Pfrang Gala

Don’t miss THE event of the year on May 16th! Tickets are now available for the Pfrang Gala from Sandra Fuchs in the Centre. So polish up your tiaras and dancing shoes and get ready to party. Live music, dinner, welcome drinks, raffles and more. ALL proceeds go to educate needy children.

Inter-house Theatresport….

Well done to all those who performed in the Grade 6-8 Inter-house Theatresport competition! Results (out of 60): Taiping = 51 Wutaishan = 51 Xuanwu = 58 Thursday will see the Grade 9-11 students compete…their points will be added to the Grade 6-8 points to have an overall winner! See you at the Black Box, […]

Lost – purse

A pink, floral purse has been lost.  It contains a lunch card that is in a case that is identical to the purse.  It also contained a small touch screen LG phone.  If found please return to 6A (Room D215).

Solar Impulse

  On Sunday, April 26th a group of 20 students from NIS went to Lukou airport to view the Solar Impulse, a solar powered plane that is flying around the world. We met the pilots, viewed the plane and enjoyed the excitement of this inspirational venture.  You can view our photos here.

Athletics Day sign ups

It seems that there are a few students who are on the list of ‘not signed up’ students but have actually signed up. Please check the list that your homeroom teacher has and if you are one of these, please contact Ms Emily Johnson by email and let her know which events you have signed […]

2015-16 School Year Calendar

Dear Colleagues, If you have school events that you would like to add to the NIS calendar for 2015-16, please enter your preferred dates on the calendar in the Strategy Room. Please keep in mind any potential clashes with events already entered. Thank you, Arden

Inter-house Theatresports G6-8!!

Don’t miss today’s Inter-house Theatresports competition in the Black Box…12:30! Watch your brave, risk-taking friends play drama games for points. Guaranteed laughter, or your money back.  

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