Paper 1

The exam will take place in Grade 12.

Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes
Weighting: 25%
Paper 1 is externally set and externally assessed.

Paper 1 is based on the core.
Gr11 – Social relationships
Gr11&12 – Global issues
Gr12 – Communication and media.


Paper 1 is externally set and externally assessed. It assesses, through a number of questions, the students’ ability to read a range of texts. The text booklet consists of the texts. The question and answer booklet contains questions on those texts. The student’s understanding of the written texts is assessed, not the student’s knowledge of the topic.

All texts and questions are in the target language. All responses must be written in the target language.

Content and marks:

Standard Level
4 texts
45 points

Higher Level
5 texts

60 points 




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