Language Acquisition

Helping Non Native Speaker Understand Written Texts 2
Give students as much background knowledge as possible.

ACAMIS Service Learning Grants

Grants of up to US$2500 are available to individuals or groups who wish to undertake a Service project. Information is available at the ACAMIS website.   I have also attached a document that explains this more.    Service_Learning_Criteria     If you are interested please contact me. Application deadline is April 15th

A message from Inspector Hound…

‘The web is closing in, like a fog when the cuckoo-beard is in bloom.’

Make of that what you will.

The Real Inspector Hound, Wednesday, 1st April and Thursday, 2nd April

— STOP PRESS!!! — Due to popular demand, a limited supply of extra tickets may be available. See the Accidental Theatre Company for further details.

The Real Inspector Hound

A pre-preview preview was held in the Black Box yesterday evening. These are some reviews of the preview (only the good ones, of course)…

No-one will leave the house! Scotland Yard Inquirer

Wonderful wallpapering! Town and Country

I almost fell asleep! John Rinker

Student-Led Conferences Wednesday This Week

Hello MYP Students,

On Wednesday we will have our annual student-led conferences! At some point on the day, between 8am-4pm, you will come to campus with a parent (or another willing adult if your parents are both unable to attend), sign-in in the Centre foyer, and pop into each of your classrooms for a student led (that means you!) activity, showing off what you have learned.

This is not a “normal” school day, but this IS a mandatory school day. You can come anytime, but you should give yourself about three or four hours to make the rounds. It is very important that you bring a charged laptop as well.

See you then!

Language Acquisition


This week the Language Acquisition post will look at helping non native speakers understand reading texts.

Helping Non Native Speaker Understand Reading Texts 1


Students, particularly non native speakers, may have problems that are caused solely by the fact that what they are trying to understand has been poorly printed or copied, is badly set-out or is in a very small type-face.

Earth Hour Thanks

Many thanks to everyone who helped to make the Earth Hour event such a success on Saturday. The students, teachers and parents involved in organising activities were fantastic. Those who performed in some way were wonderful. Facilities performed miracles as always.

Don’t let it be in vain-USE YOUR POWER to make some small changes that could make a big difference.

The winners of the best ‘trashion’ outfits were Sophia Rinker and Sofia Saavedra Adams. The eco-logo and bin designs competitions will be judged this week.

We interrupt this bulletin for a police message…

Further to the unfortunate discovery of a dead body in the Black Box on Friday last, the police would like to announce the opening of an investigation into the circumstances of death, if, indeed, death it is proved to be, as it were. In order to facilitate this investigation, we would like to urge the NIS community to put themselves, as it were, into the hands of Scotland Backyard’s finest, Inspector Hound.

The Inspector will be present, in person and in attendance, as it were, at NIS on Wednesday and Thursday of this week. Meanwhile, the Inspector urges the community not to be in the least worried – even though it seems that the killer is in our midst – and to take our minds off the matter by being on the lookout for a sinister and mysterious personage described as being of medium height and build, wearing a darkish suit and lightish shirt, and quite possibly behaving, or indeed acting, as a madman.

Further to this announcement, the Inspector has made a request for aid in identifying the as yet unclaimed dead body, described as longish, tallish and thinnish. Anyone who thinks they may know, or personally be acquainted with, a dead body that fits this description is politely, but not too politely, asked to be in attendance at the Black Box on Wednesday, 1st April and Thursday, 2nd April at 7pm precisely, when all, as is the manner of these things, will be revealed.

PYP Assembly today

Good morning!

Please head directly to the PAC this morning as we have a longer-ish assembly and would like to begin on time. The programme is as follows:

1. Paul Johnson and his gardening club.

2. G6 students performing a poem about recycling.

3. K1s stealing the show with their assembly on How We Express Ourselves.

4. House Point update

5. LOTW certificates

Language Acquisition

At the end of a lesson give non native speakers key vocabulary to review.

Overdue library books

zombie librarians6A-  Noah, Ida

6B- Yoonji, Ben, Levi

6C- none

7A- Kharis, Lena F.,Tillman

7B- Felicity

7C- Donghwan, Chuan

8A- Toshi

8B- Sophia L., Lucas S.

8C- Yoojin, Sally

9A- Alex, Chloe, Lianna, Johanna

9B- Brian, Zeju

9C- Ilwoo, Seungyeon, Ji Hyun, Dong Young

10B- Hajin, Sangjun, Poppy, Jungyoon, Bruce

10C- Anabel, Seungjun, Jun Pyo, Sonja

10D- Lauren, Chanho, Tae Gun, Jiayi, Dina, Alex

Murder in the Black Box!

The Accidental Theatre Company is sorry to report that a murder has taken place in the Black Box. It’s really rather annoying – there’s blood everywhere! Have you ever tried getting blood out of a carpet? It’s no fun, believe me.

Anyway, the body is as yet unidentified. In fact, it’s still lying there. We’re not entirely sure what to do with an unidentified dead body, actually. Suggestions on a postcard, please.

‘The Real Inspector Hound’, Black Box, 7pm, Wednesday 1st April & Thursday 2nd April. Tickets (the few that are left) available from the receptionist in the Centre lobby.

Language Acquisition

Linking homework directly to classroom instruction will help non native speakers gain a deeper understanding.


3 days to go till Earth Hour.

To prepare:

  • Make your trashion outfit and send a description to Luke Messom
  • Design an eco logo and hand it in to me in C122 (named)
  • Design a fun rubbish bin and hand the drawing in to me (named)
  • Plan your ‘nude food’ picnic and pack your picnic blanket, torch/flashlight/glow-in-the-dark frisbee etc.
  • Remind your parents they are responsible for you

Set-up begins at 2 pm. The event begins at 6pm with the Trashion Show at 6:10pm.

See you there!

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