Life101 begins this today….

Excited? I know, right?

Here’s what you’re doing, who you’re doing it with and where you’re doin’ it!


Grade 6 – Organisation/getting to grips with MYP – Mrs Bezzerides – and your class location is on your schedules already. You are good to go.

For the rest of you, Life101 is ALWAYS Day 8, Block 2:

Grade 7 – Organisation – yep, we’re still getting to grips with MYP! – Mrs Moen and Mr Marsh will be your guides on this journey. Please go to D213 for your first session.

Grade 8 – Relationships – Mrs Bezzerides and Mr Underwood – PAC

Grade 9 – Growing up Digital – Mrs Johnson and Mr Morin – upstairs in the Design Centre

Grade 10 – Health and Physical Well-Being – Mr T – and, I’m guessing here, but one of the gyms?

Grade 11 – UNIQUEST – me, myself and I – MYP LGR. You will need something to write with and your computers.

Grade 12 – hang out. Diploma Lounge or library only, not Café or McD’s! Dr Saavedra will no doubt drop in to say ‘hi’.

(Can you hear everyone NOT in Grade 12 yelling, ‘No fair!’ ?)

Personal Project Launch

All students in grade 10 are required to attend a meeting during first part of lunch on Monday August 24th.

Where: Music Room (Ms Keus)

Why:  Setting your goal for the Personal Project (PP) or (PPP)

When: Aug. 24th. after block 4

Who: All Grade 10 Students

How: Cancel any other activity and be there!

Tell:  Remind everyone



Language Acquisition

Learn as much about ELL/English B students as you can. The more you learn about them and their backgrounds, the easier it will be for you to incorporate them into your classroom, and thereby enrich the lives and learning of all the students.For example, find out how long they have been studying in an English medium school. Two students who have the same level of competency in English in the same grade will have different needs depending on  how much exposure they have had to the language.

PYP Student Council class reps

A gentle reminder about your class rep:

Please send the names to Marthe-Sophie by the end of today.

Thank you very much.

The House competition begins!!

We will have our first House assemblies on Friday morning. Wear your House shirt to show your House Spirit. Could this be the year that Xuanwu start their fight back to get back to their days of glory? Or are Wutaishan going to regroup after their failure to retain the shield last year? Or will Taiping get 2 in a row? This is where it all starts!!

Venues for our assemblies are:

Taiping – MYP Large Group Room

Wutaishan – Black Box in PAC

Xuanwu – Theatre in PAC

Charity Theatre Project

This year there is a new theatre project involving an exchange between students from NIS and  2 local schools in Nanjing. There will be weekly rehearsals and the  project will culminate in a performance in a professional theatre venue in Nanjing.

If you are in grade 6-9,  and this sounds interesting to you please email me and I can give you more infomation


Ms Philip

MYP/DP Production Auditions

Performers beware!

The next MYP/DP Production is scheduled for November!

We are excited to announce that the production will be Scrooge! and is to be staged in a creative and unique way…. 

ANYONE in Grade 6-12 interested in performing in this year’s production is welcome to attend an audition. You do not need to be studying Drama…you do not need any previous experience…you only need the desire to perform.

Audition dates/time: Wednesday 26th August and Thursday 27th August lunch in the Theatre. Call backs Friday 28th and Monday 31 August lunch.

Please see Mr Brown or Ms Philip in the Black Box for an audition piece and further information.

MYP/DP Theatre Crew Recruitment!

I am looking for 2 more MYP/DP students for the Theatre Tech Crew. The work includes lighting, sound and video projection. We are intrinsic to all theatre events including assemblies, school events, productions, dances, etc.

The right person will show flexibility, dedication, willingness to learn and an appreciation for quality and detail. Previous experience is not a necessity.

Interested? Please come to the Black Box Thursday lunch 1:00pm.

Email Mr Brown if you have any queries.

School Bells

Only four homerooms have successfully submitted their school bells (not counting the homeroom who dropped off an unknown file onto the server). I’m sure KD and Mr. Mello will be very excited about this news, as I’ve promised they can submit additional bells if no one else does — thus far, Mr. Mello has already submitted 3 bells! Bells are starting next week, with Mr. Coad’s advisory bell from “Aero Chord.” Which advisory/homeroom will be next? I don’t know, but I’m desperately hoping other bells will be submitted, especially since my advisory has voted for “Seven Nation Army.”

Please drop bells into: Studentlargestorage / Music / School Bells.

Name them as: Advisory – Song – Artist.mp3

Please have NO metronome ticking in the background and ensure your music is between 15 and 20 seconds.

The Eco Team is back!

Last year, we tried to involve every homeroom in the Eco Team, and it didn’t work out so well. This year we would like to invite any members of Grade 3 to 12 and staff, who care about what happens to our planet and are interested in taking action to ensure we are being as green as we can be at NIS. We will have occasional whole-committee meetings, usually at lunchtime, and  sub-committee meetings, also at lunchtime. We need people to help plan an exciting programme of eco-events this year, as well as planning and organising the Earth Hour event in March. Email me if you are interested. First meeting Wednesday 2nd September during lunchtime. Watch out for further information.

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