2. Vulnerability

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Why do people choose to live in hazardous locations?




Fatalistic Approach

SFGate – Tribe returns to old ways on Pinatubo / 1991 eruption drove Aeta away from volcano [11 November 2001]

  1. Make notes from the SFGate news article about the Aeta as an example of a possible fatalistic approach to living in a hazardous area.
  2. Produce a brief What, Where, When, Why, Who about the 1991 eruption of Mt. Pinatubo.
  3. There was a group of people living near to Mt. Pinatubo that definitely didn’t haven’t have a fatalistic approach – who were those people? Describe their approach to living in this hazardous location.

Acceptance Approach

Bay Area Earthquake Probabilities

San Francisco Is America’s Best City in 2012

  1. What is the risk of earthquake for people living in San Francisco?
  2. List 5 detailed reasons of why people choose to live in California (the benefits)

Adaptation Approach

Istanbul Opens World’s Largest Earthquake-Safe Building

Make notes from the WIRED news article about the construction of the world’s largest earthquake safe building as an example of an adaption approach to living in a hazardous area.


You should have at least 7 hazard case studies (two earthquakes, two hurricanes, two droughts and a human induced hazard). For each of your hazard case studies describe whether they show elements of fatalism, acceptance or adaptation or a combination of the three approaches.


Vulnerable populations

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