Advice for extended written answers

Advice for writing extended answers.

Extended answers are required in Paper 1 Section B, Paper 2 and Paper 3.

Look for the key term(s) in the question title

Consider locations that could be used eg:

Locations (Spatial) – MEDC vs LEDC, rural vs urban, tropical vs temperate etc.
Issues – Positive vs negative, human vs physical, PEST (Political, Economic, Social and Technological analysis) LE (legal and environmental).
Scales – Global, regional, national, sub-national, local & household.
Time scale (Temporal) – Long-term vs short-term, past, present & future.

Plan your response first –

Provide the context ie set the scene & include a thesis statement ie state what are are trying to show in your answer.

Main body
Each paragraph needs a topic sentence that introduces your point & directly answers the question.

Now PEE. For each Point provide an example or some Evidence that supports it, and then go on to Explain it in detail. Use labelled diagrams, sketches, maps, case studies etc here.

Try to provide some balance to your answer ie give advantages & disadvantages where appropriate.


Return to the question title and give an overview of your response. Do not bring in any new ideas at this point, they should be in the main body.