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This page provides access to all the key documents that relate to the DP Business & Management course and will help you prepare for the exam.

IB DP Business Management Guide 2016

Command terms used in the exam and what they mean – Keynote – Command terms in BMS

Guide to effective exam technique – Effective exam technique in DP BMS

A PDF showing you the tools and theories you need to know, understand and apply – Business Management tools & theories

The table below shows the nature of quantitative questions asked in all Paper 2 exams since 2009.

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Key Terms

It is important that you can define key terms from the guide. The following documents contain all the key terms. You just need to add detailed definitions. Remember to PEE (Point, Explain, Example) in the exam itself, and refer to the stimulus material in the exam question!

Topic 1 – Key Terms Topic 2 – Key Terms Topic 3 – Key Terms Topic 4 – Key Terms Topic 5 – Key terms