9.001 Office Service Request Used for Photocopy, Lamination, Scanning
9.002 Request Form Request Stationary, Purchases, Cash/Check Payment
9.003 Yellow Form Facilities Request for Cleaning, Regular Maintenance, Room/Facility Booking, Security, Special Maintenance, Safety, Update Information
9.004 Venue Booking Procedure Procedure and Booking for:

  • PAC, Black Box
  • Blue Gym 1 & 2, Green Gym 1 & 2, Running Track, Soccer Field 1 & 2
  • Front Lawn, Centro Cafe, Dance Studio, Centre LGR A & B, Board Meeting Room, Main Building Lobby, Center Lobby, Courtyard, Cafeteria Garden
9.005 Employee Absence Notification Attendance, Bereavement, Maternity/Paternity, Professional, Sick, and Unpaid Leave – Time in Lieu, Vacation Entitlement
9.006 Weekly Overtime Record Form Date, Time, and Cause for Overtime
9.007 Cover Teacher Timetable Details for Cover – Grade, Room, Teacher’s Name, Subject &Feedback
9.008 Application-for-PD-Funds-Form Instructions and Checklist to follow to apply for Professional Development
9.009 School bus Booking School Bus – Date, Destination, Time, Number of Passengers, Other Details
9.010 Loan Employee Loan and Repayment Agreement – Amount Desired, Reason, Repayment Schedule
 9.011 Discipline Letter Procedure and Letters:

  • 1st Offence – Teacher Action
  • 2nd Offence – Teacher Meeting
  • 3rd Offence – In-School Suspension – Principal Notified
  • 4th Offence – Principal, Teacher, Counsellor Meeting
9.012 Meeting Summary Agenda, Description, When, Who
9.013 Change to Existing Event If an Event has been Published in Veracross and through other means, change Date and Time – Add Reason
9.014 New Event – Staff New Calendar Entry by Staff – Name of Event, Date, Time, Details
9.015 Student Visitation Form Student Visitation Form – Students may Join Classes for 2 Days with Permission – Liability Waiver
9.016 New Event – Visiting Guest New Calendar Entry & Procedure for Visiting Guest – Name of Visitor, Organiser, Venue, Date, Time, Purpose, Students/Grades Involved, Lessons/Periods/Colleagues Affected, Colleagues Agreement, Details
Trip Planner Trip Planner Flow Chart, Required Documents, Supervision Ratios
Stationary distribution timetable Order Deadline and Distribution Dates
Substitution Form

To Find these Documents on the Server:

  • In Finder –>
    Press “Go” –>
    Press “Connect to Server”
  • Paste Link in Server Address:
    afp:// Forms/
  • Press “Connect”

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