Language Acquisition

Recycle new words. Reintroduce new words in a different context or use recently learned words to introduce or expand a concept.

Grade 9-12 PPP Film Auditions

Hello Students of NIS,
Are you enthusiastic about drama, do you have a hobby in film making or do you just want to be a part of a fun event? Well then the perfect opportunity is coming up.

My name is Kostya Tyoschin and for my PPP I will be creating a short film. I need actors therefore I need a cast and crew. There are five roles and two positions for crew members.

If you are interested in being an actor or crew member please come to the black box at lunch on Tuesday Oct 6th after the holiday to get an extract to audition. The auditions will then be after Trip Week on Oct 19th.

If you have any questions please e-mail me at:

No Printing Day

A reminder that Monday is No Printing Day at NIS. Printers will be switched off. Thanks for your support,  the Eco Team

G6-9 Extended Advisory – Tech Morning

All Grade 6-9 advisors, here is the link to the presentation on Office 365. Instructions are included in the first slide.

If the link isn’t working (or you don’t trust the internet for streaming), it can also be found on Teacher Large Storage here afp:// Advisory – Tech Morning/ExtendedHomeroom-TechSession-Sep18.pptx

Many students may already have set up their email or logged into Office 365, please utilize their experience if you can. Shi Xia, Eric, York, Brian, and Ms. Johnson will also be posted in the hallways from 8-8:15 if there are bigger issues.

Thanks for letting us steal a few minutes of your time!

Language Acquisition

At which stage would you place each of your non-native English speakers?
Stages of Second-Language Acquisition for ELL/English B Students
Stage 1: Using English for Survival Purposes
Stage 2: Using English in Supported and Familiar Activities and Contexts
Stage 3: Using English Independently in Most Contexts
Stage 4: Using English With a Proficiency Approaching That of First-Language Speakers

Bike Parking Area Closed

We will close the bike parking area due to regular maintenance during the National Holiday.

Please take your electric bikes and bicycles before Saturday September 26th. We will clean the whole area and dispose everything left.

Thank you for your cooperation

Inter-House Table Tennis

Congratulations to Taiping for winning the Inter-House Table Tennis competition. the final results were:

Taiping 12 wins and 161 points – 1st place
Wutaishan 6 wins and 141 points – 2nd place
Xuanwu 6 wins and 104 points – 3rd place

Calling all readers!

Join us for the first half of lunch in the library for Random Acts of Reading and Kids Read prep!

Find new books, talk about what you’re reading, and help us prepare for the ACAMIS Kids Read competition in January.

Readers of any language and level encouraged to join us today at 12:55 in the back on the couches.



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