Unit 1: Language in Cultural Context



The unit is assessed through Written Tasks and a Further Oral Activity.

On this page I will place documents and links that we use in class, so that you can review them at a later stage. All attachments/links are numbered for easy reference.

First, here is a section of the official IB approved textbook on this unit. We will occasionally use this in class.

Language & Cultural Context from Course Companion

For the rest of the work, refer to the numbers any time work is allocated in class or through Veracross.

1. Artspeak

2. Your in America

3. Language as Clue

4. Language Connections for Diploma Subjects

5. Language Profile

6. Skype Terms & Conditions

7. Three Conversational Pieces

8. Whose English?

9. Some Studies in Bull***t: New Software

10. One Ride With Yankee Papa 13 * (may be discussed with this: The Sorrow of War, by Bao Ninh )

11. A Tale of Mixed Emoticons *

12. Ban this cartoon!

13. I Have A Nightmare

14. How to do sarcasm


* Many thanks to leaders and participants in the DP workshop at Canadian International School, Hong Kong (September 2013) for sharing these resources.