SCISAC Soccer Activities Helpers (G10-12) Friday 13th 6.00-8.30pm

Looking for another service activity? Like interacting with students from other schools? Yes, yes! Then act now and you might be one of the lucky 10 student helpers (G10-12) who sign up first on Veracross to help supervise evening sporting and other activities for the visiting SCISAC soccer students from 6.00pm until 8.30pm on Friday […]

2 Days to go-It’s the Final Countdown!

Sharpen those razors, get that shaving cream ready, take one last photo of your beautiful mustacheless face, and smile- Movember starts SUNDAY! There is still time to sign up for Team Nanjing at: Remember, this isn’t just for men or women that can grow incredible face caterpillars (mustaches), EVERYBODY can join in the fun by […]

Interhouse Chess – an incredibly close contest!!

The Interhouse chess took place yesterday and it went right to the wire!! Ultimately only one point divided all 3 houses with Wutaishan just winning it by half a point over Taiping with Xuanwu a further half point behind. Well done to all players, the standard of play was very high in the very tense […]

Language Acquisition

Look out for culturally unique vocabulary. For most ELL/English B students, their background knowledge is lacking, especially with things that are unique to some/most English speaking cultures. It’s important to directly teach these vocabulary words: Show them videos or pictures of things that are not common in their own language.

MYP/DP Assembly

Can you believe it has been 2 months since our last MYP/DP Assembly? It’s sure going to be a cracker this week! We have music, videos, speeches…so much to fit in! If you are presenting an item please, PLEASE, PLEASE keep to your allotted time. Attached is the new seating plan – sit in your advisories! New […]

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