Grade 11 Choice Unit in Life101

This Prototype, Student Choice – Student Voice unit runs on the following four dates: October 16, October 28, November 10, November 20 So far, we have five activities offered: Danny C – Volleyball Jacqui W – Tai Chi Sam B – Presentation and self-presentation Paul U and Martyn N – Circus Skills Neila S – […]

Microsoft 365

Hello all, If anyone has an issue with Microsoft 365 (OneNote, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, PowerPoint), please submit the problem to help We have a direct contact with Microsoft and can follow up for support. Cheers, Tom

Local School English Tutors (C&S / CAS) – G9-12

There are still a few vacancies for students to join the local school English tutoring group who will go to the Middle School next door and give some informal English tuition. I expect we will start (the Wednesday) visits in about two weeks. Please email me if you would like to join or simply sign […]

USA Universities Visit

Grade 11? Thinking of applying to the US to study? Any other grade, considering the USA? Put Monday October 19th in your iCal, Diary, agenda NOW. At 9.00am, we have Boston University coming to visit (in my office). If you want to come along, you’ll need to get yourself excused from class and email me […]

Scrooge Whole Cast Read Through

A reminder that there is a whole cast read through today straight after school. During this time you will receive scripts, rehearsal schedule and other information. Please do not be late. 3:15 start – Black Box.

School Bell

This week’s bell is “Waiting for Love,” submitted by both Mello and Synder advisories – two groups with great tastes. “Waiting for Love” was produced by Avicii (Tim Burgling), a Swedish DJ, remixer, and music producer. A 2015, this song is sung by Simon Alfred and is about a dog searching for its lost owner […]

Bags: The Saga Continues…

Hello MYP/DP Superstars. Thanks for making the shift to using your locker at the start and end of lunch, for waiting for the bell to head upstairs for Block 5, and for not leaving your bags in the library, games room, or in various other places around the gym/cafeteria. Well done. Now, the question has […]

Student Access to School

Good morning, During MYP/DP Advisory this morning, please review this summary about access to NIS campus.                        I am happy to meet with students to clarify any questions. Thank you, Mrs Tyoschin

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