Flood mitigation


Human modifications to floodplains

As human populations grow the floodplains of rivers start to become modified. The video opposite looks at some of the  changes and the consequences that can result.

River management strategies – Costs & Benefits

See geographyas.info and BBC Bitesize for a range of flood prevention measures. See below for measures that should be covered. You will need to know the pros and cons for each one. This link also gives excellent info on flood prevention measures and has a case study on Yarm (mentioned below).

Channel straightening

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 13.50.10

Stream Solutions USDA

Flood barriers/walls

Flood wall effective in Yarm – Evening Gazette


Artificial levees

Settlement relocation

See Three Gorges Dam case study

Dam & reservoir construction

See Three Gorges Dam case study

Managing the Mighty Mississippi

US Army engineers lay concrete mats along the bans & bed to reduce erosion and keep the channel from moving.

– See video

Enlargement / dredging of river channels

See this link from the BBC

Flood relief basins / diversion channels

Curitiba uses parkland for flood relief.

Removal of artificial levee at Ouachita river (a tributary of the Mississippi in Louisiana.




Land-use zoning Channel lining & vegetation clearance  See this link for an overview of river flood defences and their application along the River Tees in the UK.


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