Language Acquisition

Avoid complex syntax in question prompts. Use simple sentences and separate out the actual task from the illustrative detail. For example, the second of these prompts is probably more readily understood than the first: Explain why metals expand when they get warmer and contract when they get cooler, whereas water does the opposite. Metals expand […]

Scrooge Meeting Lunch Today

A reminder that there is a meeting for all Scrooge! cast and crew today lunch 12:55 in the Black Box. Also – we begin extended rehearsals this week. Consult your Rehearsal Schedule! Keep going over your lines! ONLY 2 WEEKS TO PRODUCTION CAMP!  

MYP C&S and DP CAS Journal entries

G6-8 students should be recording their C&S activities and reflections on the C&S record sheet given to Advisory teachers at the start of the year. G9-12 students should be recording their C&S / CAS activities in Managebac. All students have been sent log in details. Please come and see me if you do not have […]

HS Basketball Nov 28th – Student Helpers

About a month ago the signups for this event was accidentally opened early and we had many students signup – far too many. To rectify this I deleted everyone who signed up early and reopened them a week or so ago. They are now full. Please check to make sure if you are indeed signed […]

Inter House Soccer Grade 6 – 8

An outstanding competition yesterday lunchtime with the Grade 6 – 8 Soccer teams battling it out. In the end nothing could separate the teams from Taiping and Wutaishan and so they shared the 1st place points. Congratulations to all teams on some great performances. This leaves the House Shield competition with the following scores:

Language Acquisition

Have students create their own examples when trying to understand and remember a general concept. This not only helps students remember the concept better, but also helps them check their own understanding.

SCISAC Soccer Helper Meeting

This message is for the people that signed up to help during the 3 days of tournament play NOT for the Friday evening event (that is something separate and only for Grade 10-12), there was some confusion yesterday. A friendly reminder that we have a meeting TODAY (Friday 6th November) at lunchtime (1pm) in the […]

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