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MS/US Assembly Tomorrow!

Hello Middle and Upper School Future Adults,

Tomorrow is another stellar assembly starting promptly at 8:00am in the PAC. A few FAQ’s regarding bags:

Q. Can we bring bags into the Theatre?

A. No. It’s a safety hazard and it would be weird.

Q. Can we leave our bags outside of the Theatre in the PAC?

A. No. It’s a safety hazard and it looks like a tornado hit a backpack convention.

Q. Can we stick our bags outside in the Pagoda?

A. No. It’s a safety hazard, sometimes it rains and snows, and there are bugs and occasional bird poop. Gross.

Q. What if we are running late to assembly? Can we leave our bags on the benches then?


Q. Should we make a plan with our Advisor right now to stow our bags in our lockers or in Advisory?

A. Yes!


G6-8 Inter house touch rugby

Lunchtime today the G6-8 Inter house touch rugby will be played on the field.  Make sure you have your house shirts and running shoes or cleats ready and come straight to the field at 12.50pm for the games.


Youth Global Leadership Summit@CISS Nov 11th (Grade 8-12)

If you are interested in Youth Leadership please have a look at this link and if interested in attending please email me. Early next week i will send out more detailed information to those who have signed up.

The YoungLeaders.World (formally WE Stand) is launching the first leg of its World tour in China making stops in Shanghai, Qingdao and Beijing. On Saturday 11 November 2017 (in partnership with Concordia International School) a Youth Global Leadership Summit open to grade 8-12 students will be held.  This Summit is aimed at local and international high school students who are looking at developing their own personal leadership journey.


FCD Schedule Wednesday

8:15-9:15 Parent Coffee in the MS/US LGR

9:50-10:20 Grade 11 Boys Go to Black Box

9:50-10:20 Grade 11 Girls Go to Drama Classroom

10:40-11:10 10A Clarke’s Classroom

11:15-11:45 10B Snyder’s Classroom

11:50-12:20 6A Underwood’s Classroom

12:20-1:20 Drop In Welcome in Ms. Bezzeride’s Office

1:55-2:25 7A Bratton’s Class




FCD Tuesday Schedule

8:10-8:35 10C MS/US LGR (Tyoschin)

8:35-9:10 6B Underwood’s Classroom

9:15-9:40 6C Underwood’s Classroom

9:45-10:10 7C Bratton’s Classroom

10:35-11:00 8A O’Brien’s Classroom

11:05-11:30 8B Law’s Classroom

11:35-12:00 9A MS/US LGR (Tyoschin)

12:05-12:30 9B Underwood’s Classroom

1:35-2:00 8C Hutchison’s Classroom

2:05-2:30 7B Underwood’s Classroom

2:30 to 3:30  Students are welcome to stop by D 232 (Mrs. Galaty’s Office) to speak with Diana and Ian


Pfrang Day

Come and join in the fun on Saturday 23rd September and help others at the same time! All proceeds go to improving underprivileged children’s lives through education. Primary School students must be accompanied by an adult.

4-6:30pm: 50RMB per person

4pm-late including BBQ: 100RMB under 12s; 200RMB 12 and over

Pfrang Day 2017 schedule

Activities include:

  • Waterslide
  • Bubble ball
  • Snag Golf
  • Human foosball
  • Bouncy castle
  • Badminton, volleyball, softball, touch rugby for families
  • Football and basketball shoot-outs (PRIZES!)
  • Student Council fun and games
  • Live music
  • BBQ

In the case of rain, the event will go ahead.


FCD Drop In Schedule with Ian and Diana

Hello 6-12 students,

We just wanted to let you know that Ian and Diana will have drop-in times for the next three days:

Monday: D 232 at lunch in Mrs Galaty’s Office

Tuesday:  D 232 at lunch in Mrs. Galaty’s Office

Wednesday:  At lunch in Mrs. Bezzeride’s Office


Monday FCD Schedule Grades 6-12

8:00-8:10 Advisory

8:15-9:10 6-12 PAC Sit in Advisory

9:15-9:45 Grade 8 MS/US LGR

9:50-10:20 Grade 9 MS/US LGR

11:10-11:40 Grade 10 MS/US LGR

11:45-12:15 Grade 11 MS/US LGR (from Line 6)

12:20-12:50 Grade 12 MS/US LGR (from Line 1)

1:55-2:25 Grade 7 MS/US LGR

3:15-4:00 Staff Discussion MS/US LGR




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