Blood Donation Drive at NIS on Tuesday 15th December

Blood Drive at NIS Donating blood in my opinion is one of the most altruistic gestures you can make. It is completely voluntary, you do not know who will it benefit and statistically is guaranteed to save lives. I have donated blood in all the countries I have lived. I wish to think with that […]

C&S Opportunities during Cycle 2 ASAs

Students, after exams during ASA Cycle 2 I need some helpers to help us take K2-G2 students from their classrooms to the ASA rooms. This should only take 10 mins / day. The days I need this are: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. If you can help on one or more of these days please contact […]

Scrooge Completely Sold Out!

Scrooge is now completely sold out. We still have people requesting tickets. For safety we cannot go over our ticket numbers. If you have a ticket for either Thursday or Friday which you do not need, please hand back to NIS reception.  

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