Student Homework Survey

Hello MYP Pupils, Thanks to the 184 students that dutifully completed this HW survey on Friday! Now the rest of you… don’t make Uncle Sam angry (does he look like a dude you want to mess with?). If you were out for ACAMIS, CISSA, NEAMC, some other acronym I’m not aware of, or just sick, […]

ACAMIS Badminton

The NIS badminton team brought 24 players up to Beijing for the ACAMIS badminton tournament. Fifteen different schools came to the tournament to compete inside the famous ISB dome. At the end of three days of badminton, the NIS 1 team finished third in Division 1 and the NIS 2 team finished first in Division 2. […]

MYP Tech Challenge: Friday March 20th – Block 5

The MYP inter house Tech Challenge is rapidly approaching. It will be block 5 on Friday March 20th. This is day 4. The following teachers will miss the chance to be involved because they are teaching grades 11/12 at that time: Ruth, Rob Battye, Danny Clarke and Cheryl. Due to the sheer volume of grade […]

Language Acquisition

This week the Language Acquisition post will look at Basic Interpersonal Communication Skills (BICS) and Cognitive Academic Language Proficiency (CALP). BICS is the ability to function in everyday situations and CALP is the ability to use academic language. Research shows that children immersed in English can develop BICS in 2 years whereas CALP takes between […]

Chaperones needed

If you would like to chaperone the Grade 8 Displaced People experience on March 31st please get in touch with Ruth or Francis. Luxury cardboard box guaranteed..!

Grade 8 teachers

This is an advance warning for Grade 8 teachers that all Grade 8 students will be off schedule on Wednesday March 31st as they will be involved in a Design and Humanities Displaced People IDU. They will be in school the following day for their Student Led Conference.

ASA Cycle 3 Signup

1.00 pm Monday – All K2 to G12 students can sign up for 1 ASA. 1.00 pm Tuesday – G3 to 12 students can sign up for a second ASA. 1.00 pm Wednesday – G6 to 12 students can sign up for a third ASA. ASA Cycle 3 starts Monday 30th March.

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