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Announcement in the bulletin

The 8th graders have been working on their Mini PPP and would appreciate if you could donate old clothes and/or plastic bags that you won’t be needing anymore. Please put them in the box in the center foyer that says ‘Mini PPP Donation’ Thank you.


Inta-House Speeling Compatition – Thurzday 19th

This Thursday lunchtime in Mr Battye’s room, the first competition of 2017… 📝Inter-House Spelling!👨‍🏫

Get your teams together. From each house:

  • 2 girls and 2 boys in G6-8👩‍🎓
  • 2 girls and 2 boys in G9-12👨‍🎓

Teams work in pairs and can be mixed. 20 seconds to spell each word, a point for each correct answer.

The scores are incredibly close, could this be the competition that gives your house the lead they’ll carry through to the end of the year? Even if you aren’t spelling, come along and (quietly) cheer your team to victory!

Suggested reading: The Dictionary


Library Redesign- Feedback Wanted

The Library Redesign Team is looking for further feedback on the types of quiet, gaming and socializing spaces offered in the library. Stop by the library and check out the blue boards at the back by the windows. Scan the QR code to complete the survey.

Thanks in advance for your feedback-

The Library Redesign Team


MYP Managebac – New Student Interface

The Managebac student interface has been updated. For some information about this you can look at this site to get an idea of the changes. When you get to this site click on SA (Service as Action).


Life 101 Today!

Hello Students in Grades 7-12,

Life 101 will take place today (Day 8) during Block Two for you amazing future adults.

Grade 7: Digital Citizenship: Upstairs cafeteria

Grade 8: Organization: Upstairs Design Center

Grade 9: Sex Ed: Drama Classroom

Grade 10: Wellness: Green Gym (correction)

Grade 11:  College Counseling:  Music Room

Grade 12:  Life After HS: DP lounge


Middle and Upper School Report Proofing Today!

Hello Middle and Upper School Rockstars.

This morning (like right now!) you will remain in Advisory for an extra 10 minutes for the purpose of helping us proofread your Semester One report. Please take a look at that time through Veracross. If there are any errors, please e-mail that teacher directly and cc Dr. Saavedra (Grades 10-12) or Mr. Bratton (Grades 6-9).

A reminder that this IS NOT a time to beg, plead, and/or harass your amazing teachers about changing your marks in any way, shape, or form. No, there is no extra credit. No, your teacher is not going to bump up your mark “just one point” due to your amazing begging skills. #gradegrubbingisnotcool.

Also, if the bell goes at 8:10am, please ignore it today. You should remain in Advisory until 8:20am.



‘Ideas worth spreading’ at NIS

tedx logo banner

Why should every organization hire a chef? What is ‘truth’? How can you awaken the child within?

Come check out this and other ‘ideas worth spreading’ at TEDxYouth@NIS on Saturday, February 18th.

Fill out this quick form. Details coming soon.

Luiz and Triona

— this event is open to all faculty, staff and students (grades 9 and up) —


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