MYP Swim Gala Wed 11 Feb (Day 3)

There will be a new format to the MYP Swim Gala this year. On Wed 11 Feb (Day 3) the Gr6&7 Gala will be during Block 3, Gr8&9 during Block 4 and Gr10 – 12 during Block 5. This means that outside of these blocks, classes will run as normal (except for Gr11 who are […]

One vacancy available for First Aid Training (Saturday, Jan. 24, 2015)

Dear all, There is ONE vacancy for the First Aid Training to be held on Sat. Jan 24, 2015. Details as below: A: Time: 9:00am to 12:00am, 13:00pm to 16:00pm (Lunch will not be provided) B: Venue: Drama Classroom of the Theatre C: Language: English D: Trainer: Dr. Zhu from ISOS E: Clothes: suggest in […]


Wutaishan will be hosting a Tug-of-War competition tomorrow, Friday, January 23rd from 1:25 to 1:55, weather permitting we will be on the pitch. If it rains we have booked the green gym. We need 2 – 3 boys and 2- 3 girls from each grade level to create a maximum number of 12 team members to participate. […]

Student shadowing

Today I will be shadowing a student in G10 the whole day. That means I am not wearing a tie (yeah!) and for today I am a student in G10. If you see me around please ignore me unless you need to say something to a G10 student 🙂 This idea came from an article […]

Found money

Some money was found in the parking lot last week, along with a receipt from Starbucks.  Please stop by my office if you lost it.  If not claimed, it will be donated to Amy’s fund. Arden


Hello, everyone. We are going to sell canapé on this Wednesday and Thursday at a price of 10RMB per 1 canapé. We created an advertisement for our product and uploaded in the following directory: afp:// The file name is ‘’

2 Cell Phones Found

If you have lost your cell phone, please see Mrs Tyoschin in her office.  One phone was found this week, the other has still not been claimed since before winter break.

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