SL Paper 2

The exam will take place in Grade 12.

Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes
Weighting: 25%
Paper 2 is externally set and externally assessed.


Paper 2 is based on the options.
Gr10 & 11 – Health
Gr11 – Cultural diversity, Customs and traditions, Leisure
Gr12 – Science and technology

The aim of this component is to assess the student’s ability to communicate in writing for a variety of purposes. It requires the student to demonstrate his or her productive skills. Students’ factual knowledge of the options will not be tested as such, but can, and should, be used to support what the student wishes to communicate.

Paper 2 consists of five tasks requiring different types of texts. Each task is based on a different option, from which the student chooses one. The student is expected to write
250–400 words.
Each task requires an answer with a specific text type, such as a formal letter or a report. To this end, students need to identify the purpose(s) of the task in order to use register and style appropriate to the text type.

SL P2 marks:
Language: 10 marks
Message: 10 marks
Format: 5 marks

Paper 2 – SL – Criteria A, B and C



  1. You are strongly advised to read on the current topic on the online French newspapers as often as possible.
  2. You should also read news online regularly.
  3. Use the words in the directions when you write your introduction. They might even help you present your 2 or 3 paragraphs!
  4. When you criticize or complain in a letter/journal/article …. always start with 1 small positive thing, then have 2 long negative paragraphs. The 3rd paragraph should include a suggestion for improvement.
  5. Read criteria carefully to get the maximum points:
    ☐ A wide range of vocabulary is used accurately, with few significant errors. = DP vocabulary, no baby talk!!
    ☐ The ideas are relevant.                                                       = DP topics and vocabulary
    ☐ The development of ideas is coherent and effective.     = organize your work
    ☐ Supporting details are appropriate.                                   = both personal & general examples
    ☐ Conventions appropriate to the text type are effective and evident.
  6. Format = 5 points, you don’t get points for the obvious pieces of information (date, signature …) but don’t forget them!!


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