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Dartmouth College Today 12:50

Grades 9-12 students

Senior Assistant Director of Admission, Zholl Tablante, from Dartmouth College is visiting NIS today.

Come on down and hear about the programs, scholarships, and athletics at Dartmouth

Thursday, April 19 at 12:50 in the MSUS/LGR


MS/US Friday Assembly Details

Hello Grade 6-12 Students,

Tomorrow is our Grade 12 Leavers’ Assembly. Some things to consider:

1. Report to Advisory before 8am. Advisors will take attendance in their rooms. Leave your bags there and report to the PAC seated by 8:05am.

2. Seating in the PAC will be changed to accommodate our Graduates and parents/visitors. We will plan to fill in by Grade Level from back of the PAC, meaning the 11’s will be against the top wall and the 6’s will be just behind parents and Seniors. We will need EVERY SEAT filled!

3. This celebration will likely run into Block One. Please be flexible and positive about this, this assembly is a big deal.

Thanks for being caring, reflective, thinkers!


Music Recital

On June 3rd, we will be having a tiny music recital in M251. This is not a concert. This is a tiny recital in which you show your parents what you’ve been learning in your private music tuition classes. This is not necessarily for advanced musicians. This is for everybody. If you have only been playing your instrument for 4 weeks but can play a song, then this recital is for you (come make your mama cry with pride!) Also, if you are advanced and you’ve been working on a really hard song and you want to show your hard work, then this recital is for you.

Performers can be any age as long as they are part of the NIS community. This means our performers can be the children of faculty, staff, or parents. In fact, it could be adult performers as well!

For more information, please contact Miss Keus in M252.


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