Student Council Pi Day

Do you like Pie?! Do you like Math?! Do you like circles even though they have no point?! Or do you fancy all three?! On Friday, March 13th the Student Council will be auctioning pies and other delicious circular foods such as Pizza or Cake. We will be auctioning both during break and lunch, and all proceeds […]

Lost and Found

Dear All Please check Rm.B152/153(Mrs. Arden Tyoschin) for lost valuables. Other lost properties please check the lost property cabinet in the school building. Thanks for your cooperation.   Jenny Ma    

Grade 4 advert

PYP teachers, please see this message and poster from Sophie in 4B: This poster is for the Maker Expo. Please show this to your students. My display is about clothes made from trash bags. Thank you, Sophie Trashers

Grade 4 Maker Expo

  The Grade 4 Maker Expo is today (Thursday) from 11:10-12:50 in the PYP large group room,the foyer, and out in the courtyard. There will be loads of interesting creations on display. Bring your students for a look and please encourage them to ask questions about the process.

Language Acquisition

Helping Non Native Students Understand What You Say 3 Activate existing knowledge of the topic (by asking questions and making connections with existing knowledge, discussing opinions, making predictions etc.) and  by pre-teaching key words. It is also helpful if students are told what they will have to do after they have finished listening so they […]

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