Green Team Vegetable/Flower Sale

The rains have finally stopped and so the Green Team will have its last sale of the year. There will be freshly cut sunflowers, green pepper plants, basil, cucumbers and other assorted vegetables.

The vegetables will be available in the center foyer at 3 PM.  Support the green team and its quest for a healthy planet.

Ukuleles Have Arrived!

Wow! That was just in time! Seven ordered ukuleles have arrived in my room. The price tags are attached to their very nice bags (even with music note zip pulls!). I have the list of who ordered what, just in case you forget.

MYP/DP Awards Assembly Today!

MYP/DP Students!


-You eat first lunch today! 12:50-1:20

-10th Graders need to report back to Homerooms at 1:20, then head to the PAC.

-All MYP/DP students need to be seated in the PAC at 1:30 for a 1:40 start.


Thanks and see you there! 

Grimm Tales Production PARTY!

A reminder to all cast and crew and anyone who helped with Grimm Tales…there will be a party during morning break today (Wednesday) in the Drama Classroom! A treat for all who turn up to celebrate the success of the show!

From Jakarta…

Almost every day, someone at NIS asks me about Neil and Ferdi and I know that some of you support them on facebook and twitter. Yesterday afternoon my previous boss went to visit Neil and Ferdi in prison, before he left Indonesia for good. I asked him to give our best wishes. Neil asked Paul to pass on to us at NIS their thanks. He said it meant so much to them to know that people around the world cared about their dreadful predicament. There is now a website you might visit if you are interested in how things are going. Many thanks!

Design Centre Cameras, SD cards and Tripods

Some cameras, tripods and many SD cards have not been returned to the Design Centre.  Please return all equipment borrowed from the Design Centre before Thursday 15:00. We will also accept any SD card you are willing to donate.


Ukuleles NOT HERE

I didn’t want to get your hopes up. The staff ukuleles were ordered, but they haven’t arrived yet. I have chased this up with the music store and they are on their way. I imagine some of the ukuleles will arrive after staff have left the school, which is unfortunate. I’m assuming they will arrive sometime next school year.

Sunflowers on a rainy day.

Weather permitting, the Green Team will be having its last garden sale today.  There will be some vegetables but the highlight of the sale will be sunflowers.  Buy some cut sunflowers and brighten up your home at the end of the school year.

There will also be fresh basil and cucumbers for the first time this year.

Support the Green Team and our quest for an organic future.

MYP/DP Awards Lists 2.0 Posted

Please check the final awards lists currently posted outside the MYP LGR. If you have won an award, please tell your parents so they can come and celebrate with you at the Awards Assembly this Wednesday at 2:30pm!

If you believe that you deserve an award and are missing from a list, you must let Dr. Saavedra or Mr. Bratton know by 2pm today. If not, you will not receive an award.


Last Chance before we call in the big dogs…


10B – Hajin, Poppy, Jungyoon, Bruce

10C – Seungjun, Sonja

10D – Lauren, Chanho, Tae Gun

9A – Youjeong

9B – Isobel, Sofia, Kostya

9C –  Ilwoo

8A – Alexander

8B – Sophia, Minna, Luke

8C – Runzhi, Sally

7A – Daehyun, Iris

7B – Joy, Anthony, Felicity, Erik, Cade

7C – Montserrat, Donghwan, Chuan, Marvin

6A – Evan

6B – Sunny, Eva, Levi

6C – Jackie, Emily, Henry


If you can’t find your book or you’d like to renew it for the summer, please come see us in the library. Otherwise, please return the books, so other people have the opportunity to enjoy them!

Music Room News

End of the Year!

1. Music Room Closure

– the music room needs to be cleaned and sorted before the end of the year. This means that rooms 251 and 252 will be closed during all breaks, lunches and after school. Exceptions: 2 bands practicing for the Yearbook Assembly.

2. Inventory

– we are still looking for more MIDI controllers and 4 flutes to come in so that we can close our inventory for the year.

3. Missing Fluke

– Miss Keus’ Fluke ukulele (the green triangle) is missing. This is a personal instrument that I’d like take home for the summer, so please bring it back by Wednesday at the latest.

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