Paper 1 (1 hour 30 minutes): Receptive skills

Text-handling exercises on four written texts, based on the core : communication and media, global issues, social relationships.

This paper is externally set and externally assessed. It assesses, through a number of questions, the students’ ability to read a range of texts. The text booklet consists of four texts.

The question and answer booklet contains questions on those texts. The student’s understanding of the written texts is assessed, not the student’s knowledge of the topic.

All texts and questions are in the target language and all responses must be written in the target language. 

Article, column
• Blog
• Brochure, leaflet, flyer, pamphlet, advertisement
• Interview in any form
• News report
• Report
• Review
• Set of instructions, guidelines
• Written correspondence

Text-handling exercises

Questions assess a range of receptive skills such as understanding overall meaning, scanning texts for particular details, and understanding structural features.

These are the types of questions that may appear in paper 1.
• Gap-filling exercises based on comprehension of the text
• Identifying precise references of key phrases or structures (for example, “In line x, to whom does the word ‘they’ refer?”)
• Identifying related ideas that are in different parts of the text
• Identifying specific content items
• Identifying true sentences according to the text
• Identifying whether an explanation or definition is true or false, and finding the evidence in the text
• Identifying who says what in a text or a series of short texts
• Matching summary sentences with different paragraphs of the text
• Matching words or phrases from the text with definitions
• Multiple-choice questions
• Short-answer questions

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