2015-16 School Year Calendar

Dear Colleagues,
If you have school events that you would like to add to the NIS calendar for 2015-16, please enter your preferred dates on the calendar in the Strategy Room. Please keep in mind any potential clashes with events already entered.

Thank you,

Inter-house Theatresports G6-8!!

Don’t miss today’s Inter-house Theatresports competition in the Black Box…12:30!

Watch your brave, risk-taking friends play drama games for points.

Guaranteed laughter, or your money back.


Calling all Taiping Musicians in G9-12

We are meeting in Miss Kues’s room Monday the 27th, 1st half of lunch, to get our team prepared for the inter house music competition. If you are interested in performing, singing, dancing or even just banging 2 sticks together for Taiping, be there.

Dress Code

Would you like to model this stylish attire (AKA: Mr. Tyochin’s old, gnarly gym clothes!)?*


If not, please follow this simple Dress Code:

-No visible underwear. It’s gross.

-No cleavage or chest hair. This is even grosser.

-All midriffs should be covered. Belly Dancing is not yet a course choice.

-Closed toed shoes please. Nurse Liliane is busy enough.

-No hats inside. Were you raised in a barn?

*If you violate the dress code, we will help you follow it by asking you to change into these clothes. The wrinkled shirt with the bloodstain to the first customer!



Music Evening & Tech

The annual Music Evening is this upcoming Tuesday night (April 28th). We have a variety of acts involved, including 4 rock bands, Korean drummers, orchestras, small ensembles, and the DP Music class.

The tech rehearsal is on Monday, April 27th, from 3:15 – 5:15. This is a calendared event because we need to organise 100+ students. Unfortunately, this will impact upon other scheduled activities, and we apologise for that. We’ve asked the sporty student to wear their uniforms to the rehearsal so that they can leave right away for their practices. Also, it’s a top’n’tails rehearsal, which means students are free to leave as soon as their portion is finished, e.g. since orchestra is going first, that will release 40 students within the first 30 minutes.

If you have any questions or comments, please refer them to Bonnie… or Amy (grin).

Thanks for all your support!

Music Evening

The annual Music Evening is this upcoming Tuesday night (April 28th). We have a variety of acts involved, including 4 rock bands, Korean drummers, orchestras, small ensembles, and the DP Music class. We are currently seeking 1 or 2 students who are happy to MC the evening. These students would need to attend the tech rehearsal on Monday, from 3:15 – 5:15. If you are interested, please contact Miss Keus or Ms. Bonnie.

WANTED – cash collection/money boxes

Tonight (Thursday) is art auction and we would like to have 4 cashers to allow the process of paying for art to run more smoothly and quickly. Unfortunately, we only have one money box! If you have a box which we could borrow for this evening only, the Student Council would greatly appreciate it. See Ms. Hansen if you can help.


The Student Council

EARCOS Teacher Rep

Dear all,

Pls refer to Laurie’s message below.



EARCOS Teacher Rep

Information posted in staff room. Please send through expressions of interest to Laurie.
Laurie McLellan

Art Auction has arrived

The Art Auction is finally here! Prepare to witness over 2 hours of a celebration of the arts. Get your tickets now by the Centre foyer at break time, and after-school! All proceeds go to the Amy Yang Fund

Athletics Day Wed May 6th – Sign Ups

2015 Athletics Day will take place on Wed 6th May. In order to create a bit more time on the day, a few changes have been made:

  • 100m will now be straight finals like all the other track events so make sure you run your fastest time in your race
  • You can now only do 4 events maximum – 2 track and 2 field
  • There are restrictions on the range of field events you can do (only 1 throw, not both triple and long jump)
  • No triple jump option for Grade 6 & 7

You can sign up by going to edublogs here:

Once you submit your choices, you cannot change them so please think carefully before choosing and submitting

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