Group 4 Project

The subject guide states

“The group 4 project is a collaborative activity where students from different group 4 subjects work together on a scientific or technological topic, allowing for concepts and perceptions from across the disciplines to be shared in line with aim 10—that is, to “encourage an understanding of the relationships between scientific disciplines and the overarching nature of the scientific method”.

The group 4 project allows students to appreciate the environmental, social and ethical implications of science and technology. It may also allow them to understand the limitations of scientific study, for example, the shortage of appropriate data and/or the lack of resources. The emphasis is on interdisciplinary cooperation and the processes involved in scientific investigation, rather than the products of such investigation.”

There are three stages: Planning, Action and Evaluation.



Presentation format:

  • Aim
  • Brief, simple explanation of method. Include picture(s).
  • Results at a glance – graph, not tables
  • Conclusion


  • Time limit: 4 minutes

Questions to ask yourself:

  • What information do we need?
  • What questions do we have?
  • What will we do?
  • What data will you be collecting?
  • How will we do this?
  • Who will do what?
  • What materials are required?
  • Make sure you can collect data.


Monday June 3rd, BEFORE period 1

Send Mr. Fleming your materials list

Thursday June 6 – Group 4 day

Before lunch

  • Set up experiment
  • collect data
  • prepare and finalize presentation
After lunch
  • present
  • start reflection (see evaluation section below)


Monday June 10

Submit Printed evaluation to Mr. Fleming by 3:30.

Evaluation files:


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