Grade 4 advert

PYP teachers, please see this message and poster from Sophie in 4B: This poster is for the Maker Expo. Please show this to your students. My display is about clothes made from trash bags. Thank you, Sophie Trashers

Grade 4 Maker Expo

  The Grade 4 Maker Expo is today (Thursday) from 11:10-12:50 in the PYP large group room,the foyer, and out in the courtyard. There will be loads of interesting creations on display. Bring your students for a look and please encourage them to ask questions about the process.

Language Acquisition

Helping Non Native Students Understand What You Say 3 Activate existing knowledge of the topic (by asking questions and making connections with existing knowledge, discussing opinions, making predictions etc.) and  by pre-teaching key words. It is also helpful if students are told what they will have to do after they have finished listening so they […]

ASA Cycle 3 Signup

The sign up for cycle 3 will start next Monday according to the following schedule: Monday March 16th, 1.00pm: K2-G12 students can signup for one ASA. Tuesday March 17th, 1.00pm: G3-12 students can sign up for a second ASA. Wednesday March 18th, 1.00pm: G6-12 students can signup for a third ASA. ASA Cycle 3 starts […]

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