Garden Plots Available

The Green Team would like to invite our community to request a plot in the garden for growing their own organic vegetables.  Please fill out the survey below to reserve a plot before August 23rd. If you have previously used a plot and you would like to continue using it, you will also need to […]

Language Acquisiton

Use non-verbal cues (such as gestures, pictures and concrete objects) in your teaching to assist comprehension. Don’t assume that ELL/English B students understand what you are saying  (even if they act as if they do!). Ask questions to confirm.  

Charity Theatre Project

This year there is a new theatre project involving an exchange between students from NIS and  2 local schools in Nanjing. There will be weekly rehearsals and the  project will culminate in a performance in a professional theatre venue in Nanjing. If you are in grade 6-9,  and this sounds interesting to you please attend […]

PYP Student Council Elections

PYP Student Council Elections Bella and Marthe-Sophie will work together with PYP Student Council this year. Student voices and choices will be heard! Please kindly proceed to your class rep elections by Friday. There will be one rep per class for Grades 2, 3 and 4. There will be 2 reps per class for Grade […]

MYP/DP Theatre Crew Recruitment!

I am looking for 2 more MYP/DP students for the Theatre Tech Crew. The work includes lighting, sound and video projection. We are intrinsic to all theatre events including assemblies, school events, productions, dances, etc. The right person will show flexibility, dedication, willingness to learn and an appreciation for quality and detail. Previous experience is […]

MYP/DP Production Auditions

Performers beware! The next MYP/DP Production is scheduled for November! We are excited to announce that the production will be Scrooge! and is to be staged in a creative and unique way….  ANYONE in Grade 6-12 interested in performing in this year’s production is welcome to attend an audition. You do not need to be […]

ASA Catalog

The ASA catalog will available for viewing on your Veracross portal rom 9.00am this Friday. Signups will start on Monday Aug 24th as follows: Monday 1.00pm – K2-G12 students can signup for 1 ASA Tuesday 1.00pm – G3-G12 students can signup for a second ASA Wednesday 1.00pm – G6-12 can sign up for a third […]

Translators needed (G9-12)

Next Tuesday August 25, between 1:30 and 4:15 pm, is our Parent Led Conference. Some families in PYP need translators. You might be approached by one of these families. Please consider helping us out to make this afternoon a success.

Language Acquisition

Make sure that ELL/English B  students are seated where they can see and hear well. Provide them with maximum access to the instructional and linguistic input that you are providing. Involve them in some manner in all classroom activities. Make sure that ELL/English B students are not sitting in groups with the same home language.  […]

Reminder: Backup Backup

Student computer are being Imaged this week. We erase all the information on your computer and install the latest version of Mac OS and school software. To keep your pictures, music and documents, students must backup their computers on their own. The best way to do this is through “Time Machine” and the use of a Hard […]

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