1.6 Growth & evolution


The vast majority of business organisations seek to grow.How can business size be measured?
– by total sales revenue
– by total profits
– by size of workforce
– by amount of capital employed
– by market capitalisation
– by market size

If there are so many benefits from being large, how can small firms succeed?
Task –Small vs large businesses

Business Growth – How?

Franchising – advantages & disadvantages: Ad & Dis of growth via franchising




What is it and how does it affect people & places? – Read this from piie.com

The world of business has become globalised. Why has this happened, why do businesses seek to become multi-national, and what are the consequences that result from this globalisation? This presentation answers some of these questions:  What is globalisation?

What is globalisation and how does it impact on business organisations? Read this short article from the Guardian newspaper.
What has happened in recent years that has led the world to globalise?
Keynote  – Key questions to ask about  Globalisation
See below for a range of negative issues related to the behaviour of MNCs;