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2018 IB Sample Essays

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Below are samples of Extended Essays. Some have been written by former NIS  students and so they require a password to be opened. Please email katieham@nanjing-school.com for the password:


How might color therapy help heal the minds of disturbed children? (2014)

Business and Management

Abercrombie and Fitch’s approach to ethics (2013)

The Culture and Leadership of Apple (2012) (not written by a former NIS student)


The rate of digestion of oatmeal after different pre soaking treatments and predicting its glycemic index. May 2015 from OCC


Comparison of Iron intake diets in Tanzania (not written by a former NIS student)

Computer Science

Neural networks versus Vector Based algorithms. A comparison of speed and accuracy when identifying numbers. (OCC May 2015)


To what extent is the Butler Model a relevant model for evaluating domestic tourism in Nanjing, China? (2014)


Mao and the Cultural Revolution (2013)

The Cuban Missile Crisis (2014)

To what extent was the Warren Commission report on the assassination of John F. Kennedy accurate in establishing the number and location of shots, proposing that both Connally and Kennedy were struck by the same bullet, and identifying Lee Harvey Oswald as the perpetrator? (May 2015)

Group 1 Korean

“선과 악, 그 모호함을 통해 추구한 김동인의 유미주의” – 감자와 광염소나타를 중심으로 -(2014)

“암울한 시대적 상황에서 죽음의 의미”! 이상의 <날개>와 최인훈의 <광장>에서 나타난 죽음은 어떤 문학적 의의가 있는가?! (2014)

Group 1 English

The Destructive Nature of Forbidden Love in Emily Brontë’s Wuthering Heights -final-essay-2015

Language and Literature

How do McDonalds TV advertisements promote the Saver’s Menu in the UK to a generally health-conscious target audience, using English?

An analysis of the ways in which bias and propaganda are presented in English language newspapers of Hong Kong: A focus on the Umbrella Revolution between September 28 and December 20, 2014.

Group 1 Mandarin

Mandarin A Language and Literature

Group 2 

The Social Impact of Video Games on Society

The Social Impact of Video Games on Society. Examiner Grade Sheet.

The Depiction of the Skinhead Subculture and the Rise of White Power in the UK based movie “This is England”.

The Depiction of the Skinhead Subculture and the Rise of White Power in the UK based movie “This is England”. Examiner Grade Sheet


Generating Arbitrary Uniform Probability distributions. May 2015 from OCC


Analyses of Mozart’s Rondo Alla Turca and Paganini’s 24 Caprice (2014)


The effect of temperature on the surface tension of water (2015)


What influence has the American musical theatre duo Richard Rogers and Oscar Hammerstein, and their first production ‘Oklahoma!’, had on revolutionising the style of American musical theatre productions that followed? (May 2015)

World Studies

To what extent do International Adoptions follow ethical guidelines in Cambodia?

World Studies Presentation