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As we near the end of the core unit, I have a novel form of assessment to present to you.

You are required to work on ONE of the sections, Populations, Disparities, Environmental Quality, Resource consumption (I will allocate you a section – you don’t get to choose!).

You will produce a PechaKucha presentation on that section, for which you will be graded. Essentially, you are allowed 20 images, and each image is shown for 20 seconds. You present while the images show. I will provide an assessment rubric nearer the time.


Follow this link to the website for more information.

Follow this link for the PechaKucha talks given in school recently.

Resources and Population

And so we move on to the last of the four core units. Resource consumption is a pressing issue and it is easy to become depressed when looking at the figures. Keep a clear head and let’s explore the current state of the world and some of the major predictions for how this game will play out..


You’ll notice I have added a navigation bar on the left of the website. I think it’s helpful, but please let me know if it unnecessary ‘busy’ or if you find it useful.

Water and Change

Feel free to read ahead in the Patterns book for this one. The activities on the website are separate and we shall do some of these in class…