It was a starless and tempestuous evening…

Reminder: Authors choose words with intention…what were they thinking? Come and deconstruct opening sentences with us. Bring your own favourite opening line if you wish! When: Today June 3, 13:20 – 13:50 (second half of lunch) Where: Library picture book corner Audience: all K2-G12 literature teachers (English, Mandarin, German, Spanish, French) Why: Jacqui P. and Marina would like […]

Where Won’t You Be?

Hello MYP/DP Students, Where won’t you be at 7:59am Friday morning??? A. Sitting in your Homeroom wondering why the lights are off and no one else is there. B. Strolling down the hallway listening to old Taylor Swift songs and wondering why the place is empty. C. Waiting outside Dr. Saavedra’s office for a signature of some […]

Wolves 0 – Forest(ers) 1

Well, it was a jolly scene on the stage of the NIS theatre last night, when, in a cheery, upbeat medley of your favourite folktales and mine, the foresters proved the heroes of the evening. No sooner had one member of our Union expertly removed a random bear’s liver and kidneys with one beautiful, swift […]

Grade 5/6 Meeting Slides

Hello Again Grade 5 (future Grade 6) Parents, Thanks for your time, attention, and great questions at our meeting yesterday. Please click here for the slides from the presentation.: 5-6 Transition Parents   Again, a friendly reminder to submit any outstanding course choice forms to your student’s HR teacher as soon as possible if you have […]

Bake Sale – Grade 10 Mandarin Class

Come to the foyer this Friday break and lunch. We will be selling brownies and nutella rolls for 5 kuai each! All donations go to the Amy Yang foundation. See you there! – Ebba, Ilaria & Anabel Come to the foyer this Friday at break an lunch. We will be selling chocolate cupcakes for 10¥ […]


A HUGE well done done to cast and crew involved in Grimm Tales!! You were all amazing! Last night was fantastic, let’s make tonight even better!

‘The Devil’s Chord Has Been Sung’

‘Atonal. The devil’s chord – never to be played or sung – has been sung on stage at NIS tonight. I have never experienced such a play of flattened fourths’. Amy Keus ‘Stunning costuming, big 80’s hair. I felt right at home.’  Simon leBon ‘A shocking depiction of the evil that lies at the heart […]

Grimm School Drama Shock!

PARENTAL ADVISORY!!! Parents beware! If you cherish your childhood memories of Disney fairy fantasies, where the prince gets the girl and the monsters are cute and lovable, keep your children away from the latest NIS school production! Murder follows murder, eyes are pecked out, toes are cut off, hearts are eaten live on stage, witches […]

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