MYP/DP Theatre Crew Recruitment!

I am looking for 2 more MYP/DP students for the Theatre Tech Crew. The work includes lighting, sound and video projection. We are intrinsic to all theatre events including assemblies, school events, productions, dances, etc.

The right person will show flexibility, dedication, willingness to learn and an appreciation for quality and detail. Previous experience is not a necessity. On-the-job training will be provided.

Interested? Please come to the Black Box Thursday lunch 1:00pm.

Email Mr Brown if you have any queries.

BMAT and others – UK Med and Vet Schools

NIS is now an ATS testing centre.

For the BMAT – BMAT is a 2-hour, pen-and-paper test divided into three sections (Section 1: Aptitude and Skills, Section 2: Scientific Knowledge and Applications, Section 3: Writing Task) You can find out more about the BMAT and if you might need to take it here: Screenshot 2015-08-14 10.31.49





For the Thinking Skills Assessment, required for Oxbridge, Leiden and UCL, click here:

Have you signed up yet??

Sign up now on Veracross for the following sports:

SCISAC Soccer – for Grades 8 -9. Practices are Tuesdays and Thursdays. Starts next Tuesday.

Cross Country – For Gr 5 – 12, on Mondays and Thursdays or Tuesday and Thursdays. Starts today!!

Touch Rugby – CISSA for Gr5 – 8, ACAMIS for Gr9 – 12. Mondays and Wednesdays. Starts Today!!

ACAMIS Volleyball – Girls on Mon and Wed, boys on Tue and Fri. Starts today!!

See Mr Clarke for more details

Wutaishan needs you

Warriors! The school year 2015/16 is looking very good for another red victory. We need some House Captains to lead us to success in the House Championship this year.

Ms Boothby and I are looking for a boy and a girl captain for Grades 6-8 and a boy and a girl captain from Grades 9-12. If you are interested and want to find out more about what this means, please come and see us or send us an email as soon as possible.

Go Warriors!

WuTaiShan logo w warriors arc 2

PAC Bookings

The PAC is open for bookings! If you are planning an event in which the Theatre or other areas of the PAC are required, please ensure you have booked the space with me (Sam Brown). Drop me an email or come and see me in the Black Box.

The PAC is heavily used and there are already some weeks which are completely full…so don’t delay your booking.

MYP/DP Lockers

Great start to the year MYP/DP Rockstars!

If you are still having any locker issues, please stop by Mr. Bratton’s office ASAP. Let’s get this sorted! A reminder to please use your locker, and only YOUR locker. Thanks!

EARCOS Workshops

The upcoming EARCOS teachers’ conference will be held in International School Manila, Philippines and the theme is “Innovating Arts and Motion”. This year’s strand is on: Physical Education, Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Design Technology, Counseling, Technology and General Education Topics. A list of the Keynote speakers and special presenters are uploaded on the website. Please take a look: If you are interested in being a teacher or a counselor Presenter, please email me and I will send you all the necessary information. The deadline for the proposal is due by October 9th, 2015.

Please check the attachment or the website ( for the upcoming workshops.

EARCOS Workshop Information


Language Acquisition

The most important advice

* Make it comprehensible! *

If the teacher can shape the input that each of the ELL/English B learners receives at a level just above their level of comprehension – by modulation of the written and spoken language to which students are exposed, through appropriate classroom organization and careful choice of activities and tasks – then the teacher is creating the most favourable conditions for learning, not only to learn English but also to learn the subject content. This is on the assumption that the cognitive challenge of the activities is also just above the level of comprehension – or in what Vygotsky called the zone of proximal development.The tasks also needs to be interesting and relevant.

International Mindedness

In the spirit of international mindedness (Earth Overshoot Day,, was on August 13th this year!), do all you can to avoid waste-of electricity by turning off unnecessary lights and closing all doors; of paper by printing on used paper or both sides and recycling mindfully; of water by turning off the tap when you finish and taking shorter showers in school; of food by eating everything on your plate. Why not start the new school year off in a greener way, and persuade others too? It’s very easy.

Student Council Elections

Hello Student Council Enthusiasts!

Student Council needs to start soon so if you are still refining your paragraphs explaining why you would like to be a part of student council, then you should finish them soon! Please send them to me (Kostya Tyoschin) before the end of Tuesday. Wishing all candidates the best of luck!      

– Kostya Tyoschin and Cameron Young

Discover China Week preparations: Copies of passport and Visa required

We are now preparng for MYP/DP Discover China Week and we require all MYP/DP students to give  a photocopy of front page of passport and current Chinese visa to your Advisory Teacher. Please give these to your Advisory teacher by Friday this week. If you have any problems giving these in by Friday please let your Advisory Teacher know about this. Thank you.

PYP Teachers – Pencil Case Q&A

Good morning PYP teachers,

It seems that there have been a few questions about student pencil cases.  I hope that this quick Q&A will help in this transition year. 

Q. Who automatically receives a new pencil case?

A.  We are providing pencil cases to new students only.  

Q. What should returning students expect?

A. Returning students should use the pencil cases from last year, and refill items were available for pick-up in the PYP LGR. 

Q. What if a returning student has a broken pencil case?

A. If students have a pencil case that is broken (broken zippers, ripped, etc) from last year, they may request a new pencil case through Zoe.  Please provide the broken pencil case to Zoe so that we can follow up with common problems with purchasing.

Q. What happens if returning students threw out their pencil case last year because they were broken?

A. If students have informed you that their pencil case was broken and thrown out last year, please ask them if they need a new pencil case.  Some students may opt to use a pencil case from home.  If students would like a replacement pencil case, an empty one can be obtained by Zoe.  Refill items will already have been taken collected from the stationery boxes in the PYP LGR. 

Q. How do I get the pencil cases I need from Zoe?

A. Send Zoe an email by 3:30pm Wednesday that clearly states your homeroom + how many pencil cases you need for each of the 3 houses for your class.  We will need to place an additional order.  You will be informed of their arrival as soon as possible. 

Thanks – have a great week,



‘GIVE IT A GO’ Friday (14 Aug) swim meet – Congratulations to all participating athletes. What a team!

GOLD & SILVER SWIM SQUADS – Invitations to join these squads will be emailed to eligible athletes on Tuesday 18 August.

GOLD & SILVER SQUAD TRAINING – This week, training will take place on Wednesday 19 & Friday 21 August, 3:15 to 4:15pm

Further announcements about our Bronze & Transition squads will follow later in the week.

Pop-up: What do I do?

Hi all, If you get the following pop-up requiring action:

Username: Please type in your first and last name (e.g. tomjohnson)
and then for your Password use your email password

Intermediate Orchestra

Intermediate Orchestra is starting on Monday (today). This club is for students who already play a band or stringed instrument. It is part of the “Arts in the Community” programme, which means students who perform a minimum of 2 times per semester, outside of NIS, can count this towards their core C&S activities. If you didn’t bring your instrument, then don’t worry – we have instruments to lend you or you can start from next week.

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