6.3. Local & global resilience

Defining glocalisation

  • Distinguish between the terms globalization and glocalization.

Adoption of globalisation

  • Examine the extent to which commercial activities at a local scale have become globalized.
  • Examine the reasons why the level and rate of adoption varies from place to place.

Local responses to globalisation

  • Discuss civil society responses to globalization; the adoption, adaptation (glocalization) or rejection of globalized goods, services and cultural traits.
  • Evaluate the relative costs and benefits of local commercial production to the producer, the consumer and the local economy, compared with the costs and benefits of globalized production.
  • Describe the role of civil societies in raising awareness of local and global environmental, social and cultural issues. Examine the role of civil societies in supporting local economic activity and strengthening local cultural values. Discuss the position held by anti-globalization groups.


  • Evaluate the quality of life of a contemporary non-globalized society.

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