MYP Tech Challenge-when and where?

Today is the MYP Tech Challenge after lunch! To avoid the long hallway being filled with MYP students and blocking the passageway for teachers and PYP students, the MYP Students will be lining up in grade levels outside of the foyer in the courtyard (under the roof). Please start lining 5-10 minutes before the end of […]

Pi Day Auction – 1500RMB raised!

Thanks to all that came out to the Pi Day Auction last Friday. There was an enthusiastic crowd of students and staff bidding to win the delicious baked goods. A total of 1500RMB was raised. The money raised will be split evenly between the Amy Yang Fund & the Pfrang Organisation, 750RMB to each. See […]

Inter House Trivia Challenge

Congratulations to Xuanwu, winners of the Inter House Trivia Challenge yesterday. Wutaishan came in 2nd whilst, the overall leaders, Taiping came in 3rd. This closes the gap a bit for the House Shield but Taiping still well out in front. Current points are: Taiping 675 Wutaishan 605 Xuanwu 560

MYP/DP Book Week Assembly!

Breaking News: MYP/DP Book Week Assembly this Friday at 8am sharp! in the PAC Our prestigious visiting author, Mr. Ed Vere, will be speaking with us on Friday morning… Now listen….We went to great lengths to hand-pick this literary professional… just for you, arranged (and paid) for him to fly (literally) across the world…just for […]

Language Acquisition

It is important to develop Cognitive Academic Language Proficiency. This means that non native need to engage in demanding tasks. These need to be made accessible by providing the necessary support. Once students are comfortable with these kinds of activities, they can be gradually exposed to tasks that are both cognitively-demanding and context-reduced.

slow network? email

We’ve been hearing student’s having slow network issues. If that is the case for you, email and provide us with some details. Knowing time of day, web address, and location is useful is figuring out a solution.

Grade 10 Work Week Reminder

Grade 10s – Please remember that your provisional plans are due by the end of the month. Make sure you are moving on this now and that you are seeking help if you need it. The website is here: FYI – I will be out of school from this Friday until Monday 30th March.

Office 365 Plans

Last year we announced our move to Office 365 and the transition away from iWorks.  Within the IT department we’ve been working on setting up accounts and are announcing that everyone can log into Office 365 using your regular password and your email address without “staff”.  For example, instead of signing on as, I would use  Why […]

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