Eco Rep meeting

There will be a final meeting for ALL Eco Reps, and teachers who have been involved in the Eco Team, in C122 at 12.35 on Tuesday 16th. We will review the work of the team and make plans for the future. PYP students can bring their home lunch or eat with MYP afterwards.


Photos from the current year can be found on: afp://’s Photo 2014-15

End of year pics are here: afp:// of year
EY Swim Gala: afp://’s Photo 2014-15/EY Swim Gala

The large storage is normally erased during the summer, so now would be a good time to copy any photos you might like….

WARNING: Most photos were shot at high resolution so they will take a while to download.

AirDrop – Can’t find other Macs?

Want to AirDrop but can’t see the other Mac? You might need to expand this window:

Now you can see: “Don’t see what you are looking for?”
Click on it (and you should find other computers)

MYP/DP Student Report Proofreading Morning…Today!

Hello MYP/DP Students,
Today in Extended HR you will check your report card drafts for some basics:
-Check that all classes are showing
– Check that all criterion grades are showing (yellow highlighted fields)
– Check that all final 1-7 grades are showing
– Check that names in the comment are spelled correctly
If YOU find any omissions/errors, YOU need to write to the relevant teacher AND cc Mr. Bratton (6-9) or Dr. Saavedra (10-12)
Wait!!! To avoid clogging the system, please follow these timings:
Grades 8-9: 8:00
Grades 6-7: 8:15
Grades 10-12: 8:25

Last week for MacBook Loaners

With the end of the school year approaching the MacBook loaning program has come to it’s end. All students and teachers who have a loaner checked out in their name will receive an email asking them to return the loaner to Ms. Cassie at the Apple store. The Apple repair shop will still perform repairs but the option of checking out a loaner will not be an option.

If there are questions about this please email


Brian Lockwood

WildAid cards

Sets of photo cards will be on sale in The Centre foyer next week in aid of WildAid. 30RMB for 6 or 10RMB each. Leave the money in the honesty box. Money will go towards protecting elephants, rhinos and other wild animals. WildAid’s mission is to end the illegal wildlife trade in our lifetimes. “We envision a world where people no longer buy wildlife products such as shark fin, elephant ivory and rhino horn.”

Thanks for your support. See for more information.


What? Come play Chicago Style 16 Inch Softball

Who? Everyone ages 12-100

Where? The field

When? Today at 4:00 P.M.

Why? Because it’s AWESOME!

We will use a ball similar to the one on the left below. It’s 16″, easy to hit, easy to catch, and you don’t need any experience to play. Play ball!




Nokia phone found

A Nokia telephone has been turned in. It looks like it may belong to a teacher. Please stop by and see me if you have lost your phone. Thanks,

Are you overdue?

6A-Eric Wang, Evan Wu

6B-Sunny Bae, Eva Mary Clarke, Anselma Ellingwood, Lucy Hammond, Levi Witzel

6C-Jackie Du, Hyelyn Hwangbo, Emily Yang, Henry Yu

7A- Daehyun Kim, Maria Psaila Cardenas, Tillmann Siering, Iris van Bremen

7B-Joy Chang, Anthony Chen, Felicity Crook, Kyeongmin Lee, Erik Vunsh, Cade Wilburn

7C-Montserrat Alvarado Gonzalez, Donghwan Kim, Chuan Qin, Wonkyu Shin, Ati Underwood, Marvin Wehrle

8A-Alexander Gerke, Tina Wu, Nancy Yan

8B-Sophia Liu, Minna Sonevang, Luke Yu

8C-Alexia Avila, Rokiah Berry, Irving Garza, Runzhi Gu, Sally Kim

9A-Youjeong Shin

9B-Isobel Ciccocioppo, Jorge Psaila Cardenas, Sofia Saavedra Adams, Kostya Tyoschin, Zeju Zhang

9C-Ilwoo Chae, Leon Karches, Dong Young Seo

10B-Ellie Chang, Hajin Cho, Poppy Mathias-ball, Jungyoon Shin, Bruce Zihua

10C-Seungjun Jeong, Jun Pyo Lee, Sonja Metzmeiier

10D-Lauren Childers, Chanho Jung, Tae Gun Lee

But seriously guys, return your books please.

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