SET minutes – Feb 26

Good morning,
Please see the attached SET minutes from Feb 26.

Arden Tyoschin
Deputy Director – Learning

Nanjing International SchoolPh: +86 25 8589 9111 ext 1040
Fax: +86 25 8589 9222

NIS: An inclusive learning community,
inspiring international mindedness, personal excellence, creative thinking

MYP/DP Friday Assembly this Week!

You are an MYP/DP student on 8:01am Friday morning… Where will you be?

A. Sitting in the theatre enjoying the start to an amazing assembly with your bag in your locker.

B. Powerwalking to your locker to put your bag away because you forgot that you can’t bring it to assembly.

C.  Listening to the doors creak open as you make the awkward “walk of shame” to your seat.

D. Getting read the riot act by Dr. Saavedra just outside the theatre door for being late and then making the “walk of shame” while getting dirty looks from the audience.

E. Getting read the riot act by Mrs. Tyochin just outside the theatre for arriving late with your backpack, going back to your locker, then making the awkward “walk of shame” while receiving dirty looks from Mr. Cofer on stage.

There is only one correct answer… See you then. 8am, in your seat, no bags! Thanks!

Procrastinators Unite…Tomorrow!

Hey everybody,
For my PPP, I made, a short film on procrastination. Entitled “Enough Time,” I hoped this video could make people aware of this important topic. I had a lot of fun making it, and I hope you guys like it. There’s also a SurveyMonkey link beneath the video that I was hoping you could fill out for feedback.
Thanks – Derron Yu

CARDS for Jakarta

In Jakarta, teachers Neil Bantleman and Ferdi Tjeong are still in gaol with about 3 weeks left before the judges make a ruling. Currently they are presenting their evidence. Laurie will be going to JIS next week for accreditation and he will take a couple of cards. These will be in the staffroom until Tuesday 10th for anyone to sign (or email me (Lindy) and I will add your name/message.) These messages from around the world give much support and add strength to these men, their wives and the JIS community!   Thank you!


Do you like surprises?  Do you lOVE surprises?

You do?  Then come to the 4C homeroom at lunchtime (after you have eaten) to get a guaranteed surprise! Any time between 1.10 and 1.50 will be fine.  Hope to see you there!

MCPHS University (Massachusetts) on Monday 9th March

MCPHS University (Massachusetts)
Monday 9th March – 9.15 Block 2 Counsellor’s Office
Talks for prospective students on pharmacy, premed, nursing or other healthcare majors. Also a possible brief presentation on the field of healthcare and careers out there for students who chose to major in the health sciences.

Interested students should email me BEFORE the end of this week. I will need to talk to your class teachers to see if you can be excused.

Manchester University – Friday

Manchester University Friday 6th March
A visiting professor will give a Biology lecture to Gr10 and 11 students, followed by the Admissions representative discussing the UK admissions process and university life in general. A must for potential UK students in Grade 11!

When? Block 4 (12.00 – 1.00pm) Where? MYP LGR.

Teachers of Grade 10 may take their classes if they wish to. Grade 11 student should all come.

Track & Field

We have 26 athletes currently signed up for the Track & Field season. If there are any more Gr 5 – 12 athletes out there, please come and join us on Wednesday afternoon for the next Track session. You can sign up on Veracross.

NEW Appraisal committee

Interested in forming part of the committee to review the appraisal process for next year? We are looking for representation across the school. Please contact me by Friday March 6 if you would like to join Danny, Bob and myself in this exciting opportunity.

PPP Presentation: Start up a business

Jose in G10 has been working on his PPP about starting up a business. He is going to present in the MYP/DP LGR on Tue, Mar. 3 lunch 1 (12:30-1:00pm) and needs audience for his presentation. He also needs help from the audience to fill out a survey for his PPP product. Please come and support Jose if you have time.

“In this presentation the main aspects of starting up a business will be discussed. I will talk about the product, financial, advertising, human resources, and negotiating skills. This presentation’s purposes are to show my PPP learning and to serve as a basic guideline for others so that they can get started up on a business themselves.”


Time: Mar. 3, Tue, lunch 1, for 30min

Audience: Grade 9-12 students, teachers

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Thank you!

Language Acquisition

Misconception 2: More exposure to language will accelerate acquisition.

More language MAY slow down learning. For students who struggle with the language, researching the topic and talking about it in the home language will help them to get both a better understanding of the content and of what is going on in the classroom. This will help to give them the confidence to use the language they already know.

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