SL Written Assignment

The exam will take place in Grade 12.

Marks : 20
Weighting: 20%

The written assignment is internally set and externally assessed.

“Intertextual reading” refers to the ability to read across different texts that may be linked by a common theme.

The purpose of the written assignment is to provide the student with the chance to reflect upon and develop further understanding of a core topic, as well as to develop intertextual receptive and productive skills.

The assessment of the task emphasizes content and organization over format. The student should demonstrate understanding of the subject matter of the written assignment, as well as the ability to organize and use the information from the sources.


The assignment has two parts: the task and a rationale.

  • The task: Students produce a piece of writing that may be chosen from the recommended text types listed for paper 2 in this section.
    The subject of the assignment should have a specific focus, suitable for a piece of writing of 300–400 words in length.
    The content must be linked to one of the core topics and based on the information gathered from the three sources —such as articles, blogs and interviews— selected by the student.
  • The rationale: Students must write a 150-200-word rationale introducing the assignment, stating their aim(s) and how their aim(s) have been achieved.
  • The task and the rationale must be in the target language and word processed.


Core themes:

1/ Social relationships

  • Family and friends
  • Language and cultural identity

2/ Global issues

  • Discriminations
  • Environment and sustainability

3/ Communication and media

  • Written press
  • Advertising


SL WA marks 
Rationale and task: 10 marks
Message: 6 marks
Language: 8 marks


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