3. Water scarcity & water quality

(Source – wri.org)

Physical water scarcity

When there is not enough freshwater to meet the demand of people living in a place.

Economic water scarcity

When there is enough freshwater available to meet demands of the population, but they lack the technology/resources to access that water. Many parts of Sub-Saharan Africa experience economic water scarcity.

Causes & impacts of droughts

Droughts Presentation

Environmental consequences of agriculture on water quality

Eutrophication & Salinization info pdf – Irrigation & Agriculture – General info

New Zealanders are becoming concerned over the deterioration of water quality (including eutrophication) in their rivers. See this story from the Guardian (March 2019)

The Aral Sea is a large-scale example of the negative environmental consequences of agriculture.

Human pressures on lakes & aquifers