4.2 Marketing planning

4.2 Marketing planning


The marketing mix
Product – Price – Promotion – Place – (Physical evidence – People – Processes) & Packaging!
The marketing mix chapter scan – Hall et al
Task 1 – Complete questions 1-5 from the scan above.
Marketing planning chapter scan – Hall et al
Task 2 – Complete questions 1-6 from the scan above.

Ethics & Marketing
Unethical marketing Keynote

Watch this video from the BBC about using models (booth babes) to promote the tech industry at the 2012 CES in Las Vegas. Now watch this update to see how things changed for the 2013 event.

Task 3 – To what extent is it ethical for a business to use sex as a marketing tool?

Task 4 – How can governments ensure that businesses market their products in an ethically responsible manner?
Controlling unethical behaviour Keynote

HL – Porters’ Five Forces
Michael Porter is an influential management guru. He developed a model to allow managers to assess competitiveness within their industry.

Task 5 – Use your textbook and the link below to produce a poster that explains his model.
Porters’ Five Forces Analysis
Task 6 – Applying Porter’s Five Forces

Marketing objectives – the goals businesses want to achieve through marketing
Marketing objectives Keynote
Task 7 – Marketing objectives activity

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