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Teaching mindfulness

A parting gift from your departing Counsellor…

I have created a website and an online course for teachers who are looking to incorporate Mindfulness into their classroom practice.

For NIS staff, I’m offering a 50% discount on the course fee. A PD opportunity for early next year, perhaps?

Here’s the website link:

And here’s the course link:

In this course you will learn about some of the research supporting mindfulness for children.

This course is for teachers, administrators, counsellors, parents, social workers, support staff – anyone, in short, who is working with children in an educational setting, and sees the potential that mindfulness has in helping these youngsters makeĀ  better sense of the world.

This course assumes that you are not new to mindfulness. If you are, you can still benefit, but will have some extra ‘work ‘to do – which means that this course will take you longer than someone with a regular mindfulness practice.

The course will cover your own mindfulness practice, introduce you to some of the latest research supporting the practice, take you through the art of writing your own mindfulness scripts, and ultimately guide you in running mindfulness sessions with children.

It is expected that, allowing for time to practice what you learn, the course will take about a month to complete (or 6-8 hours per week). Of course, some participants will get through the material more quickly, whilst others might take longer.

The course has no tests, no requirements to progress and is entirely self-paced. This means that you can technically fly through by clicking ahead, but get little of real value. The assumption here is that you want to get the most from the course, and that you will pace yourself, allow days, even weeks, between lessons and take the time to practice what you are learning.

Thank you for taking this time and effort to bring mindfulness to the children you interact with. Ultimately this skill-set will serve them more than anything else you can teach them.

Receipts provided for PD costs.

Email me on for your 50% off voucher.


Mindfulness recordings

Here are the two mindfulness recordings I referred to earlier last week. Designed for MYP/DP students, but anybody in the community is welcome to try them out.

Mindfulness tracks

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