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Gr 11 EE / Senior Project Session Today

There is a compulsory EE / SE session for all Grade 11s during office hours, this afternoon. We will be discussing the process for your first formal reflection. 

Where: MS/US LGR

Time: 3.15pm

Bring: Laptop and notebook

See  you there!


Life 101 Tuesday


Grade 8 A:  Black Box

Grade 8 B: D 340

Grade 8 C: D 246

Grade 9: Drama Classroom

Grade 10: Above the Cafeteria

Grade 11:  Large Music Room

Grade 12:  Release to do course work – use your time wisely!


Yoga, Pilates, Afozumba and much more for Teachers and Staff

Dear All, today we will open Community activities cycle 2 sign-ups, please see Veracross for available classes. As all sign-ups are running exclusevily through Veracross, please use your account to sign in, there will be no later sign-ups through CA office. You can get detailed information about the classes at CA office or blue boards by the reception as well.


Schedule Issue Semester Two: MS Arts

Didn’t get back to Mr. Bratton with S2 Arts choices last year?

Think you will just slide into any ol’ Arts class you want this semester?

Think Again.

Would ALL MS student with a blank spot in their schedule where a Semester Two Arts class should be, please report DIRECTLY to the MS/US LGR at the start of lunch ON MONDAY to find out which Arts class you are taking S2.



Workshop sign-ups

Grades 2 to 10, don’t forget to sign up on Veracross for a workshop. They are filling up fast. Remember to choose something you have never tried before. Have a go!


US Teachers Semester 2 and Veracross

Greetings Upper School Teachers and Welcome to Semester 2!

We have switched things in Veracross to reflect the new Semester settings which will affect certain things in your gradebook. The main thing it will affect is that your gradebook will show semester 2 assignments instead of semester 1. However, if you would like to check or work on Semester 1 assignments, you can always switch it back as shown in the screenshot below. If you have any trouble, please don’t hesitate to send us a help ticket!


Grade 11 EE Support Sessions

Do you need some help with your EE? Not sure where to start with your research, or how to frame your question? Head to the library for some help! Ms Ham and Mrs Romero are ready and waiting to give you some guidance.

When? Every Thursday after school

What time? 3.15 – 4.15pm

Where? The library


MS/US Check your Awards! Last Chance!

Hello Again MS/US Students,

Please have another look at the attached descriptions for Academic Awards. If you think you have earned an award, good on ya! Make sure to tell your parents to come to the awards assembly NEXT Friday, the 26th at 8am in the PAC.

Now, you need to make sure your name is listed in the correct location and spelled properly on the awards lists that are posted on the MS/US LGR glass. If yes, great! If no, contact Dr. Saavedra for Upper School and Mr. Bratton for Middle School issues ASAP.

TODAY at 3:00pm is your last chance to report any errors or omissions before awards are printed.

No awards will be issued if service outcomes are not met… Please see Mr. Hutchison for details.



To all staff

As part of the Failing Forwards Workshops I am looking to borrow some cribbage boards for my activity. If any one has a board they could lend me could you please let me know. Much appreciated.

Julie Bartholomew


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