SL individual oral

The exam will take place in grade 12.

Duration: 8–10 minutes
Weighting: 20%

Based on the options: 15-minute preparation time and a 10-minute (maximum) presentation and discussion with the teacher.

Theme: Science and technology
Topic: Impact of IT on society


Assessment Criteria

It is important you understand and know the assessment criteria well as you will be assessed according to these criteria throughout the year. 

Individual oral criteria

Step by step description and interpretation


To get the highest mark,

PHOTO – 3-4 minutes
Describe the picture with many details.
Organize the description well.
Refer to the legend or title explicitly.
Make a connection between the photo and the caption or title.

DISCUSSION – 5-6 minutes
Give detailed answers.
Give and justify your opinion.
– Use connectors.
Make clear connections with the French-speaking world culture.
– Be able to answer 1-2 unprepared questions because the examiner may challenge your opinion.

Regularly read online (in French or English) about technology in the French-speaking world. 

Language B guide page 53
The discussion should:
• probe more deeply into the student’s understanding of the culture(s) reflected in the material
• encourage the student to express opinions and engage in a real conversation
• lead to further understanding of the topic
• challenge the student’s views in order to generate an authentic discussion
• induce a connection with the student’s own culture(s), for example, pointing out similarities or differences, or comparing the same situation in both cultures.


Visual interpretation

– Colours

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