Largestorage and Fileserver

Greetings to Everyone wherever you may be during this unique time.

We upgraded the access protocols to our Largestorage and Fileservers at NIS last year, but realize that people might have forgotten how to connect to them.

Here are the instructions for updating the settings on your computer if you access from school:

  1. CMD+K keyboard shortcut will open the Connect to Server window below:
  2. For LargeStorage  access: smb://    OR  smb://
  3. For FileServer access: smb://     OR  smb://

Note that the SMB part is quite important and the main difference.

From Outside of NIS Campus

If you are trying to connect via the links on the school website from home, come and see us in IT for help, or, if you are so inclined, follow the (slightly) more complicated directions below (or here if you like visuals):

  • While at school you need to download the new SSL VPN Client Software by doing the following:
    1. Connect to with a web browser

    2. Type your username and password (i.e. your Veracross login information)

    3. Choose the correct installer for your operating system (MacOS version)

    4. Save the file to your computer

    5. Click install.

  • Once installed:
    1. Select the WatchGuard Mobile VPN with SSL from your Applications
    2. When asked for server, type
    3. Enter your username and password (same as before)
    4. Click the Connect button, and the VPN connection should be established.

Congratulations, you should now be able to securely connect to the Fileserver and Largestorage servers from home using the SMB protocol.

Once again, if you have any problems, please don’t hesitate to contact us in IT!


The NIS IT Department

Reminder: Tech Tutorials and How-To’s

Greetings All!

This is just a friendly reminder that many of the answers to your questions around how to use our existing platforms are in the online learning folders in the respective Hubs. The direct link to the Folder is below:

If you think something is missing or needs updating, don’t hesitate to send IT-Help the suggestion!


The NIS IT Department

Sharing Files with your OneDrive

FYI – your school email can only send documents of up to 5MB – that’s like two Kendrick Lamar songs. Did you know that you’ve got a pretty unlimited space in your OneDrive app on O365? A very good place to back things up to when we’re in school, and a great place to put your work to share while you’re online! Have a look at the following tutorial for how to save things there (it’s alright, we know you probably forgot already):

How to Save Things to OneDrive and Share

Personal Project Feedback

Hi, I’m Evan in grade 10. Thanks to everyone who already completed my survey.

If you haven’t already, I’d be grateful if you took the time to check out my website about lyrics that I created for my personal project and then answer the short survey in the link below. The QR also works if you want to do it on your phone.

Thank you!

Website link:

Survey link:

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