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Downloading Arts / PE Content

I have uploaded instructions (on Seesaw) for how to archive your content from this school year and have tagged everyone in each class. If you’d like to save your work (especially your final performances!) or if your mum or dad would like to save some cool videos, then please do so quickly. I am using a free account for Seesaw and will be deleting classes in July, and repopulating in preparation for the upcoming school year. Please see your P.E. teacher about whether you should archive for that class as well. Also, please remember that the music / drama folders on studentlargestorage will disappear this week, so please download any sheet music, production videos, etc., that you’d like to keep. Thanks.



After Wednesday’s choir performance, you might be thinking, “Hrm… I like cookies… they sing cool songs… more boys are joining… I really like cookies…”

Well guess what? Next year we are singing “My Shot” from Lin-Manuel Miranda’s hip hop “Hamilton,” complete with four rappers. Seriously. And Miss Keus plans on spending the summer researching the most delicious, nut-free cookies in the whole world. Seriously.

If you want to join, just show up the 2nd Friday next year. Or, email Miss Keus to get an early sneak-peak at the music.


MS/US Awards Assembly Today!

Hello MS/US Superheroes,

Please report TO ADVISORY first this morning. Then, your Advisory will journey to the PAC together at 8:08am for a 8:15am sharp start to our Awards Assembly. Please LEAVE YOUR BAGS in your Advisory as retrieve them after the assembly.

Thanks and see you soon!


Report Check Today!

Hello Grade 6-11 Proofreaders,

You will have time this morning in (Extended) Advisory until 8:30am to check your reports. Please look over you ATL’s, Grades, Criteria scores, and comments for any errors. If you find one (or more) please email that teacher NOW and cc Dr. Saavedra or I.

Also, last chance to double check the awards list!


Ps. No grade grubbing! 

Last Life 101 Today

Last Life 101 of the year!

G7 – Wellness Upstairs Cafeteria with Ms. Bezzerides

G8 – Digital Citizenship Upstairs Design Centre with Mr. Barder and Ms. Cindy

G9 – Identity/PP Drama Classroom with Mrs. Usman – Snyder

G10 – Sex Ed MYP LGR with Dr. Saavedra and Ms. Challamel

G11 – College Counseling Music Room with Mrs. Galaty

DP Music Showcase

Our DP Music students need to perform a minimum of 20 minutes of live music per semester for their performance portfolio. They’ve played in assemblies, charity events, and the big music evening, but now it’s time for them to pick up their last remaining minutes of the year. They’ve got to show you, the audience, that they can play a variety of different music genres, with good technical skills, in the correct style of music, while communication their feelings and emotions.

Please come to M251 (the music ensemble room) to watch a short concert featuring Charlie, Jack, and Daniel.


Grade 12 Discover China trip

Class of 2018,

I’ve started receiving potential itineraries for your senior trip in May next year.
Please stop by room D204 if you’d like to offer feedback on the first ideas coming in about destinations and activities. There’s a board you can write on with a first suggestion.

Please note nothing is decided yet — not even the destination. This is just a feedback round.

Mr. Mello

Changes to G6-10 Service next School Year

There will be some changes to G6-10 Service next year. The main changes are below with a little more detail in the attached document Service Next Year-1delcfu.

Further information will be given at the start on the new school year.

Grade 10: will need to do 3 Activities – 1 Creativity, 1 Action and 1 Service and achieve 3-6 Learning outcomes.

Grades 8 and 9: Will need to do 7 Service Activities over two years and achieve all 7 Service Learning outcomes over two years.

Grades 6 and 7 will do 1 or 2 Service Activities each year in X Block and / or outside X Block.

More details next year.

MS/US Final Awards Lists Posted

Hello MS/US Superstars,

Our final awards lists for S2 have been posted this morning at 8:00am. PLEASE have a look ASAP to make sure you are where you think you should be. Awards are being printed and signed as we speak. The cutoff is tomorrow (Tuesday) at 10:41am for any changes or additions. Speak/email now!

Also, if you have earned an award, PLEASE COMMUNICATE this to your PARENTS and start picking our some nice duds to wear on stage this WEDNESDAY!

Please see Mr. Bratton or Dr. Saavedra with any questions or concerns!

PS. No grade grubbing! You have earned what you have earned. Feel free to check in with your teachers to discuss how you can improve… NEXT SEMESTER! 

Battle of the Bands!

It’s finally here! This year’s Battle of the Band! All three houses have worked hard this week and they are all polished and ready to go!

M251 (music ensemble room) @ 1 p.m.

See you there!

MS/US Assembly at 8am Tomorrow!

Hello MS/US Rockstars,

A reminder that we have our final “normal” assembly of the school year tomorrow at 8am in the PAC. That’s 8:00am China Standard Time, on the dot. Not 8:04am or 8:03am or 8:02am or 8:01am 0r 8:00.01am. 8 o’clock in the morning. Please be on time and avoid the walk/creaky stair climb of shame.

See you at or before 8am tomorrow morning,

Mr. Bratton and Dr. Saavedra

Interhouse Battle of the Bands!

The music rooms are filled with the sounds of the 70s! It’s disco, baby! All three houses have brought their A games and are busy working hard. Tomorrow (Friday) is the Battle-of-the-Bands concert, so make sure you save a spot in your calendars!

Music Interhouse

After a slow start, the three houses are now busy practicing for the interhouse Battle-of-the-Bands competition during Friday lunch. We’ve got a rock band, an orchestra, and an interesting (cool) surprise. Let’s see who becomes the Kings and Queens of Disco! (and who possibly changes the course for the house shield, so late in the game!)

MYP Library Books

Thanks for bringing your books back!

6A- Oscar, Jonas, Gian, Melissa

6B- Joshua, Sammy, Jessica, Lessan, Yumin, Kiki

7A- Yejin, Lucy, Gianluca, Dustin, Seunghun, Tirso

7B- Yujin, Taehyung, Jinhyung, Camryn

7C- Pierson, Juan, Dahun, Seo Kyung, Kai, Jasmine

8A- Sunny, Minseo, Zach, Yejin, Alina, Evan, So Hyun

8B- Yoonji, Eva, Helen, Woojin, Eric, Emily

9A- Jui-Yu, Angila

9B- Shuyang, Winston

9C- Paul

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