Contribution to Staff Social Club

Contribution to Staff Social Club – ONE contribution of RMB100 for overseas and RMB50 for host country to be taken directly from your Aug pay.  Social Club will use the fund to send flowers to colleagues who are either sick or celebrating an important event (e.g. birth of baby, marriage) and other social events.  For anyone doesn’t […]

MacBook Imaging Schedule

August 13-24 Tech Free  This week we will image student computers. When we image the computers, we will erase your hard drive and install new software. This year, we are upgrading to Yosemite and installing Microsoft Office 2016. We will pick up your computers from your Advisory groups and take them to the IT Bat Cave. We […]

CISSA touch rugby

Training is on today at 3.10pm on the field for anyone in Grade 5-8 wanting to take part in the CISSA touch rugby this year.  Also,  please remember to sign up to the team on Veracross. See you out there, coach Marsh, Kay and O’Brien.

Cafe use for MYP/DP Students

Due to a shift in our approach to Cafe use, only students in Grade 10 and up are allowed use of the Cafe without parental supervision. This means that MYP students in Grades 6-9 MAY NOT use the Cafe during break or lunch (nothing new), or after school without THEIR parent with them. This means that […]

Steadicam Merlin

A Steadicam Merlin is missing from the Design Centre (see photos).   Would the person who has it please return it as soon as possible. Many thanks.

Changed access to the Café after school

Dear Students, Please remember that only students in Grades 10-12 may access the Café in the Centre after school.  Students in Grades 5-9 who are registered for an activity that starts after 4:00 may wait on the first level of the cafeteria. Thank you, Mrs Tyoschin

Updates: Amy Yang

Amy Yang will come to attend the MYP Assembly at 2:30PM Fri Aug 14.  She is going to receive the Certificate of over 10 Years Service together with other 15 colleagues. We will also take this opportunity to send her our greetings for her birthday on Sat Aug 15.  I’ll put a birthday card in […]

Language Acquisition

MYP English B Phases Phase 3 Phase 3 students understand and respond to simple spoken and written texts. They interact and share information in a limited range of familiar situations, using basic language appropriate to a limited range of contexts. Phase 4 Phase 4 students understand and respond to a limited variety of spoken and […]

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