2.1 Human resource planning


Human resource planning is concerned with matching suitable people with work that needs doing within organisations. HRM – What is it?


What makes for an effective job advertisement?

1. Truthful – Does not include incorrect or mis-leading information.
2. Concise – Attracts the interest of suitable candidates without over-loading them with details.
3. Targeted – Simply states the key parts of the job description and person specification to ensure that only suitable people apply.
4. Positive – Encourages suitable applicants to apply.
5. Contact details – Clearly states how & to whom prospective applicants should apply.


The HRM department will often follow a protocol for selecting applicants. Two of these are Munro Fraser’s 5-point grading system and Rodger’s 7-point plan (both shown below).

Munro Fraser’s 5-point system.

Rodger’s 7-point plan


To reduce bias and ensure that the best candidate is offered the job it is recommended that interview questions/selection activities are the same for all candidates.


Psychometric – assess personality.

Aptitude – Assess skills eg problem solving.


Trade – For some jobs eg a plumber or electrician candidates are given work-specific tasks to perform.